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bookshelf speakers for tv

We all love a good TV audio experience, sadly, Morden flat screen Television sets are getting thin and thin, leaving no space for a good built in speaker to give the sound experience you need without the help of a good set of additional external speakers. Bookshelf speakers and Soundbars are an excellent option for setting up your surround sound system for your television audio. But which bookshelf speakers are better for television sound setup?

Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speakers are better for tv audio setup, especially for home entertainment audio systems on floors where the space available is at a premium. Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speaker, sound clarity and deep, immersive sound that come from your TV when it is paired to a set of these external TV bookshelf speakers is incredible.

 Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speakers are larger than a portable speaker yet more compact than floor standing surround tv speakers to fit in smaller spaces. 

By far, Klipsch Pro Media are the only desktop wireless speakers to come closer to Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speaker’s performance. These speakers deliver loud amplification and solid, stereo sound perfect for a tv in a small to medium-sized rooms.

While there is a growing following of tower speakers over bookshelf speakers when setting up tv surround sound, generally, Q Acoustic speakers perform better than most premium tower speakers that are said to be better when connected to an AVR or a smart TV.  

Notwithstanding that bookshelf speakers usually have smaller drivers, their performance is better than the floor-standing tower speakers within their price range. And that’s because audio drivers that bookshelf speaker has on-board their enclosure are relatively smaller which lend themselves to inherently have less impact when it comes to bass frequencies you expect from a tv connected to powerful external speakers.

Here’s a list of the best bookshelf speakers for tv:

  • Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speaker 
  • SVS prime bookshelf speaker
  • NHT series C-3 3 – way bookshelf speaker
  • Audioengine HD3 69W wireless powered desktop speakers 

No matter what our color or background, we all have one universal language we share, “music”. There’s just no substitute for a high-quality speaker which produces the best sound. No wonder that everyone’s moving from cheap speaker to a premium hi-fis speaker setup because the overall entertainment value is better value for money when every little bump, thump, and trumble of the music is felt to the fullest.

Entertainment experts have varying opinions concerning which speaker is best and with many brands available on our markets, it can be a challenge to know which one is truly best. 

To help clear out the confusion, you must consider the following factors when choosing the best bookshelf speaker:

  • Speaker Type: There are many brands of speakers available on the market, some of which are good and others not so much. And choosing can be something intimidating but when it comes to overall home entertainment, bookshelf speakers should be of quality and easy to use.
  • Specs: When choosing the right bookshelf speakers, you should consider the specs you are looking for these could be the type of amplifier, driver size, input types, output types, power output, frequency range, impedance, and also consider if the speaker is active or passive.
  • Do you want a wired or wireless bookshelf speaker?: This is a question of both convenience and sound quality. A pair of wireless bookshelf speakers will have its own internal amps while a pair of wired speakers will have to be connected to a stereo and using speaker wire. So what exactly do you prefer?
  • Speaker size: Do you want large or small sized bookshelf speakers? Big speakers don’t equal better sound quality but more volume. They are heavy while small speakers may not be as loud as the long ones but their small size makes them a breeze to move more around etc. So which one do you prefer?

1. Q Acoustic 3020 bookshelf speaker (pair)

Acoustic 3020 is one of the best bookshelf speakers available on the market, it’s best known for it’s high quality, excellent dispersion, low distortion and advanced 3000 series  concentric ring tweeters.

The speaker has a recommended power of 25 – 75 watts and the frequency rate is fantastic too, it’s 64Hz – 22kHz with a sensitivity of 88dB. So if you’re looking for a fantastic bookshelf speaker that will deliver an unmatched soundstage, realistic highs and lows, then this is what you’ve been looking for.


High quality sound

– The speaker is durable

– Affordable


– Non

2. SVS prime bookshelf speaker

The SVS prime bookshelf speaker provides users a fully transparent, highly accurate listening and entertainment experience. Featuring a 1 – inch FEA- optimized aluminum tweeters and a 6.5 inch polypropylene woofer that delivers deep, rich bass.

The speaker has an impressive frequency range of 48Hz – 25kHz, a sensitivity of 87dB and will work excellent with an amplifier providing 20 – 159 watts of power. So if you’re looking for a stylish good looking bookshelf speaker, you should consider this one.


– High-quality sound

– Accurate

– Expansive soundstage

– Durable


– Expensive

3. NHT series C-3 3 – way bookshelf speaker, single high gloss black

These pairs of speakers have a quite nice eye-catching design and are mostly known for having a deeper more impactful bass. Featuring a frequency range of 55Hz -20kHz and sensitivity of 87 dB.

This speaker will give a wonderful music experience to you for so long. Whether you want it for watching movies, listening to music or playing video games, this speaker is excellent for all that. The bass is powerful and will have you enjoying every bit of sound.


Have deep powerful bass

– it is solid built

– Had excellent soundstage and dispersion


The speaker is costly

– Stabilizing bar

4. Audioengine HD3 69W wireless powered desktop speakers Bluetooth apt x HD USD 24 Bit DAC and analog

Audioengine is a well-known brand, this American based speaker manufacturing company is known for manufacturing high-quality speakers so if you seek an awesome listening experience this bookshelf speaker will do for you.

This is a wireless speaker that matches the sound quality produced by wired speakers, featuring a class A/B dual analog monolithic amp that supplies the boost that the 2. 7-inch kevlor woofers need in order to stand out.

Each speaker consists of an RMs of 15w and peaks at 30w per channel for a total of  60w peak power.


– Comes in multiple colors

– Had 24-bit DAC

– Has wireless digital and analog connection

– Had built in headphone jack 

– Durable

High quality sound


– The speaker is expensive

5. ELAC debut 2.0 B6.2 bookshelf speaker black (pair)

The Elac company has been around since the 1920s and since then  the company has been improving in their manufacturing process and till today their high quality “debut” series of speakers are loved.

Elac B6.2 Features a neoretro design, 1- inch silk dome tweeters, 6.5 inch aramid – fiber woofer and a bass port.

The speaker is suitable for medium sized rooms because if it’s 44Hz – 35 Hz frequency response range and 87db sensitivity.


– The speaker is affordable

– The speaker is of high quality and us built on a great legacy

– Good sound


Users have reported mild lonal coloration and shaping

6. KEF LS50 Mini monitor high gloss piano black (pair)

This is one of the best bookshelf speakers available on our list because of it’s superbly supreme sound quality and clear power bass. The speaker is well built and has a polyester and glass material for the front panel and the rest of the house is Bui!y from MDF in order to remove unwanted resonances.

The speaker features a two-way bass reflex design and a high frequency waveguide is engineered atop The Tweeter setup of the Uni-Q, the mids and lows, state if the art Uni-Q amoy drive unit technologies allow the one unit to respond to all Frequencies in range of 79 Hz – 28khz 


– Has Uni-Q technology

– High quality sound

– Durable

– Budget friendly


– Not beginner friendly

7. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth bookshelf speaker

This speaker features 75 inch dome tweeters and 4 inch bass and is excellent for anyone who wants to improve the sound quality of their TV, computer or gaming experience.

The sound of this bookshelf  speaker is really awesome, it is clear and let’s you enjoy every bit of your music.

At the price of $150, this bookshelf speaker performance is really good and is said to be more advanced than the Edifier S1000DD. So if you’re looking for a quite good speaker at an affordable price, this one’s for you, it will definitely not disappoint you. 


– Highly adaptable

– Affordable

– Good sound

– Durable


Non considering the price tag

8. ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelf speaker black (pair)

The rich and Highly articulate bass produced by the Elac Uni-Fi UB5 speaker is what makes these pairs of speakers more attractive. The bass is very good and clear allowing users to enjoy every beat of sound.

The speaker also had a unique design that allows the speaker to cleanly and more accurately reproduce low frequencies. So if you’re looking for a fantastic speaker with high sound quality and durable build that will last for years. Then you should consider this bookshelf speaker.


– The speaker has a vented pole magnet design 

– Durable build

– Has clean unshaped Sonic’s

– High quality sound


– The speaker is expensive than most of the speakers on our list

9. Fluance A149 powered two-way 5″ 2.0 bookshelf speaker

These good looking pairs of bookshelf speakers will give you the best sound experience you’ve been so longing for. The sound quality is really good , with a powerful room filling stereo Audio that will have you enjoying your music, movies and video games.


– Elegant design

– High quality sound

– Easy to install

– Supports RCA and Bluetooth connection

– Have wooden cabinets for acoustic perfection

– Supports any device


– May need an equalizer

– No subwoofer out

– Low quality RCA eures

– No optional Port

10. Klipsch R-41M powerful detailed bookshelf home speaker set of two (black)

Klipsch is another well known trusted brand for producing high quality electronics. Klipsch R-41 is perfect for a home setting because they mingle well with any enterip design and looks fantastic regardless where you decide to place them.

If you’ve been looking for a bookshelf speaker that will deliver awesome audio and impress anyone who enters your home , then you should consider this set of speakers.

This speaker features 4″ spun copper injection molded graphite woofer, 2″ aluminum linear travel suspension Tweeter and a 90×90 square tractrix horn.  And can reach 68hz – 2khz frequency range.


– perfect for home theater

– Durable

– Quality sound

– Bass is good


– Not suitable for larger rooms

– needs power for Max volume

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