25 Best gaming chair with speakers and vibration

Best gaming chair with speakers and vibration

Gaming chairs with speakers and vibration are a must-have accessory for pro gamers who endure long online gaming sessions in their twilight. So, its vital that your choice of a gaming chair at the very least is to find the best gaming possible. Sadly, selecting a gaming chair is a very challenging task. 

I mean, there are so many gaming chairs that are made by so many brands. 

The first step to finding the suitable chair is to first identify the type of chair that you want. Do you want a floor chair, or one that elevates you? Also, what features are you looking for in the gaming chair? Nowadays, chairs have special features such as speakers, vibration and some come with both. 

Generally, Gaming chairs with speakers and vibration work on giving you the best gaming, movie experience, but some are better than others. Also, they come at different prices. 

In this article, we will be looking at the top gaming chairs that come with both the built-in speakers as well as vibration.

Our Top Picks

  • X Rocker Pro H3
  • GTRacing Gaming Chair, 
  • X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Sound Wired Foldable Video Gaming Rocking Floor Chair, 
  • X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1
  • Ace Bayou X Rocker II Leather Floor Gaming Chairs with Ergonomic Back Support
  • X Rocker Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair with Headrest
  • Orren Ellis Speaker System Wireless Video Rocker Game Chair,
  • X Rocker V Rocker 
  • Orren Ellis Speaker System PC and Racing Game Chair 

Top 25 Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Vibration

X Rocker Pro H3

We are starting off our list with a gaming chair from X Rocker. This is one of the most famous brands that has established a good reputation of producing quality chairs, and this X Rocker Pro H3 is no exception. 

Weighing at exactly 17.34 pounds, this is a lightweight gaming chair that is easy to carry around. As a plus on the point, the chair is foldable, meaning that it won’t occupy too much space. 

In terms of the audio, the H3 gaming chair is equipped with four speakers- two of which are forward-facing and the others are on the sides of the seat. The chair has a control panel by the side that gives you full control over volume and bass. Besides that, you have the audio output port, into which you can plug in your headphones or add speakers. 

Also, it has ported power subwoofers, and audio force modulation technology which all come together to give a full game immersion. 

The best part about this chair is the heavy padding that is found on the seat, the backrest as well as the armrests. On top of this, the chair features additional motors that work on giving you a full body sensation, to give you the best gaming experience. 

Another great feature is the compatibility of this chair. This gaming chair is well-suited with a lot of gaming consoles including Xbox, PlayStation as well as Nintendo. 

The downfall of this chair is that it comes at a very high price. 

GTRacing Gaming Chair.

Second chair is the GTRacing gaming chair. Just like the model above, this one also offers you a wireless connection through the Bluetooth feature. 

Speaking of which, this chair has two Bluetooth speakers, which gives your gave a stereo audio quality. Add that to the deep bass and you have a multi-purpose chair which you can use for watching movies and listen to your favorite songs as you enjoy the comfortable chair.  

That being said, the chair is built on a solid frame which is covered by a thick padding on the seat and backrest. ON top of that, the chair is customizable as you can adjust the seat height and the armrests, giving you the freedom to decide your comfort level. Oh and before I forget, the backrest can recline from 90 degrees to as high as 170 degrees and the chair can swivel to a full 360 degrees. 

However, the chair is not foldable, which makes it very hard to store. On top of that, the chair doesn’t have a subwoofer and it comes at a higher price than most gaming chairs. 

X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Sound Wired Foldable Video Gaming Rocking Floor Chair, 

Coming with the best user experience, X rocker brings yet another pronounced floor gaming chair. 

Just like the X rocker chair we looked at before, the Extreme III floor chair is equipped with speakers to give you the best gaming experience. The speakers on this model, however, are side-facing. You also have a control panel, onto which you can control the volume and the separate bass. 

One special property about this chair is that it comes with a sound wired 2.0 format, allowing you to connect it to multiple chairs. 

In terms of the comfort, the chair comes with a high-quality foam, which is felt on the backrest and the seat, which will leave you focused more on your game. Add this feature to the AFM technology that enhances vibrations and you got yourself a winner.

The extreme III model comes with an audio input cable port for your auxiliary cable, and an output jack. 

X Rocker Bonded Faux Leather Floor Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Halfway through the list, we have another floor chair from the X Rocker brand and this is one features a faux leather material, which gives this chair an amazing look! 

It is built in a lightweight design and it is easy to assemble. This makes the chair easy to carry around. 

In terms of the compatibility, the bonded faux leather chair is compatible with quite a lot of gaming devices. Plus, the Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your phone or any other Bluetooth device to this amazing gaming chair. 

Also, the double forward-facing speakers as well as the separate sub-woofer work on giving you a well-balanced, high quality sound. You will be able to adjust these functions on the control panel.


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X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1

The X Rocker Pedestal Extreme is one of the most comfortable options you can go for. It comes with an amazing elevation, offered by the elegant-looking base. This chair is built in a design that makes it foldable. Add that to the weight of 18.3, and you got a chair that is easy to transport.

The chair is padded on the seat as well as the armrests. On top of the padding, the chair has a faux leather and breathable fabric material. This lets air circulate in the chair to cool you down, particularly in intense gaming sessions. 

When it comes to sound, the chair comes with 2 speakers, which are located close to the headrest, and a subwoofer that is on the outer part of the backrest. Also, X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III makes use of Audio Force Modulation technology to create vibrating audio allowing you to hear and feel the sound at the same time. Besides the wireless feature, you can connect this chair to other chairs as well.  

Lastly, it has a wide compatibility with gaming consoles, TV, and MP3 players.

Ace Bayou X Rocker II Leather Floor Gaming Chairs with Ergonomic Back Support

This particular chair comes in an X-shape, which gives it a unique appearance, which can really brighten your room. 

In terms of the audio, this chair has two forward-facing speakers which work with the subwoofer to give you an everlasting gaming experience. One thing that’s worth mentioning is the wireless transmitting system that works on these speakers. 

On top of that, you have the control panel that has the volume and bass controls, so you can adjust straight on the chair. Also, the chair has a 3.5 mm output port into which you can plug in your headphones. 

As such, this is an all-purpose chair that you can also use when watching movies and many more. Lastly, the chair has can hold a weight of up to 275 pounds. 

X Rocker Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair with Headrest

The next entry on our list also comes from the X Rocker brand and this is the ultimate chair that gives maximum comfort and support to your back. 

This chair is equipped with 4 speakers, all of which are forward facing, and portable subwoofers. 

You are also provided with a control panel which will allow you to adjust the bass and the volume separately. 

In case you may be concerned, the chair is compatible with a lot of gaming systems. It comes with side control panels, which allow you to manage your console (PlayStation, Xbox) as well as your home sound system (home theatre) 

Lastly, this X Rocker chair is equipped with vibration motors that help to keep your body comfortable as you play.  

Orren Ellis Speaker System Wireless Video Rocker Game Chair, $329.99

This chair is built with a very strong frame and a base that is made from wood. The design gives it a stylish look which you will love. This chair can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. 

Besides being used for gaming, the chair comes with many other features. First of all, it is equipped with an output audio port, which you can use to connect to your home theatre, to have a great movie experience. That being said, this is a multi-purpose chair. 

And for the part you have been waiting for; the chair is also equipped with great side speakers and a subwoofer which give you a well-balanced sound quality. Also, it has a vibration feature, which is amazing when gaming. 

X Rocker V Rocker 

If you are on a very Slim Budget, the X Rocker V Rocker gaming chair is the model that I would recommend to you. 

Despite that it is cheap, it really doesn’t look the part. It is made up of a mesh material finish, which allows air to circulate, hence keeping you cool while you enjoy your game. 

The chair has two front-facing speakers located close to the headrest and a subwoofer positioned to pound your back. Add this to the wireless audio transmission feature and you got a great audio experience. On your side, you have a control panel which has a headphone jack as well as volume and bass controls, allowing you to adjust the way you like. 

Lastly, the chair weighs about 29 pounds and it can support a maximum weight of 275 pounds. Also, the chair is foldable, making it easy for storage. 

Orren Ellis Speaker System PC and Racing Game Chair 

Whether you are a professional gamer, you just play on your free time, you will need to have a gaming chair that will make every gaming moment count. 

Unlike most gaming chairs, this one is crafted from a wood frame on a swivel base. Also, it is wrapped in faux leather upholstery for a padded touch. 

Besides that, it comes with audio input and output jacks, allowing you to connect your headset or your microphone. It is suitable for both teens and adults, having a weight limit or 275 pounds. 

Lastly, it has vibration and offers a great comfort, for all your games, movies and music.  

X Rocker 2.1 Speaker Video Gaming Chair 

Next in our entry, we have the X Rocker 2.1 speaker Video gaming chair. Generally, the type of materials that are used to cover every gaming chair determines the chair’s durability. That being said, this X rocker gaming chair comes with a breathable mesh as well as microfiber faux suede, which makes the chair durable and easy to clean. 

For an amazing audio experience, this video game chair with speakers has 2 side-facing speakers close to the headrest as well as 4” subwoofer in the outer part of the backrest which provides a boom that makes you to also feel the sound. 

Besides that, you have the armrests, the backrest and the seat which is heavily padding to keep you comfy, even in the longest gaming sessions. 

It also comes with a control panel which has input and output jacks which makes it possible to connect multiple chairs together. The X Rocker 2.1 is compatible with all the popular consoles and smart devices. 

Finally, the chair has a weight of 45.2 pounds and it certainly isn’t a model I would recommend for gamers on a small budget. If you can afford it, you have a great chair that will last for many years.  

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair 

To all the professional gamers, this next one was designed special for you. Normally, when you sit in a chair for a long time, you are prone to things such as back, neck aches and sometimes, muscle cramps. Once you welcome this chair into your life, pain will be a thing of the past. 

The Giantex gaming chair comes with 5 massage modes, 4 airbags on the sides (which swing your body from side to side to relieving pelvic pressure) as well as an armrest that has a phone slot. These features make the chair very comfortable and convenient. 

The material is waterproof, keeping you safe from accidental spills. 

It comes with a very beautiful design that as a waterproof finish, just in case you accidentally spill your milkshake during an intense gaming session. 

The chair can hold a maximum weight of only up to 200 pounds, which is less than the weight limit of most gaming chairs. Also, you can’t dismantle it when moving it. Instead, you have to carry it whole.

X Rocker Surge – Best for design

Coming with the great comfort and probably the best sound quality, the X Rocker surge is on of the most popular gaming chairs that you can find. 

To give you the best comfort, the chair has an ergonomic design that aims on taking off the pressure on your lower back area. 

In terms of the sound characteristics, the chair comes with 2 built-in speakers which are both side-facing on the headrest. Besides that, you have the subwoofer that is found on the outer part of the backrest, for an amazing gaming experience. 

As a plus, you can connect to your speakers through Bluetooth, to get a wireless audio transmission. Also, you have a control panel by the side which has the volume and bass adjustments. 

However, it is slightly heavy at 36.2 pounds. Despite that, it is foldable, hence easy to store. 

X Rocker Speaker System Premier Recliner Dual Audio PC & Racing Game Chair.

Our fourteenth spot is occupied by this other gaming chair by X Rocker. This particular model is well-known for its sleek and luxurious design. If you are looking for a chair that will keep you comfortable no matter how long you play your game, here is the model you should purchase. Also, its design makes you feel like you are sitting on a throne, which is awesome.

The Premier also features a solid durable construction and a reclining footrest, which make the chair durable and comfortable.

In terms of the sound, the Premier features a 2.1 Dual audio system for superior sound quality. The chair comes in with a weight capacity of 250 pounds, making it suitable for a lot of people. 

Nokaxus Video Gaming Chair

Next up, we have the Nokaxus video gaming chair. Unlike other gaming chairs, this chair features armrests which are both made of purely plastic. But this isn’t just any plastic, it is a very durable type. 

For comfort, the headrest pillow is also supplied to this gaming chair model. However, the pillow is smaller than what you may expect. Regardless of that, you can replace it as it is removable. 

Another thing that separates the Nokaxus gaming chair from similarly priced models is the integration of two Bluetooth speakers on the top end of the back support. 

Also, it has a massage feature, which you will enjoy. One thing you ought to know is that the speakers and the massage function both use the battery. As such, the playing time will only range from 5 to 6 hours.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, $200

Are you looking for a multipurpose chair that will not only be suitable for your gaming, but for your movies and music as well, this next X Rocker model is your perfect companion. Many users have stated that this chair offers some great support and comfort, allowing you to use it for other activities like reading. 

For your sound experience, the chair incorporates two forward facing speakers and a built in subwoofer. On top of that, you have the audio force modulation technology. All these features work on giving you the best audio experience. 

It also comes with vibration motors that sync with your audio’s bass tones to create an even more powerful full-body sensation, for extra comfort. 

Michael Anthony Furniture X-Rocker Pro Series H3 Wireless W/Rails, Gunstock Arms Black W/Grey Vibration 4.1 Speakers.

Next up, Michael Anthony Furniture collaborates with X Rocker to produce this State-of-the-art gaming chair. Michael Anthony Furniture. This chair has a contemporary design and it comes in a blend on black with gray or white. 

The strong, metal frame is covered by a thick layer of cushioning on the armrests, headrests as well as the seat. This makes it a very comfortable chair. 

Also, the speaker comes with two great speakers as well as a vibration function, which gives you a great gaming experience. 

However, at a price of $399, I have to say this is a very expensive gaming chair. But if you can save up to purchase it, you won’t regret it at all. 

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio.

The X Rocker 5142201 is one of the most stylish chairs that you can find. Its finish incorporates a faux leather as well as breathable polyester fabric material, which promotes air circulation to keep you cooled down, especially in intense gaming sessions. 

Besides gaming, this is an all-purpose chair that you can also use for movies and music. If you are a fan of reading, you can also take advantage of the comfort that comes with this chair. 

In terms of the sound, the chair incorporates wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest and a 4″ subwoofer in outer part of the backrest. 

However, the chair has a couple of drawbacks. First of all, doesn’t have a headset as well as a lumbar cushioning. Also, as I said earlier, the chair comes with a polyester finish. This material is very hard to clean and it definitely isn’t durable, compared to other finishes. 

X Rocker 5131901 Wireless Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration.

Being on the ground also gives the chair a lot of stability and keeps it grounded. When you’re thinking about a purchase that will last the tests of time, this chair passes most of those with flying colors.

The big tradeoff here, though, is that you lose the mobility and, in some ways, the comfort those chairs provide. Speaking of which, the cushions here are adequate and, given the extra support provided by the ground, the chair should remain a comfortable place to be for hours on end. Covered with vinyl, the chair is also easy to clean and maintain.

Built for console gamers, wireless connectivity and interfacing with consoles is a cinch. 

X Rocker Speaker System Wireless Rocker Game Chair.

Coming at an affordable price of $109.99, this X Rocker chair is one of the most affordable gaming chairs that you can find. 

This chair has a 2.1 sound system which is well-integrated and has the best audio quality you can find in a gaming chair. You have a control panel, which you can use to adjust the volume as well as the bass levels. 

Besides that, it has a nice finish consisting of a breathable mesh, which allows the perfect circulation of air. While the back rest doesn’t recline, it is certainly foldable. 

Lastly, the chair comes in an adult size and can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

X Rocker Drift Wireless Black and White Checkered Flag 2.1 Wireless Foldable Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair with 2 Speakers and Subwoofer

If you are a big fan of floor gaming chairs, this one will most definitely be your favorite gaming buddy. This X Rocker floor gaming chair comes with a thick cushioning, which gives you a great comfortable experience. 

The chair has 2 speakers near the headrest and a 4″ subwoofer in outer part of the backrest, provide the best sound experience. 

Also, the chair comes at a price under $100, making this one of the most affordable gaming chairs you can find, if you are on a budget. 

On top of that, this gaming chair is a multi-purpose model, hence it is suitable for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and of course, relaxing.

However, as I said before, it is a floor chair, meaning that it is only suitable for console gamers and not PC gamers. 

Finally, the Audio Force Modulation technology gives you a great vibrational audio that deepens every gaming and movie experience.