25 Best Gaming Chairs Under $300


Gaming chairs are essential gear to own as a part of your gaming setup for a better experience as well as your health. Whether you are a professional gamer or just game when you have the time, there is no excuse for not investing in the best gaming chair money can buy. 

This is why over the past few months, we have been looking at affordable gaming chairs under $300. I would recommend it to you if you are on the market for a durable cheap pro gaming chairs. 

Regardless of their price tags, gaming chairs are built to keep you comfortable throughout your gaming sessions and support your neck and spine, which helps prevent aches and long-term skeletal damage. 

With all things considered, when it comes to gaming chairs, you want to buy a chair that is affordable and has good quality. 

This article looks at the top 25 best gaming chairs that cost under $300. Without further A-do, let’s get into it.

The Top 25 Best Gaming chairs under $300

Here’s a look at the chairs that you should try out today. 

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RAA106/NR Office Gaming Chair 

The first model on our list is this versatile (office/gaming) chair made by DXRacer, which is one of the models from the racing style series. 

This particular chair has a great design that works on distributing the pressure across your back instead of one fixed point. 

They made it this way because the distributed pressure is less likely to cause pain, rather than exerting of pressure at one point on your neck, which can cause a great amount of discomfort after a while. 

That being said, you can sit in this chair for even as long as 6 hours without any pain. Also, the chair comes with armrests that are adjustable as well as the back that can recline to 180 degrees (with a locking mechanism), to allow you to take a nap in the chair when you feel tired.

Colors: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Gray, Black/Red & Black White

In terms of the material, the chair has a sturdy frame which is covered by a mesh material with durable PU leather.

Lastly, the chair has an approximate weight of 40 pounds and it can support a maximum loading weight of 400 pounds. 

Dowinx Gaming Chair

The second chair on our list comes from Dowinx, a well-known and one of the respectable brands in the business.

The Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair comes with a Massage Lumbar Support as well as a Vintage Style PU Leather, which not only looks gorgeous, but keeps you comfy too. 

Speaking of comfort, you are provided with a thick-padded headrest which, along with the lumbar support pillow, go a long way to give you the professional gaming experience.

With a loading limit of 350 pounds, the Dowinx also has a 180 degrees reclining, with a 20-degree of controllable rocking. 

Dimensions: 29” x 34” x 47.2 – 50.4”

AKRacing AK BK Core Series EX Gaming Chair

The third chair comes from the brand we all know and love, AKRacing. This model is part of AKRacing’s AK BK Core series. For gamers looking for a stylish chair, check out this one.  

It was built with a very sturdy metal frame which was covered with an anti-corrosive coating. On top of that, the frame is covered with a very thick layer of padding, for your comfort. It also comes with a good fabric that is breathable to allow circulation of air. 

Besides being comfortable, it is fully customizable. My favorite are the armrests that can be adjusted in 3D. You can rotate them, lift or lower them, and even move them to the front or the back. Lastly, it has a maximum loading of 330 pounds. 

Dimensions: 19.7” x 20.9” x 52.8”

Respawn Fortnite OMEGA-Xi

The next Chair on our list comes from Respawn. Respawn has over 25 years of experience in making gaming chairs for those that aren’t familiar with the brand. What do I think? Well, these guys really know what they are doing.  

This chair comes a black color and has orange as well as silver accents. Also, I should point out that the “Fortnite” in the name came because of the color scheme. 

That being said, this chair has a great appearance and stylish colors that make it look simply stunning. 

To ensure that you receive the best comfort to your neck and back, the chair has segmented padding, so no matter how long your gaming session is, you will still be left feeling comfortable. 

Besides the actual seat and the back area, the armrests are also padded really well. They also revolve when you are reclining the chair. Now that’s a great feature.  

Speaking of reclining, the chair goes up to 155 degrees, which is not bad. Also, you get a tilt tension adjustment, as well as infinite locking positions. 

The best part is the footrest. It is fully customizable, allowing you to pull it back it at any time you wish.

Respawn 900 Style Gaming Recliner

For gamers that are looking for a chair that will give you a unique experience different from a typical gaming chair, here is the recliner you should try out. If it seems like I’m running away from the term “chair”, it is because I am. This is more of a recliner than a chair. 

It comes with a thick padding that is designed to give you the maximum comfort, which is further backed up by the removable headrest pillow. Besides providing comfort for your neck and back, this recliner comes with a footrest, to keep your legs positioned in any way you like. 

This recliner can be adjusted to about 35 degrees, which makes it very flexible. On the left armrest, you have a cup holder where you can put your refreshments, and you will also have a pouch, in which you can place your controllers. This recliner has it all. 

Dimensions: 51.18” x 30.71” x 44.88”

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Floor Gaming Chair

Next up, we have the X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair. Unlike the other models in this list, this one is a floor chair. 

The best part about this chair is that it comes with a 4.1 audio system. With this, you can be able to connect the chair to your smartphone or your pc, wirelessly.  

The chair comes with a very wide seat, which makes it ideal for people of all ages. The chair also has a very thick cushioning at the base, which makes it one of the most comfortable chairs out there. When you don’t feel like using it, the foldable feature allows you to fold it for storage. However, the chair has a load limit of only 275 pounds. 

Dimensions: 29.13” x 22.05” x 20.87”


The next model comes from a MSI. The brand has always been known for manufacturing laptops and smartphones. As such, they have a great insight on gaming systems, so if there’s anyone who knows how gaming chairs should be designed, it is them. 

The chair has a very strong frame, so the chair will last a long time. While the chair had a sturdy frame, it is fully flexible, particularly the armrests that have a 4D adjustment feature.

The frame is covered with a very thick padding to keep you comfortable while you play your favorite game. 

The figure-hugging thick padding is wrapped in a carbon fiber texture leather surface, and you’ll get MSI’s dragon logo embroidered as well. The swivel backrest can also be reclined to a flat 180 degree position, allowing you to take a nap comfortably. 

Dimensions: 19.69” x 22.4” x 18.11 – 21.26”

LEVL Alpha Series M Gaming Chair

For gamers that are looking for a chair with a little more black color to it, here is the LEVL Alpha Series M Gaming Chair. Speaking of, this chair comes in Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Green, and Black/White.

This chair weighs about 50 pounds and it is built in a steel that make this chair very durable. Add this to the high-density foam and the covering fibers, then you got yourself a chair that will last for years. 

IN terms of comfort, the chair comes filled with a lot of cushioning, which ensures that the thick padding will be reserved regardless of your intensity of usage. 

Also, he chair is customizable. It as a height-adjustment paddle, which you will find on the right-hand side of this chair. To adjust, all you have to do is move this paddle up and down and the seat will effortlessly be raised from 18.5-inches to 23-inches from the ground. 

Lastly, the chair has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 220 Pounds. 

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/N Gaming Chair

Are you looking for a versatile chair that will be perfect for your work and your gaming? If so, here is a chair that you should invest in. 

Having a stylish racing design, this is one of the most popular chairs you can find. Also, it is very comfortable. Unlike most gaming chairs, this one has a very high backrest, so you will be able to use this chair no matter what height you have. 

Speaking of a backrest, it has a conventional tilt mechanism as starting from 0 degrees, you can easily adjust its back up to 135 degrees. Also, the armrests are adjustable. 

When you are playing for a long period of time (in an ordinary chair), you back can get damp. This is because the chair isn’t breathable. 

Fortunately, the DXRacer gaming chair is covered in a mesh material, which allows air circulation. Also, the gaming chair can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 200 pounds.

Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

On our 10th spot, we have the Corsair gaming chair. The design of this chair was inspired from race cars and the racing experience, hence it was made to provide maximum comfort and lumbar support. 

However, this particular chair works best for professional gamers rather than gamers who play once in a while. 

It is a customizable chair with armrests that are fully adjustable, along with a height adjustment lever and a 180° adjustable backrest with a tilt lock mechanism.

At the base, the chair has 5 nylon caster wheels, which promote stability and enables the chair to glide smoothly across any surface. Expect this product in Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/White, or Black/Yellow. 

Ewin Gaming Chair

Next up, we have this uniquely designed gaming chair from Ewin. This chair is known to be one of the most durable chairs that you can find and here’s why. It has a 1.2 mm PU leather in its entire construction, meaning that it is more than capable of dealing with the regular wear and tear.

It is a very stylish chair that comes in Black, White, Brown, Black/Red, Black/Blue as well as Black/Gray colors. 

The chair is also very customizable as it has a backrest which can be reclined to about 155 degrees, and an armrest which can be adjusted in 2D- that’s height and position. 

Both these features combined provide great comfort to all professional gamers.

On the last note, the Ewin gaming chair only weighs about 46 pounds, which makes it very easy to transport. 


When we speak of high-end gaming chairs, Vertagear is a brand that has put itself on the map of just about every gamer. It is known for making quality gaming chairs and this S-line 2000 is no exception. 

This is a very durable chair as it is built in a steel frame. This frame is covered with an ultra-premium HR resilience foam, so you can be kept comfortable for longer, and when I say for longer, I really mean this chair will last you a very long time. 

It also features a tilting feature with adjustable resistance mechanism, as well as a backrest that you can swivel and recline up to 140 degrees, and armrests that you can adjust in 3D. 

This is one of the most pricy gaming chairs you can find, but I say it is worth the investment if you have the money.  

Arozzi VERONA-V2

If you are a stylish gamer, you are probably looking for a chair that has different designs to allow you to choose the one that catches your eye. If this describes you then this is the gaming chair that will suit you. 

Besides coming in different designs, this chair comes in many colors as well- at least compared to other gaming chairs. You will find this model in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red and White.

On top of that, the Arozzi VERONA-V2 Gaming Chair is one customizable chair, coming with about three different adjustment modules; the armrests, the back seat, which can go all the way back up to 180-degrees as well as an adjustable headrest pillow and you can fully modify.

DXRACER Formula Series OH/FH11/NB Gaming Office Chair 

Coming with 200 Pounds in Weight Bearing Capacity, the gaming chair was produced as part of the many models in DXRACER’s formula series. 

This particular chair comes in a lot of colors, namely; Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/White, Black/Yellow, Black/Coffee, Black/Green, Black/Orange, and Black/Indigo. 

This is one of the most customizable chairs that you can find as it comes with armrests which can be adjusted in 3D and a backrest that can recline to a full 180 degrees, making this chair excellent for when you want to take a nap. 

However, the chair was only designed to carry up to 200 pounds of weight, and it is suitable for people that are shorter than 5 feet.

On top of all this, when you purchase this chair, you are provided with 2 pillows, both of which have different uses. One of them is designed to provide you with optimal lumbar support while the second one protects you neck.

Musso Big & Tall Gaming Chair

For those that are looking for a chair that has the maximum comfort without trading the style, allow me to introduce you to the Musso Big and tall Gaming chair. 

Known for providing great comfort, the Musso gaming chair’s frame is covered by very soft memory foam pads. Besides the comfortable headrest, the armrests are pretty comfortable as well, and are adjustable. 

You can also remove them of you feel like it. 

As I said before, the Musso gaming chair has a very stylish appearance, which you will find very attractive. The headrest can recline from 90 up to 180 degrees.  

VON RACER Big and Tall

Coming with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, here is a gaming chair from VON RACER that you should try out today. 

Now, I know you looked at the name and your reaction was probably something like “Big and tall? 

What are you talking about?” When you are a very tall or plus sized person, it can really be challenging for you to find a chair that will suit your needs. 

In this case, VON Racer gave us this gaming chair that is fully adjustable from the armrests, headrest and footrest. As such, this chair can support a lot of people, also thanks to the large weight capacity.  

Speaking of reclining, the backrest can fall up to 155 degrees. It is also very thickly padded to ensure that you are kept comfortable. 

DX Racer Dxracer FD101/N

Color: Black, White, Blue, Red & Gray

For those looking for a chair that will give them maximum comfort, then I recommend this ergonomically designed gaming chair made by DX racer. Once again, DX racer has made another great product. 

This chair has an extended backrest and fully customizable armrest, specially covered with a premium soft pad and you can move them back and forth by just pressing a button. Also, the backrest is heavily packed premium-quality foam. 

For extra comfort, the DX Racer Dxracer FD101/N comes with a lumbar pillow which is more than capable of maintaining your body posture, hence preventing aches. 

Ewin Chair Champion Series

Colors: Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black White

Once again, here you have another product from the brand, Ewin. This particular model comes from the champion series and it is one of the most flexible and durable chairs that you can invest in. 

In terms of the durability, the chair is built in a very strong steel frame, which is underneath a very dense padding for your maximum comfort. 

The chair comes with a padded backrest that can recline to a full 180-degree-supported by the tilt lock mechanism and the armrests that can be adjusted in 4D. 

Upon purchasing this chair, you are offered a couple of pillows for your extra comfort. If you weigh less than 330 pounds, go for it. 

AutoFull Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a chair that will serve as a gaming chair and an office chair, here is another interesting gaming chair from AutoFull.

The chair comes with a backrest which can recline from 90 degrees to an angle of 179 degrees, which features a tilt lock function.

The whole chair is held by casters which are made of soft polyurethane, ensuring a quiet movement. Also, these wheels have a 360-degree swivel option, which allows you to move into any direction with great ease. Lastly, the chair has a loading capacity of only up to 330 pounds. 

Blue Whale Big and Tall 

If you are a plus sized or a very tall person, you require a chair that will be very adjustable, and that which will support a very heavy weight. 

As such, there isn’t any model that will beat the Blue whale Big and Tall gaming chair, which goes up to 400lbs and comes at a pretty sound price. 

The chair is very customizable as you have armrests that are 3D adjustable as well as a backrest that reclines to about 175 degrees for optimal comfort. 

Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic office chair

The next chair is one of the top gaming chairs you could ever want, as it is loaded with so many great features as well as modern technologies. 

At first glance, you will notice that the chair is covered with an ElastoMesh material (this is both the headrest and the lumbar support features) which offers a great air circulation, hence making this a breathable chair. 

It comes with armrests that have a 3D adjustment option so you can either push them upward, downward, or obviously, leave them in their initial position.

In terms of durability, the base of the Ergo3D is built in a heavy-duty stainless steel construction which rolls on five roller blade wheels made of silicone. The wheels are known to be very quiet when rolling and they do not scratch the floor. 

There’s also a 135-degree recliner function, which is less than most chairs which can recline all the way to 180 degrees. 

Von Racer Memory Foam Gaming Chair

At number 22, we have the Von Racer memory foam gaming chair. This is one of the best brands in the business. 

When you set your eyes upon this chair, the first thing that you notice is that it comes with a lumbar pillow that is very large- frankly, oversized.

Besides the head support, you are also provided with a seat and armrests that are both heavily padded to give you the comfort you deserve. Speaking of armrests, they are fully adjustable and can be locked in three different positions.

The strong steel frame is covered in a thick memory foam type of padding, which provides you with the maximum comfort that will enable you to focus on the game. 

However, there is one downfall. This Von racer gaming chair doesn’t have a footrest, but I think the chair is still a good deal if you look at the benefits. 

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair PU Leather

The AutoFull gaming chair is a one of a kind gaming chair that was specifically designed for female gamers- After all, who said girls can’t play games, huh? 

This chair is packed with a lot of good features to change your gaming experience. 

It is customizable, having armrests which can be adjusted depending on where you want to position. 

The chair is also built in a very sturdy frame, which is covered with a thick padding and a leather matter for comfort and durability. 

The AutoFull gaming chair also features a pair of bunny ears attached to the top of the backrest of the chair. And, the bunny ears are removable too in case you didn’t like them, the chair is only available in pink color.

Now, we all know that girls love to have stylish things. That is why AutoFull gave this chair a stunning appearance as well as bunny ears that are attached to the top of the backrest- which are removable in case you want to replace them, clean them or even choose not to use them. 

Nokaxus Video Gaming Chair

Next up, we have the Nokaxus video gaming chair. Unlike other gaming chairs, this chair features armrests which are both made of purely plastic. To my surprise, the plastic is very durable.

For comfort, the headrest pillow is also supplied to this gaming chair model. However, the pillow is smaller than what you may expect. Regardless of that, you can replace it as it is removable.

But thats not all, the Nokaxus gaming chair sets itsel apart from similarly priced modelsas it has an integration of two Bluetooth speakers on the top end of the back support.

Also, it has a massage feature, which you will enjoy. One thing you ought to know is that the speakers and the massage function both use the battery. As such, the playing time will only range from 5 to 6 hours.

Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair

The final gaming chair on our list is Vertagear’s S-Line 200 gaming chair and it is designed for gamers who want a simple and elegant chair. This chair weighs about 50 pounds its dimensions are measured at 23 inches by 22 inches by 52 inches. 

This wide chair is suitable for just about everyone, with a weight limit of 330 pounds. However, the brand recommends that the weight shouldn’t exceed 240 pounds, just to be safe. 

This chair in love by its users and how it made it on this list is the fact that the chair simply has a gorgeous, stylish appearance. In terms of the colors, it comes in blue, black, green, purple, red, and teal- just to mention a few. 

This gaming chair was built with a very simple reclining setting as well as the lumbar support, armrests, and the headrest pillow, all of which work to keep you comfy throughout your gaming experience. 

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