Best Gaming Chair Under $500

Best Gaming Chair Under $500

When it comes to gaming, it is not just about turning on the console or your PC and double-clicking on your favorite game anymore. It’s a lot more than just that. 

One of the most factors that will enable you to have a good gaming experience is in fact your environment. 

Are you sitting in a comfortable position? Is your back supported? Is there enough cushioning on your seat? This is where gaming chairs come in. They came after gamers demanded for chairs that would have features dedicated to gaming. 

When you are sitting very comfortably, it allows you to focus better- on your game, or your work. 

Fortunately, there are so many gaming chairs that are made each year. They have all sorts of features and come at different prices, so you can have a chair even when you are on the tightest budget. 

In this article, we are mainly reviewing the gaming chairs that fall under the price of $500, so you can find the best one that suits you. Without any further A-do, let us start by taking a quick look at our top picks

Our Top Picks

Here is a look at our top 10 picks

  1. Respawn 2000
  2. Vertagear SL5000
  3. Corsair T2 Road Warrior
  4. noblechairs Icon
  5. Vertagear Racing Series P-Line Pl6000
  6. DXRacer Formula Series
  7. Homall Essential Racing Style Chair
  8. Flash Furniture Swivel Chair
  9. Anda Seat Dark Wizard Series
  10. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Top 25 Gaming Chairs costing under $500

RESPAWN 2000 Racing Style Gaming Chair

In first place, we have this gaming chair from one of the most recognized brands in the world, Respawn. The respawn 2000 came as an update of older models like the respawn 900, which has a great quality and it goes at a cheaper price. 

As such, the respawn 2000 has an even better quality, is very comfy and it is one of the most affordable gaming chairs that you can find.  

The respawn 2000 has a racecar-style and is a versatile chair, thereby making it a suitable chair for gaming as well as office work. In terms of the quality, the chair has a steel frame design which is covered in very thick, molded foam. This enables you to receive support, while the open back structure allows heat control.

Also, the chair is customizable as you have the option to adjust the armrests in 4D as well as adjust the reclining angle. That being said, the chair can recline from 90 degrees to 130 degrees. The reclining feature also comes with a tilt lock. 

Vertagear VG-SL5000_RD S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair, Large, Black/Red 

Next up, we have the Vertagear VG-SL5000 gaming chair. If you are looking for a gaming chair that will work more towards giving you maximum back and neck support while you you’re your game, I recommend this one to you. 

Its design was racing-inspired, which explains why a lot of gamers are attracted to it. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it if you aren’t a fan of racing. The design is gorgeous and it comes in five different colors. 

To keep you comfortable, the chair is built using Ultra-Premium high-density resilience foam as well as an additional memory foam headrest and a lumbar support cushion. No matter how long your gaming session is, you won’t feel any aches.

CORSAIR CF-9010007 WW T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair Comfort Design, Black/White 

Moving on, we have a brand that is known for making computer related stuff. Their recognition and years of experience has allowed them to get close to the gamers and find out what they need most, gaming chairs.

This chair comes with a very wide seat, which makes it suitable for just about everyone, especially plus-sized gamers

The Corsair CF-9010007 WW T2 comes in blue, yellow, red, or white accents, so you can choose the one that would match your preference. 

Is the chair comfortable? Yes, it has a very high quality foam which will keep you comfy even in the longest gaming sessions. It also has the adjustable backrest which can recline to about 170 degrees, which is great.

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair – Office Reclinable – Lumbar Support Racing Seat.

The next entry on this list comes from Noblechairs, a brand well-recognized for producing high quality office and gaming chairs such as this one. 

Covered with thick PU leather, the chair provides optimal breathability and comfort. Also, the backrest can recline to about 135 degrees. 

Underneath all the foam and cushioning, the chair was built in a very sturdy steel frame, which makes it extremely durable, so it will last a really long time. 

Another factor you will love about this chair is that it is customizable, coming with armrests that can be adjusted in 4D. It is a very stylish chair that is available in black – with black, blue, red, or yellow stitching – and white, with black stitching.

Vertagear P-Line 6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair. 

Are you looking for a chair that will give you maximum comfort in your long gaming sessions? If so, then make some room for this gaming chair. 

The Vertagear P-line is a heavy duty gaming chair. It is built with a strong metal base and frame. As such, the chair can hold a weight of up to 200kgs- because nothing says heavy duty like 200 kgs. 

Besides having a heavy metal frame, the chair has a really soft ultra-premium high-density Resilience Foam, to keep you comfortable for the whole day. Also, it has additional features like a memory foam headrest pillow, as well as a lumbar support cushion.

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD101/NR 

Are you looking for a versatile chair that will be perfect for your work and your gaming? If so, here is a chair that you should invest in. 

Having a stylish racing design, this is one of the most popular chairs you can find. Also, it is very comfortable. Unlike most gaming chairs, this one has a very high backrest, so you will be able to use this chair no matter what height you have. 

This chair has an extended backrest along with fully customizable armrest, that are specially covered with a premium soft pad and you can move them back and forth by just pressing a button. Also, the backrest is heavily packed premium-quality foam. 

For extra comfort, the DX Racer Dxracer FD101/N comes with a lumbar pillow which is more than capable of maintaining your body posture, hence preventing aches

Homall Essential Racing Style Chair

Next on the list is a very popular chair, the Homall Video game chair. This particular chair has made its way into many gamers’ homes. 

The Homall gaming chair also comes with a racing style design, which explains why it easily attracts gamers. 

Besides the astounding appearance, the Homall gaming chair is designed and built to provide the maximum comfort. This can really allow you to focus on the game. 

With a maximum loading capacity of 330 pounds, the Homall chair has a heavy-duty steel frame, which is very strong to support such a weight.  

Also, it has a quality foam which is covered by a premium quality PU leather not just offer ultimate comfort and fade resistant but it is easy to clean as well. 

However, the chair doesn’t have a locking mechanism, which means you can’t fix it in one position.  

Flash Furniture High Back White LeatherSoft Executive Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms, BIFMA Certified 

With their decades of producing quality products, flash furniture is one the trusted brands that are recognized around the world. 

This gaming chair is a very distinct one. First of all, it has a very simple, but elegant design, which makes it look fabulous. 

Besides the attractive appearance, the chair is also very comfortable. It has a swivel seat, padded with 3″ of foam. This seat also has a waterfall edge that was designed to relieve pressure while ensuring a steady flow of blood throughout your body. 

For extra cushioning, the chair comes with a built-in lumbar support as well as an integrated headrest.

On top of that, it has flip-up arms, which are padded too. These work on taking the pressure off your shoulders and neck.

Anda Seat Big And Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair.

Next on our list comes from Anda. At first glance, you will see that it has a very wide seat. This design allows it to accommodate all different kinds of people, even the plus sized ones. Besides that, the chair has a maximum loading weight of 400 pounds, which further backs up the point that the chair will accommodate a vast number of people. 

Another thing I should mention is that the chair comes in a simple black design, thereby making it suitable for office use and, of course, gaming. 

To keep you comfy, the chair features a carbon fiber and PVC leather, as well as high-density thicker sponge, so you can feel comfortable during a long gaming session. For extra comfort, you have a removable headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion.

The Anda gaming chair also comes with an adjustable backrest and it can be reclined to up to 160 degrees, which isn’t bad. Also, it comes with a 360-degree swivel rocker. 

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Our tenth spot in this category is occupied by this Ergohuman gaming chair that has a classic design which simply looks… stunning. 

There is one factor in particular that makes this chair stand out and that is the customizable backrest. Unlike most chairs, the Ergohuman chair allows adjusting the back angle, with three positions. Another way you can do this is by using the tension control adjustment to set the amount of force to recline.

The chair has a synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment. This is a features which ensures that you get enough support.

Nokaxus Video Gaming Chair

Next up, we have the Nokaxus video gaming chair. Unlike other gaming chairs, this chair features armrests which are both made of purely plastic. To my surprise, the plastic is very durable. 

For comfort, the headrest pillow is also supplied to this gaming chair model. However, the pillow is smaller than what you may expect. Regardless of that, you can replace it as it is removable. 

Another thing that separates the Nokaxus gaming chair from similarly priced models is the integration of two Bluetooth speakers on the top end of the back support. 

Also, it has a massage feature, which you will enjoy. One thing you ought to know is that the speakers and the massage function both use the battery. As such, the playing time will only range from 5 to 6 hours.

Secretlab Omega.

Weighing at 66 pounds, I bring to you, the secretlab 2020 gaming chair. Like most gaming chairs, this hair has a racing-inspired design, which looks astonishing. Also the chair is available in a total of 21 colors. 

It has a heavy metal frame and base which allow the chair to hold a maximum weight of 240 pounds.

The frame is covered by some heavy padding and a genuine leather, which not only looks great, but it also make the chair durable as well as comfortable. 

Speaking of comfort, the SecretLab Omega gaming chair has a full lumbar support and the backrest can recline to about 165 degrees.

However, the pillows that are meant to support to your neck and head are very thin and the chair isn’t suitable for people that are as high as 6 feet.  

AutoFull Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a chair which will serve as a gaming chair as well as an office chair, here is another interesting gaming chair from AutoFull.

The chair comes with a backrest which can recline from 90 degrees to an angle of 179 degrees, which features a tilt lock function.

The whole chair is held by casters which are made of soft polyurethane, ensuring a quiet movement. Also, these wheels have a 360-degree swivel option, which allows you to move into any direction with great ease. Lastly, the chair has a loading capacity of only up to 330 pounds. 

HAPPYGAME Large Size Racing Gaming Chair

On our ninth position, we allow me to introduce to you the new face of elegance, support, and of course, security. 

The HAPPYGAME large size racing gaming chair stands out to be one of the best in the game. It has a stylish design along with the steel frame which makes the chair very durable. The steel frame is covered in a very thick padding, allowing you to enjoy the comfort. 

Speaking of comfort, the chair has a design which enables it to support your back, neck, lower back and shoulders and also aimed to provide complete comfort while sitting for hours. 

It has a maximum loading weight of 350 pounds, which simply means a lot of people can use this chair, without worrying about their height, age and even gender. On top of that, the HAPPYGAME chair comes with a rocking function as well as a backwards tilt adjustability of up to 155-degrees.

Speaker System High-Back PC & Racing Gaming Chair.

With a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, this is a very unique gaming chair for console gamers. Just as the name states, this gaming chair comes with a speaker system that uses Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth speakers can play music for up to 4 hours after a full charge time of 2 hours. To use them, all you have to do is connect them to the Bluetooth on your smartphone, PC or any other Bluetooth device.

It has a footrest, which will come in handy when you just want to put your feet up and relax. 

OFM Essentials Racing Chair

The next chair in our entry comes from OFM. This chair is very stylish and comes in a racing car design, just like many other gaming chairs. The best part is that this chair comes in 9 different colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. The chair weighs at 37 pounds and can support a maximum weight of about 275 pounds, which is less than what most chairs are offering nowadays.

But, is the chair comfortable? Yes, it has a thick foam and it is heavily padded on the seat, the backrest as well as the armrests. Also, the backrest can recline to about 125 degrees which, again, is less than most chairs. 

Secretlab Titan.

Here, SecretLab brings to the table yet another awesome piece for us, the Titan 2020 gaming chair. Just like the other secretlab chair, this one also has a racing-inspired design. 

Whether you are a racing fan or not, the Titan will be a great addition to your gaming experience, mainly because of its beautiful appearance. Also, it comes in 19 different colors. 

In terms of the material, the titan 2020 is covered by a strong, Genuine Leather which makes this chair durable.  The chair weighs about 77 pounds and can hold a maximum human weight of 290 pounds. 

This chair has a thick layer of foam that makes the chair very soft, and not forgetting the backrest which can recline to about 165 degrees. The Secretlab Titan is ideal for larger gamers 5’7 in height and above. 

Anda Seat Dark Wizard

On our 18th spot, allow me to introduce another model from Adna and this is called the dark wizard which has its origins in Asia, where the Anda Seat brand is located.

Just like most chairs, this is a versatile model, which means it is a good choice for gaming as well as being your office chair. 

The chair weighs at 73 pounds and the chair can hold a weight of up to a maximum of 400 pounds, which means it will be suitable for quite a lot of people. Sadly, the chair only one color.

To keep you comfortable, the chair comes with neck as well as lumbar pillows, just to ensure that you don’t have any post gaming aches. Besides that, it can be reclined to 160 degrees. 

Arozzi Verona Junior

Moving further, we have one gaming chair from Arozzi. Just like most gaming chairs, this one has a racing type of design. 

If you are a stylish gamer, you are probably looking for a chair that has different designs to allow you to choose the one that catches your eye. If this describes you then this is the gaming chair that will suit you. 

Besides coming in different designs, this chair comes in many colors as well- at least compared to other gaming chairs. You will find this model in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red and White. The chair weighs at 40 pounds and it can hold a maximum weight of only up to 130 pounds. Well, that’s sad. 

On top of that, the Arozzi VERONA-V2 Gaming Chair is one customizable chair, coming with about three different adjustment modules; the armrests, the backseat which has the ability to go back up to 165-degrees as well as an adjustable headrest pillow and you can fully modify.

What users like most about this product is that it is very easy to assemble, unlike most chairs that force you to call an expert, thereby spending extra money for assembling.

X Rocker Pro Series H3

Next up, we have the X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair. Unlike most other models in this list, this one is a floor chair. 

The best part about this chair is that it comes with a 4.1 audio system. With this, you can be able to connect the chair to your smartphone or your pc, wirelessly.  

The chair comes with a very wide seat, which makes it ideal for people of all ages. Also, the chair has a very thick cushioning at the base, which makes it one of the most comfortable chairs out there. 

When you don’t feel like using it, the foldable feature allows you to fold it for storage. However, the chair has a load limit of only 275 pounds and it is only available in one color. 

Flash Furniture Articulate Mesh Chair

Let’s take a look at one of the most well-priced ergonomic office chairs on the market. And yes, this chair is versatile, meaning that it can be used as an office chair and a gaming chair. 

The chair was built with a strong, steel frame, which makes this a very durable chair. On top of the frame, the chair has a thick layer of high quality foam, to keep you comfy whether you are working or gaming. 

That being said, it has enough adjustment mechanisms and ventilation (Mesh Fabric) to keep you comfortable through extended periods of sitting. Triple Paddle Control is the mesh’s chairs leather equivalent, and it features a slightly higher back that’s well worth a look.

The chair comes with a weight of about 37 pounds and it was built to support any weight below 250 pounds. Speaking of which, the chair can recline to a limit of 125 degrees. 

However, most users have indicated that the chairs very hard to assemble, particularly the wheels.

DXRacer Iron Series

Next up, we have another gaming chair from DXracer. This particular chair is a great blend of quality, comfort and style. 

This chair comes in a full grain leather material, which not only promotes durability, but the leather gives this chair a unique look. 

In terms of the weight, the chair falls at 64 pounds and can carry a weight of up to 275 pounds. The chair come with soft, padded backrest and the seat itself. 

Maxnomic Ergoceptor

Maxnomic is one of the most respectable brands in the business. Did you know that the brand has produced over 40 gaming chairs?  Yeah, I was just as shocked as you are. 

The brand is well known for producing high-end chairs and the latest Ergoceptor is no exception. First of all, this chair is versatile, making it useful in your office and when you are on your free time. The chair has a maximum loading weight of about 220 pounds, which is fair. 

It has an aluminium base as well as a multi-layered PU leather, both factors that make this chair very durable. Another interesting part of your ergoceptor is that it the chair has stitching patterns that help the chair stand out.

Speaker System Totten ham Hotspur Primary Logo PC and Racing Game Chair 

On number 24, we have something different. This Totten ham hotspur gaming chair has a very beautiful appearance and they come with a speakers that are built-in. 

To use the speakers, you simply connect any Bluetooth device that you have, to the chair’s pre-installed Bluetooth system and just like that, you have full control over your gaming chair’s audio system. 

Besides that, the chair is built with a very strong steel which will last a very long time. This is topped up by the PU leather, which is scratch-resistant.

Steelcase Leap

The last entry on this list is the Leap by steelcase, which is a unique chair that is suitable for both office work and gaming. 

It has padded armrests which are also customizable, allowing you to adjust them in whichever way you please. Besides the armrests, the back and seat also have a cushioning, not forgetting the backrest that can recline to about 120 degrees. 

On the outside, the chair is covered by an SC fabric material, which allows circulation of air to keep you cooled down. 

The Steelcase leap has a weight of 46 pounds and has a weight capacity of about 400 pounds.  

Remember when I said this chair is unique? Well, here’s why. It uses a special technology which is known as Liveback. This term defines how the chair adjusts to your seating position.