Can I Use Any Router With Sky Broadband

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Ever wondered if you can use a 3rd Party router with your Sky Broadband home internet?

With most average homes experiencing intermittently slow internet connectivity, the new Sky Broadband Hub, which is available as part of Sky’s WiFi Guarantee, seems like the best option to upgrade internet connection. However, most sky broadband users still receive far less than the 3Mbps WiFi in every room. That’s why getting a 3rd-party router other than the standard Sky Broadband Booster can help you to get a reliable WiFi internet connection for every room in your house. But, can you use a 3rd party router with sky broadband?

Typically, you can use any third-party router with sky broadband. Anyone with home internet supplied by Sky broadband can use 3rd party routers instead of the SkyHub router. However, not all third-party routers or internet access Points are compatible with Sky broadband internet protocols. 

Your Sky router replacement must support DHCP 60/61, and I can tell you that most third-party router replacements ignore the need to match different router protocols with what Skybroadband requires long before getting one and avoid potentially wasting money on additional Access Points to bring internet coverage to their entire home and outdoors.

Why Choose To Use Third Party Routers, Are They Better Than Sky Broadband Routers?

As much as Sky broadband routers gets the job done, using thirdparty routers is on the rise in recent years. But, third-party routers better than Sky broadband routers?

Third-party broadband routers are better than cheap Sky broadband routers. The majority of third-party routers you get to choose as your Sky broadband router replacement are the latest 802,11ac routers generally designed to optimize signal strength and internet performance.

No wonder that instead of using Sky broadband’s 802.11n supplied routers, more internet customers are ditching budget routers that are mostly built down to a budget for better highspeed fiber internet compatible routers from third-party routers. 

Though third-party routers come at a price, the advantages of repacing sky broadband router for a third-party router significantly outweigh the downsides. The latest 802.11ac routers are by far the fastest compared to the older 802.11n wireless standard.

The use of any other super fast router with Sky Broadband is possible, however, you need to figure out what kind of router to look for as a replacement for your Skyhub router. This is vital as not all newer internet gateways can handle 5GHz better than dual-band routers which are purposely designed to provide a synchronized bandwidth, which is different from those that separate and in fact have separate SSID’s. 

Replacing Sky Hub With Another Router

Modern modems using the WiFi 6 standards are the only router and gateways for anyone looking to replace their Sky hub. So, if you are going to ditch the Sky regular internet hub, you will have to buy routers that use the new WiFi 6 standards, but few devices can take advantage of those facilities. 

The third-party router replacing your Sky hub links Sky’s fiber to the home internet telephone lines that use an authentication system you will need to authenticate for resource provisioning as standard Sky routers come fully configured while third-party routers use different settings from Sky or other ISPs.

And, if your third-party meets these criteria, you can rest assured that a streamlined service from Sky broadband will be possible throughout the house even after replacing your Sky broadband router. 

How Do I Connect To A Third Party Router?

If your goal is only to extend your Sky internet WiFi reach to other rooms, using an old third-party wirelessly to boost WiFi in those rooms is the best option. But, how do you connect your Sky gateway to a third-party Router?

The connection of your third-party WiFi extender will require two or three WiFi extenders.  The Sky’s standard gateway router connects to the included Ethernet cable from one of the available ports on the back of the modem to the Internet port on your 3rd party router. 

 With your third-party modem now online and connected to your Sky router, you can directly add up to this first cluster of WiFi extenders by following the specific setup and connection process for your 3rd party device.

Is It Worth Buying Your Own WiFi Router?

Sky broadband subscriptions come with a router that is included in your home internet connection. However, your internet service provider may require that you send back your router if you cancel the contract. And, that’s because Sky’s terms regard your internet router is rented out to you; therefore, you must return it when needed to do so. But, Is it not worth buying your own wifi router instead of the rentals?

Buying your own WiFi router is worth it than using Sky broadband standard routerIt increases your home internet security. It’s a better financial decision compared to renting. There are plenty of best internet routers you can buy on your own than regular Sky broadband. 

Luckily, most major online retailers are stocking some of the best standard 6 wifi routers than before. So, Buying your own router is certainly worth it as it is almost always a better financial decision than renting. 

Additional information on Sky Broadband


Speed is a very important aspect when it comes to routers and Broadbands. The Sky Broadband presents itself in three packages and here they are: an average of 11Mb(ADSL), 36MB(fiber optic), and 63MB(Fibre optic). Yes it might not be the best as you expected but ADSL speeds usually vary in accordance to where you are located and conduct your business.  

The great thing about all this is that the speeds that have been mentioned here are similar to Broadband but we can still say there’s something that needs to be done about this. We can make a reference to the Virgin Media, which is capable of delivering much faster lines and the Broadband packages offered can reach as far as 350MB. 

I should not forget to talk about Sky’s Unlimited Broadband, which provides as stated, unlimited. This only means no usage cap, no fair usage, and no traffic management to slow your speeds. This is a rather very good thing.

 Make sure to not get a Broadband that has a download limit. The reason is that when You use more than 25GB two times in 6 months, Sky will usually put you up in the category of an unlimited package which will result in you being costed more and more. 


Cost is something very important that needs to be made mention of. In the case of the Broadband and home phone, the prices are not expensive and you will definitely appreciate these prices coming from the Sky company. 

In terms of the Sky TV, the price is usually fair and it gives you exactly what you pay for, nothing but quality. Sky is very tricky and now and then it has these deals going on hence to always keep a close eye as you might get yourself a fantastic deal. 

Sky Broadband User Review

Sky conducts a survey each and every year, and last year, in the year 2020, the results from the annual broadband survey which were conducted proved in a way which customers were given a chance to rate their provider in different categories that they offer and d the score came with a percentage of positive answers and the overall rating is the combined average score. 

When we talk about customer care, the percentage came out as 81% with an average rating of 81% as well. The value for money was rated at 67% with an average of 70%. 

The trust was rated at 79%, with an average of 80%. In terms of recommendation, it was put at 74%, while the average rating was 74%. The Overall Sky Broadband customer rating was 75% with an average rating of 76%. 

When I talk about the survey results from 2019, Sky’s performance is average in most of their categories. In terms of the value for money, the performance was not as great as expected, but they surely tried their best as when it came to customers, an 81% approval rate was achieved. Let’s also not forget that Sky Broadband win the award for the fastest superfast broadband provider. 

Features and extras from Sky Broadband

Sky Hub and Sky Q Hub

Sky offers two WiFi routers, and these are the Standard Sky broadband, the Sky Q hub, which is given for free, and this occurs when You make a choice and sign up to get a standard Sky Broadband package that does not come, including a TV bundle. 

To make a statement about Sky Q Hub, know that it is available for an additional fee or in other examples, including a Sky Q TV that comes with a fantastic Broadband package. 

I also have to talk about the similarities that are there in these hub’s and those are wired network sockets and useful security features like the ability to block some websites via the Hub’s security controls of which helps a lot of parents in keeping an eye on their children. There are also some important differences when we come into the technical specifications. 

We also have to take a look at the 802.11n WiFi, which Sky Hub supports, and this is not rather a good deal as you will be denied the joy of enjoying the fastest speeds, usually on newer devices. There is a limit provided, which is 100 MB transfer speeds when we talk about their network ports. 

You can get yourself the new 802.11ac which gives you dual capability when it comes to a lot of flexibility when connecting multiple WiFi devices. The Sky Q Hub also supports Gigabit wired network speeds, which only has two ports in comparison to the four available ports on Sky Hub.

This Sky Q Hub is also packed with many features which give it a chance to stand out for example, it can turn Sky Q TV boxes into WiFi access points which help in extending Wireless signal around your home. 

This is an amazing feature but the only disadvantage is that you will see the real benefit from that feature when your Q bic is either not installed right next to the Hub or you have multiple Q boxes. 

When you are in a situation that you are equipped with a Fibre broadband, or a lot of wireless devices, it is important to get the Sky Q Hub if you ought to get the best WiFi performance, if not for this, the Sky Hub will suffice. Remember that Sky only allows customers to use their own routers or a third party router based on certain conditions.  

Sky TV

The Sky TV is very popular and am very sure you have heard about it before. It sets the name of the Sky company up high. This TV has been supplying channels in the comfort of your homes for quite some time now. They provide a service that provides you with a large amount of content that can be viewed online live and on-demand. 

Sky has an app called the Sky Go App which is used when you wanna watch. The Sky TV provides a standalone service and the TV bundles are just very affordable. We can not dub it as the cheapest option but it surely has low price packages which give out more channels than the basic offerings which are from TV providers and you will be privileged with Freeview. 

A satellite dish is still of paramount importance. It might be difficult to get and install a satellite dish when the house you are living in is not yours hence the need to get permission first from the owners/landlords in order for you to install the satellite dish. 



To do a recap on this topic, yes, you can use any router. The only thing that you need to do is what kind of router to look for and use. This is the case as newer devices can not connect using 5GHz. 

There is a need for you to look for a dual-band router that can provide a synchronized bandwidth, which is different from those that separate and have separate SSID’s. This is of paramount importance as a streamlined service will be allowed when moving throughout the house. 

There is also some important information that you need to know about using a third-party router. When you connect the new router, you will be asked to log into Sky Broadband. The user name and password can be found on google just by searching for the third-party router to Sky Broadband. 

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