Corsair K65 vs K68 [ Which Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Is Better, Corsair K65 Lux RGB or K68?

Corsair K65 vs K68

The Corsair K65 and K68 are the most revered gaming keyboards that have a lot of great features for gaming in their price range. For instance, these keyboards use cherry Mx red key switches which are very light and good for gamers.

The K68 is the best gaming keyboard as it is water-resistant compared to the K65 Lux RGB which is not water-resistant. The Corsair K68 mechanical gaming keyboard has demonstrated its superiority with the waterproof feature to survive spills which is a common occurrence in the esports industry. So, if you are looking for the best mechanical computer keyboard with hot-swappable illuminated key buttons, the Corsair K68 stands out as the best gaming keyboard for gamers than the Corsair K65 Lux RGB.

The Corsair k65

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB is a good mechanical gaming keyboard. It is a tenkeyless keyboard that has a lot of good features. This keyboard has software and some lighting effects. 

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB Design

This keyboard has the dimensions: 14 inches wide, 1.5 inches high and 6.5 inches deep. The Corsair K65 keyboard is made of a plastic base. The plastic base of this keyboard also allows placing the RGB LED underneath the switch which is a handy feature for those who like their mechanical gaming keyboard to have an element of flare. 

The other feature many gamers like the most about the Corsair K65 mechanical keyboard is the retractable feet that extends to the sides, these feet can raise the keyboard a little higher.

 The way the feet are placed is very helpful because this ensures that you do not push the keyboard in another direction when using it. This keyboard also comes with a 78-inch USB cable, this cable is attached to the unit. 

The cord is made of braided fiber coating. The keyboard weighs 2.3 pounds. It has a case and keys that are matte black, the frame is covered in aluminum. 

There is a switch on the keyboard and this switch allows you to set the polling rate to, 2, 4, 8 (ms) or set it to Bios. The Bios is like a compatibility mode so that the keyboard. On the top row the speaker has the raise or lower volume button, it also has a mute button and a windows key lock button. 

This button helps in preventing the windows menu from popping up when you accidentally click it while you are playing the game.  It also contains lights for caps lock and scroll lock.

  The keyboard uses a QWERTY format. It also has an additional application key that is located on between the Fn and control that is on the right side of the spacebar. This is also found on the bottom row. 

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB Controls

The K65 RGB comes with two USB connectors therefore it will need you to have two USB ports for connection. You have to plug both of the connectors so that the keyboard can work.  The keyboard also has a switch that is located on the back of the keyboard.

 The switch is there to allow you to change the polling rates. There are polling rate like 1, 2, 4 and 8 ms. The switch is also used to change the Bios so that it can be recognized by other PCs at bootup. 

This keyboard uses cherry MX red key switches. These key switches are light and easy to click. they are great for gaming but may not be that good for typing. 

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB Software

The keyboard has backlighting with up to 16.8 million colors. You can change the lighting settings using the corsair utility engine software. Using this software, you can change the colors by selecting values 0 to 255. You can change the colors by choosing blue, red or green color intensity ranges. 

You can enter the numbers manually, clicking a display or you can choose a slider that is on the screen. With the colors you can also use some effects like changing brightness level of the colors and many more. The corsair utility software also allows you to change ripple color effects as well as colors that can flow on the whole keyboard. These effects help in adding some thrill to your gaming sessions. 

The software also allows you to add some macros as well as to edit the macros. These macros can be used to record some movements that you can make with the keyboard, the mouse, the clicks, delays and scroll. You can also set when you want to the macro to run or if you want the macros to be interrupted when there is some interruption or it continues after the interruptions. 

Features and details of the K65

Sometimes you can only use the keys to display some color to create some effects when you are playing games. You can sometimes only highlight the function keys or the arrow keys only. It also allows you to use colors according to some actions that you do in the game. 

This keyboard also has a palm rest that is detachable. The palm rest has rubber cushions which are underneath it. 

With this keyboard you can also easily select the polling rate that you want with the maximum polling rate being 8ms. 

It uses Cherry MX red switches. These switches are very good for gaming especially when it comes to fast twitch gaming.  There is also this feature called N-key rollover feature that allows you to click multiple keys at the same time and they are all produced accurately. 

The performance

The K65 is a very good mechanical keyboard that meets the good requirements for gamers. They have good features. The mouse uses Cherry MX switches that are very light and easy to touch. The design of the keyboard is attractive and it has a solid touch and feel. The keyboard also uses software that you can use to change a lot of settings in the software. 

The Pros

  • Uses Corsair utility engine that allows you to reassign macros and set lighting effects
  • It has an aluminum frame which is ragged
  • The palm rest is detachable
  • Great manual
  • Allows you to have per key lighting and mechanical switches

The Cons

  • The keyboard needs two USB ports if you only use USB 2.0 ports
  • It does not have USB pass-through
  • It is pricey

The Corsair K68 

The design of the keyboard 

The Corsair K68 has a box-like shape. Its design is sturdy. The base of this keyboard has smooth curves and its corners are sharp. The keyboard has grooves on the sides, below the keys and above the function keys. It has a cable for connection which is much thicker as compared to most cables. This USB is rubberised. The keyboard does not have a USB pass through port. The keyboard also has legs located below it that you can use to adjust the height of the keyboard so that you can put it at a certain angle. It also comes with a snap on wrist rest but it is not very comfortable because it is not that soft. It has great key caps that are very easy to use. 

The cover of the K68 is made of rubber, this rubber cover is there to protect the keyboard from damage that can be caused due to spillage of liquids. The keyboard has ip32 dust and water resistance. With this rating the keyboard can not be submerged in water because it is not completely waterproof and this would cause a lot of damage to it. It also can’t survive high water splashes. This keyboard also has a space bar that is textured.  


The Corsair K68 uses Corsair Utility Engine (CUE). The software is very goo, its interface can be a little complicated but the features this software offers is very good. It contains important information and settings rather than a bunch of unnecessary things. This software allows you to set Macros as well as to configure the LEDs. The good thing is that the K68 still works without the need for the software. Therefore, you can choose not to download or install the software. The corsair UCE allows you to quickly customize some settings.

Features of the K68

Water resistance: This is the main feature that this keyboard possesses. The keyboard is water resistant and dust proof with a rating of IP32. This protects the keyboard from liquids. The key switches are surrounded with rubber to prevent damage. It also has RGB lights that are covered in the same way. 

The keyboard has backlight lighting, it also has per key lighting and it includes mechanical switches. The characters on the keycaps are well lit. 

There is corsair utility software that allows you to change a lot of settings on the keyboard including the lights and many more. 


The keyboard has a USB connection but lacks USB pass through. It has switches which are rubberized. The keyboard has standard keys as well as the numpad. It also has volume controls, media playback controls as well as a backlight button. There is also a button that you can use to turn off the windows button so that it does not disturb you by popping up during your gaming sessions. 


The performance offered by the corsair K68 RGB is very good. The keyboard greatly improves your gaming sessions and it does not cause any hitches when it comes to playing games. It has features like N-key rollover that works very well. This keyboard also uses Cherry MX red keys and it offers a good rest for fingers on the keys. Therefore, improving and making the game sessions even better. The keycaps are housed in rubber and the keyboards has a rating of IP32 which keeps dust and water out. 

The Pros

  • The mouse is mechanical and really quiet
  • It is waterproof
  • The price is relatively affordable 


  • Lacks a drainage system
  • It has grease magnetic keycaps

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