Denon X6300H and X6400H(Ultimate Comparison Guide To Denon X6300H vs X6400H With Pictures.

Denon X6300H vs Denon X6400H

After comparing best AV receivers from the top brands and many different sound systems available on the market, we’ve found the DENON X6300H and the X6400H to be the best AVR kits for the home and professional sound or visual setups. But, which is better, when you compare Denon X6300H Vs Denon X6400H?

Denon X6400H is by far the best audio video receiver compared to the Denon X6300H. Though the Denon X6300H AVR has Bluetooth and the ability to connect to the internet, the DenonX6400H is more superior to the X6300H by a mile. 

On the other hand, their pricing range and sound clarity also makes X6400H the best AVR worth the money.

The Denon X6400H stands out as it comes with an array of features you can’t get on the X6300, including 8 channels and HDMI connectivity apart from the Bluetooth capability. Overall, the  Denon X6400H  has proven again and again to be far more superior to the Denon X6300H. 

Nonetheless, any of these two AVRs deliver unparalleled audio-video quality and clarity. Still, the Denon X6400H just happens to standout technologically as a more advanced AVR worth the money you pay for it.

Our process of picking the best AVR receiver involved a head to head comparison of two moderately priced(Check Current Amazon Price Here) luxury AVR picks, the DENON X6300H VS, X6400H Kit.

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With a revolutionary craftsmanship design and impeccable sound output and clarity, the Denon x6300H and the X6400H is our choice for your home theatre sound system setup. 

For a small price over here on Amazon, you can now enjoy and exclusive monolithic sound design of artisan-made in this AVR-X6300H. 

Thanks to the power amplifier design that comes with the Denon X6300H and X6400H, featuring one of Denon’s most sought after custom made transistors layered on top of their unmistakably identical circuit topology technology found on all of these 11 channels Denon AVRs.

 As if that was not enough, each of the Denon X6300H and X6400H channels is rated at a whopping 140 watts (8 ohms, 20Hz~20kHz, 0.05%THD).

Anyone looking for a home theater sound system that incorporates intelligent AVR channel safety feature that is capable of driving sound speaker impedance to their lowest possible, the Denon X6300H and X6400H are your best bet.

And that is because the Denon X6300H and X6400H proprietary technology allow for lower impedance speakers to go down up to 4 ohms without compromising the sound quality as well as the timing of the visual render.

 The Denon X6300H and X6400H – Budget Starter Sound system will also give beginners everything to start with as fewer surround speakers then upgrade their range of amperage punch on demand. 

Overall, the Denon X6300H and X6400H are the best value for a home theatre Piece Set with its time-tested sound quality home gear at an affordable price.

However, if the Denon X6400 is not up to your taste, Pioneer AVR and the Yamaha home theaters also are potential sound systems to consider. The other factor to consider is whether your choice of a sound system is compatible with your smart tv brand as some of them, won’t pair up easily with select AVR.


Denon avr – x6300h is a high end and fully featured av receiver released by Denon in 2016 as the x6 series.

It is best in its class, with a set up which is coupled with 11 flexible amplified channels and excellent sound. 

While the avr Denon x6400h released in 2017 also takes its job seriously coming with some great features and technology that you would expect from a modern home cinema amplifier.

It even delivers excellent applause-worthy performance that makes it come easy to spend serious money on it.


Denon always manages to come up with classic designs when it comes to all their av receivers.

The Denon x6300h has a beautiful, stylish but standard look layout at the front with a large source selection dial on the left-hand side and an even larger volume dial on the right side.

On the bottom left there is a power button underneath the source selection dial and a large informative and very easy to read the display in the middle.

Personally i have always liked the way that Denon “s displays show what type of signal the avr is receiving and what it is putting out its a very useful feature.

You can even choose to display the volume as an absolute scale or as a relative one against the reference level.

On its front it is made of metal, its shiny in fact from my point of view the overall build is excellent, the quality is great and the finish is brushed and very attractive.

It retains a minimalist appearance at the front because most of its controls and additional connections are behind its drop-down flap.

Behind this drop-down -flap you will find all the controls you need to set up and use the receiver should it happen that you misplaced the remote control or not have it in hand.

You will also find some connections here that include an extra HDMI 2.0a input,a USB port, a composite video input, a stereo analog input, a headphone jack and a connector for the Audyssey setup microphone.

It even comes with a rigid double-layered bottom chassis and a high-density construction to minimise resonance and improve its stability.

This av receiver measures 434 x 393 x 235 millimeters in terms of width x height x density x height without its rear antenna and 434 x393 x235 ( W xD xH) with the antenna attached and it weighs in at 14.5kg.

The colors that the receiver comes in are black or a premium silver.

Meanwhile, the x6400h as a newer model comes with a big large screen in the middle of it.

Through this screen, the X6400H shows the mode that is currently selected. And it also has got two wheels on the sides one is for input selection and the other is for the volume.

Basically, from the look and feel of the Denon X6300H and X6400H, you will hardly pick which is which as their designs are not very different. 

However, the newer model is more polished and esthetically looks very attractive. No wonder the X6400H AVR is said to be the sexiest of all the x6 series finish as it is fabulous and it also comes in black colour.

Denon X6300H Review

  • MODEL:x6300h
  • DIMENSIONS : 17.1″ x 15.1″x 6.6″
  • TYPE :AV receiver


  • MODEL: X6400H
  • TYPE : AV receiver


The pros and cons detail helps you to know the good features or the good side of each av receiver while the cons the downside of each av receiver. Below i have outlined them.


  • It has got some future-ready array of features
  • it is very easy to setup
  • its 11 channels support multiple surround configurations
  • it has got excellent audio performance
  • You get value for your money 
  •  it is very affordable


  • Its heos integration is sometimes very buggy
  • its xt32 feels as if its a little bit of a step behind from its competitors
  • it is made worse by dropping off its pro version
  • it is a very expensive upgrade over the x4300h



  • It has got clarity and detail
  • it has got fluid dynamics and rhythms
  • it has excellent accurate timing
  • it has refined character
  • it has got exhaustive features and connections
  • It has got fast conversion and has got no sound delays
  • It has got mccacc pro sound optimization


  • Some consumers might prefer a bigger and more muscular sound than this one has to offer
  • It 720 Watts operational power consumption


In the features i will go in-depth of what comes with each av receiver, here you will know the specifications,the processor, the sound etc


The Denon x6300h features Audyssey mute xt32 platiu al24 processing tuneln net radio, it also comes with Spotify and airplay.

The other features you can expect from this Denon av receiver are as follows: 

  • It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:x as well as an upgrade option to auro 3d.
  • It as got built-in wifi and a Bluetooth, it also comes to a good high-performance 192khz /32-bit DAC, DDSC-HD with wal24 processing plus and Audyssey multi xt32/off room equalization. 
  • It’s a machine that includes 8 HDMI inputs and also 3 HDMI outputs all of which are an amazing 2.0a with support for 4k 60hz rec 2020 high dynamic range and help 2.2.
  • With all these features the price is still amazingly reasonable. Meanwhile, the demon Rx 6400h features are as follows:
  • It works with Alexa for voice control with the Alexa device sold separately of course.
  • It has got wireless music streaming technology with the HEOS app and gt; it includes comfortable control options and almost unlimited music sources.
  • It has a whopping 112 Channel AV receiver with 140 Watts per each of its Channel; 112Ch processing and; 11 powerful amplifiers for an ultimate 3D Audio performance with Denon sound you can expect a lot of power from this receiver.
  • It has got 8 HDMI inputs with one located in front,it has a full HDCP 22 support; 3 HDMI outputs and gt; and you get to have plenty of inputs for your digital devices; meaning you can connect and watch different videos in different rooms, like the living room, sunroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the patio.
  •  It’s 11-channel amplifier runs on 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD, with its 2 channels driven.
  • It has got Dolby and DTS sound decoding.
  • It also has Dolby Atmos processing for use within the ceiling or height speakers for more enveloping surround sound. 
  • it supports an exact 5.2.2, 5.2.4, 7.2.2, and 7.2.4 Atmos setups with multiple placement patterns for height channels.
  • It has got DTS:X for an immersive, 3-dimensional soundstage which is very impressive.
  • It includes Auro-3D built-in for three-dimensional sound fields with Auro-3D soundtrack mixes and a 9.1-channel speaker configuration
  • It has got analog-to-HDMI video conversion which is also very impressive.
  • It has got upscales standard-definition video signals to HD and Ultra HD for up to 4K.
  • It has got an impressive built-in HEOS technology that wirelessly connects compatible HEOS components for the whole home audio, its free HEOS app offers easy Wi-Fi control, settings adjustments, and music selection and music playback.
  • It also gets to work with Amazon Alexa compatible voice control assistants also makes it easy for you when you need help
  • Like the older model, it also comes with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 speaker calibration and system optimization.

Why Choose AVR -X6300H Over X6400H

In the end, after looking at both the AVR-x6300h and the AVR-x6400h I think it would be better to choose the x6300h.

So, if you are wondering why choose theX6300H Over X6400H? Here is why:

  • MHL Compatibility: The x6400h can be connected to the internet, it can also connect through Bluetooth just like the x6300h but unfortunately it is not MHL compatible which is a major downside.
  • Integrated Tuner: While the Denon X6400H is the latest awesome masterpiece, it does not have an integrated tuner meanwhile, on the other hand, the x6300h has a built-in tuner.
  • More HDMI Inputs: The Denon X6300H has got a lot of HDMI inputs than you would expect from an older model like it. In this case, the X6300H seems to bring a bit more than the latter in terms of features.

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