About Us

We created the autonomy gaming website to respond to many of the rising questions you asked online every time you are shopping around for the best sound system gizmos. With the market flush with numerous options, it’s hard to cut through the noise and get what you want as an electronic consumer.

While most of the household gadget review sites often show up in our daily searches, chances are that it’s less about the consumer’s interest and everything to do with growing other businesses. They do this as a brand visibility campaign so they can generate leads without breaking the bank at your cost.

Our fresh perspective on how to get the best out of your gadget shopping speaks to a spectrum of industry-know-how, usability, ease of use levels, and benefits over features.

We share insightful buyers guides that provide value to our readership and have a deep understanding of how technology can serve us – and when it doesn’t as we grow our gadgets evaluation team.

Our Product review services and buyer’s guides are written by industry experts in their own right and backed by in-depth search marketing know-how and analysis from real buyers.

We go beyond the general consensus and easily-found product info and guides to give you the essential facts to help you as you make your choice.

The entire team at autonomy gaming.com is made up of a group of experts if not music enthusiasts, audiophiles hobbyists, headphone fanatics who tell you as it is with no holding back about the best headphones. This way, you don’t have to spend your precious time researching and comparing gizmos.

A better way to describe our growing team of reviewers is that of geeks who are obsessed with headphones a bit too much.

To that effect, we spend a great deal of time to research, read, and test the best sound systems along with the growing product line of headphone brands.

And, when we find the best digs in each category that seems relevant, we make it our goal to share through ultimate buyer’s guides with our readers.

This is why many of our guides, product reviews come with comparison tables for easy choice making.

How we do reviews?

Our goal for every review or buyers guide we publish is to make sure that we are as objective as we can be.

Our way of testing and recommending products is rigorously intense, whether it’s testing of sound systems, smart TVs or gaming headphones. It is not just our opinions and perspective that matters rather what others are saying as well.

Though we know that what we do is a tedious job, somebody has got to do it so we can avoid what other websites are doing.

Am sure am not alone here that very often we see great rated sound systems, smart TVs or headphones that we know are borderline mediocre.

Make no mistake, what you might like about your ideal gaming headsets might be bass-heavy headphones while the next person is looking for sound clarity.

It means as reviewers, we have to take all that into consideration when rating any headphones as great sounding, when some other person might likely be looking for more.

So, knowing that our personal opinions can cloud or muddle-up the true reflection of a product line, we are always trying to be as subjective as we can be.

It’s why we do what we do long before hand! That way, we can just tell you what kind of sound certain headphones offers and you get to decide for yourself what is best. An educated buying decision is the best you can make.

We are independent.

Latitude Media is an independent publisher that is funded by the means of referral traffic partnership. We do not have a big publishing company or any other website behind us to tell us what to do and which gizmos should recieve a glowing review.

We’re made up of a small but growing group of enthusiastic researchers who do all the work ourselves as we don’t want to be influenced by the corporate world.

We know that when ordinary consumers go to many of the big website publishers aren’t objective in all their reviews.

They will tell you what you want to hear as a buyer, yet behind the scenes, these fatcats have relationships to uphold and shareholders to satisfy.

No wonder when you read their guides, they needlessly make bigger claims so they sell more.

There’s none of that on our website. Yes! We are not as glamourous as we would want to be…

But you can at least count on our honesty. While some may be tempted to call us a bit slower and less flashy than many other sites.

We do believe that what we do not make in speed and flashiness, we make it up to our readers in quality work. Everything comes with a price tag, right?

How To Contact Us?

So… if you need to contact us, we are available via social media like:

LinkedIn: swaddle hub dot com
Twitter: @swaddlehub

Who are we?

Eddie Mcfarren B

Makes professional reviews.

Meet Eddie Mcfarren Banda, a self-proclaimed sound systems geek a small professional scale business strategist with over 10 years of experience in the field of start-ups.

He is an avid sound systems installer who has earned bragging rights after designing numerous sound installations for worship houses, and art theaters…

When he is not writing guides here at autonomy gaming, he spends most of his time creating online training courses, find out more about that at www.latitudeincomeschool.com.