Denon AVR4400 vs Denon4500 AVR – A Comparison Guide For Denon AVR4400 And Denon4500 AVR With Pictures.

AVR4400 and the AVR4500 are not newcomers to the audio and video sound system receivers. These two AVR sound systems receivers initially came out in 2017 and 2018 respectively. And they have proven that even with budget AVR sound systems of their cabre, you can still get the best priced audio-video receiver with feature-rich usability.

The AVR 4400 is a home entertainment system that comes with a 9 channel receiver and has 11.2 maximum channel processors. And It is one of the latest leading home theatres after the Denon AVR 4300. 

After comparing the AVR 4400 with other receivers like the Yamaha AVR, its overall score given is 78 out of 100. But to understand how excellent sound system these AVRs are, look at the overall scores as these depend on the features of the receiver and the output of the amplifier specification. 

In it you will also find audio and video features, connectivity, multizone capabilities, radio and other details that will help you figure out which one is the best AVR sound system for you. 

After running successful testing and experiments on the Denon AVR4400 and the AVR 4500, the one thing to keep in mind is that the amp score depends on the scoring of the power ratings, while the minimum impedance load and power supply have the effect on transformer type total harmonic distortion just to make sure that the AVR’s damping factor along with the signal to noise ratio does not undermine output of the sound quality.

This is also the reason why our Audio calculations are based on the counted number of channel, front wide channel support, maximum channel processing, and support of audio formats, DAC specification and room calibration.

 The rate of video depends on HDR, Dolby Vision, 4k pass through, 4k Upscalling and analogy to HDMI up conversion. 

Connectivity calculations depends on all the wired and wireless inputs and out puts, internet, Bluetooth connection, HEOS and Sonos. 

Multizone scores are based on the number of zone and their out puts and the radio score are depending on the digital form and the tuner with frequency range, signal to noise and harmonic distortion. 

About The AVR4400

  The 4400 AV receiver has a channel amplifier which produces 125 W. It is stable when it is 4 ohms. It has a 3 dimensional sound from Dolby Atmos and Dts along with the latest with 4K Ultra HD Video.

Dolby Atmos provides stability to the sound and it can be positioned around your room in any place and gives good results. 

The 4400 AVR system has DTSX capabilities which delivers many surrounding sound which connects to your speaker at a perfect time. 

It has a 3 DSP which is a processor and it supports latest sound formats like the Dolby Atmos and DTS, and has a built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

The receiver consists of an Audio which is more advanced with D.C.A.C. This is when you have many speakers and you want to combine them all. 

After combining all the speakers to the receiver, auto calibration technology will make all the speakers to deliver the same high sweet and good sound.

 Automatic phase matching sends power of your speakers to the front left and right speaker channels to make all the speakers to work together and produce more high quality sound. 

The receiver has a clear picture with High Dynamic Range. This will make you to get entertained and enjoy incredible contrast and brightness it brings. 

It also supports latest HDR standards such as HDR10, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and Dolby Vision.

 About the 4k quality, signal passes through the receiver without compromising image quality and it is HDCP 2.2 compatible. 

 In addition to all this, the 4400 receiver has a built in Bluetooth which is used for streaming all your best tracks using your receiver on straight from your paired smart phone and tablet. 

Concerning the video features, the STR receiver provides 4k pass-through up to 60.It by passes HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma. 

Brightness, deeper darks, expanded contrast, ultra vivid colours, refined details and enhanced dimension are provide by Dolby Vision. 

The receiver also has perfect source of internet. It connects to Bluetooth devices through a built in adapter and it consists of 4 HDMI Inputs with HDCP 2.2 copy protection. 


  • It has a built in Bluetooth
  • It supports 4k Upscalling
  • It has many HDMI outputs
  • It has Dolby Atmos 
  • It has many zones
  • It has Auro 3D
  • It has internet radio
  • It has USB Inputs
  • It has Ethernet
  • It has Wi-Fi
  • It has an enhanced audio Return channel
  • It has Dolby Vision
  • It has analogue pre outs
  • It has headphone out puts
  • It has DLNA and HEOS
  • It has large speaker terminals
  • It has phono inputs
  • It has a deezer
  • It has internet radio


  • It does not have a front wide channel
  • It has no built in chrome cast
  • It does not have multiple room compatible zone
  • It does not have a IMAX
  • It not have music centre app
  • It does not have MHL input
  • It does not have D TS Play Fi
  • It does not have Analogy to HDMI up conversion
  • It does not have 1st certified calibration control
  • It does not have MHL inputs
  • It does not have fire connect
  • It does not have flare connect
  • It does not have a monitoring remote 
  • It does not work with Amazon Alex
  • It does not work with Sonos

AVR 4500 Reviews

AVR 4500 is a receiver which was introduced in 2018. It has 9.2 channel amplifier with 11.2 pre- amp out puts. 

The 4500 receiver is a preceding craftmanship of yet another embodiment of sound systems mastery the AVR 4300. And its overall score is 79 out of 100. 

The Ranking system is based on the amplifier specifications, audio and video features, connectivity, multizone capabilities, radio and many other details. 

On the other hand, the amplifier thumbs up are based on the power rate. Pretty much on the preceding Denon AVRs, the minimum impedance load, power supply, transformer type, total harmonic distortion, damping factor, signal to noise ration and other details of the AVR4500 has a much greater influence. 

Audio is totally dependant on the number of channels, front wide channel support, maximum channel processing, support of audio formats, DAC specifications, and room calibration algorithm.

While the Video scores are entirely based on HDR Dolby Vision and 4k pass-through, Upscalling, analogue to HDMI up conversion. 

The connectivity score is from all wired and wireless input and output, internet and Bluetooth connections, HEOS and SONOs. 

You probably have head alot about the multizone scoring which are sorely dependant on the number of zones along with their out puts. Radio scores depends on the form of the digital radio and analogue tuner. 

The AVR receiver has 9.2channel amplifier which passes 125 Watts into 8 ohm load. It has a voice control, Apple Air play 2 and sound united to multiroom streaming ecosystem. 

So, chances are that you are wondering if the 4500 AVR is worth the price?

Yes! The AVR 4500 is the best amp receiver with high scores since 2018 while other receivers continue to drop down. 

The AVR 4500 has 11 pairs of speakers connection lined up side by side along the bottom of chassis. 

The AVR 4500 has Dolby Atmos including its Dolby surrounding up mixer. 

Dolby Atmos produces sound in individual entities called audio objects. 

Any sound can exits as an independent audio object in Dolby Atmos.

 They can be placed anywhere around your room, overhead, and above you in three dimensional space. 

Your home entertainment room is then turned into an amazing place for hosting and entertaining through the power of Dolby sound. 

DTSX with Neural up mixer are supported and they configure up to 5.2 channel configuration. The DTSX is similar to Dolby Atmos and it defines object locations from the listener in polar coordinator. 

The speak layout employed DTS is the addition of Dolby Atmos and Audio 3D. It consists of a channel base layer, 5 channel above layer and 3 rows of speakers on the top.

 AVR 4500 also has Digital Legato for playing audio signals with high quality sound. 

It is a developed technology Sony that has small quality digital and analogy audio signals to be played with quality sound. 

The receiver supports 4k pass though up to 60p and it supports up to 60p and it by passes HDR10, Dolby vision, and Hybrid Log Gamma and Dolby vision gives good brightness, deeper darks, expanded contrast, and ultra vivid colours. 

About the connection issues, AVR 4500 receivers support the internet using Ethernet cable and a built in Wi-Fi adapter.

 Bluetooth devices are connected through a built in Bluetooth adapter and Air play. The receiver consists of HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.2 copy protection. The receiver 1080 has USB input in its front panel


  • It has Dolby Atmos
  • It has DTSX
  • It has a built in Bluetooth
  • It has internet connection
  • It has Dolby Vision
  •  It supports HDR10
  • It supports working with Amazon Alexa
  • It has USB input
  •  It has a Hybrid Log Gamma
  • It has 2voice control
  • It has Apple play
  • It has eleven pairs of speaker connections 
  • It has Wi-Fi
  • It has HDR10
  • It has Ethernet 
  • It has a deezer
  • It has internet radio
  • It has Pandora


  • It does not have a built in chrome cast
  •  It does not have front wide channel 
  • It does not have Dolby Atmos height Virtualization
  • It does not have DTS virtual X
  • It does not have enhanced Imax
  • It does not have Auro 3D
  • It does not support 4k Upscalling
  • It not have MHL input
  • It not have fire connect
  • It does not have flare connect
  • It does not have music connect
  • It does not work with Amazon Alex
  • It does not work with Sonos
  • It has no phono input
  • It does not have multiple channel input 

Similarities between AVR 4400 AND AVR 4500

  • They both have 9.2 channels
  • They both have a built in Bluetooth
  • They do not have MHL inputs
  • They do not have not have fire connect
  • The both have no flare connect
  •  The both don’t work with Amazon Alex
  •  They do not support 4K Upscalling
  • They both do not support smart phone remote control  
  • They both delivers t

Comparisons between the AVR 4400AND the AVR 4500

  • 4400 receiver has built in chrome cast while 4500 has no chrome cast
  • 4400 receiver has Wi-Fi and Ethernet while 4500 receiver has no Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • 4400 receiver was released in 2017 while receiver was released in 2018
  • 4400 receiver has both Dolby and DTS while 4500 receiver does not support them both


  The Denon AVR 4500 and 44OO are without a doubt the best audio sound systems available on the market today. 

If you are to choose the best receiver between the Denon AVR4500 and the Denon AVR4400 receivers, the Denon4500 AVR stands out as the best option over the 4400AVR, and here’s why? 

The 4500 AVR was initially an upgrade to the 4400 AVR, no wonder that this audio sound system continues to outshine other audio reciever brands. Secondly, this AVR has an affordable price than 4400 receiver. Therefore, picking this as a reason to go for the AVR4500 over the 4400 is absolutely a no-brainer! 

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