Grado sr125e Vs sr80e – A Complete Comparison Guide For Grado SR125e Headphones Vs Grado SR80e.

Grado sr125e Vs sr80e

Our recently published comparison guide between the Grado sr125e Vs sr80e clearly demonstrates how far this brand has come over the years of designing and producing the best headphones and sound systems of high quality and specs. And, if you are not familiar with Grado, you probably are in for a present surprise. But, which one is better between Grado sr125e Vs sr80e?

The Grado SR125e stands out as the best headphone over the Grado SR80e and here is why: 

The Grado SR125e headphone comes with an 8-conductor cable, which, according to Grado’s technical manual, indicates that by using the 8 conductors, they were able to improve the design look, ease of access to controls. The 8-conductors also provide stability in the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum, which you won’t find in the Grado SR80e pair of headphones.


A little About Grado

The Grado Brand is one of the most well-known handmade headphone manufacturers in the world dating back to 1963, particularly focusing on electronics such as headphones and many other types of sound systems. I guess it is safe to say that they specialize in sound. 

For more than a decade they have been producing headphones, which come with tons of features as well as incontestable sound quality. 

To this very day, their products continue to be having a lot of demand in the market and thousands of positive reviews under their belt. 

Why have they become so popular? 

When people are looking for a great pair of headphones that have mixed usage properties, like for gaming, travel or even sports, a lot of them pick the Grado brand. This leads us to ask “what’s their secret?”

Well, it is quite simple. Grado understands the need for high quality headphones and they also know that people are looking for headphones that are durable. With this, plus many other key points, Grado is able to make things that stand out from the rest. 

So, how’s that for an intro? I’m sure I have given you a good understanding of the brand, especially if you didn’t know much about it. 

However, we are not here just to praise Grado. Instead, we want to look at two headphone models that were made by Grado, which particularly captured our interest; the Grado sr125e model and the Grado sr80e model. 

So, if you were to put Grado SR125e and Grado SR80e, between the two popular headphones, and still wondering which one is best? I recommend that you look closely at the Grado SR125e

Nonetheless, both models of these headphones have been in high demand for a long time- long enough for us to love them and write about them. 

The Grado sr125e or the sr80e? 

It can be quite difficult to choose between these two Grado headphone models. Eventually, your final choice will depend on the differences that these headphones have.

The first thing we have noticed here is that the model names are different, which clearly states that one came after the other or that it came as an upgrade of the other. To be more concise, the sr80e model was first released and the sr125e model came later, but not before the Grado sr125 headphones.


Now, despite the few differences that these headphones may have (like the model names, the price as well as a few specifications that we will look at a moment), these models are pretty much the same.

The connecting cables of the SR125e are proven to be more durable and slightly thicker than the ones that come with the SR80e. This means the cables in SR125e are likely to last a longer time than the SR80 cables.

However, these headsets are built in the same design in addition to a great quality and an outstanding performance, in terms of sound balancing. 

As of the price, you are likely to find the SR80e going at $100 while the SR125e costs about $150. You can find these headphones on Amazon. Since these headsets are similar in many ways, people consider buying the SR80e as compared to getting the much more expensive SR125e. 

I mean after all, the features in both of these headphones are comparable, so it would be much cheaper to buy the SR80e and have the same quality and performance without sacrificing the durability. 

Also, they are said to have a better treble range- Actually this applies to a lot of other Grado-manufactured headphones. 

On top of that, the SR80e and the SR125e have a sound quality that produces a bit of sharpness which is excessive. Such amounts of sharpness may have a piercing sound. Eventually, a track are that is already brightened will be enhanced even further. 

Basic Information

In this section, we have a list and description of some useful information that we think you should know

Here’s Key Feature Information for Grado SR80e And Grado SR125e

On Ear HeadphoneYesYes
Open Back HeadphoneYes Yes
Wireless HeadphoneNo WirelessNot Wireless
Headphone TransducerDynamicDynamic

In case you are wondering what an open back enclosure type, it is basically the type of enclosure that has an averaged sized opening. This particular type of enclosure was designed to make the headsets look elegant and smart. Also, open back headphones tend to have a great balance as compared to closed and sealed enclosures. 

Another great factor about an open back enclosure is that the technology behind it allows you to wear them and still be able to hear almost everything around you. While this may seem like a good idea, it has one major downfall.

Because you can hear things around you, you are likely to hear the unwanted sounds accompanying it. As such, these headphones are not suitable four outdoor usage. 


As we said earlier, the design of the SR80e and the SR125e headphone models have quite a number of similar features. 

When you put the SR80e and the SR125e on the table, they resemble each other, which clearly shows that these headphones were manufactured around the same period of time. 

When you wear them, the top of your head is supported and comforted by the polycarbonate cans and the vinyl strap. 

The SR80e model has a 4 conductor cable while the SR125e has an 8 conductor cable. How important are conductors?

According to Grado’s website, the 8 conductor cable was designed to improve control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum. 

Along with that, the Grado SR125e model also features an Ultra-high purity, long crystal copper voice wire which is for the driver and cable. Let’s take a look at some of the sound properties. 


In terms of the sound quality, Grado products never disappoint. One thing is certain, these two headphones bear the Grado sound signature. They come with a great, well-balanced sound and, of course, with lots of detail. 

What about their sound differences?

Sound quality of any headphone set can break or make the brand, and Grado products are built for superior quality sound with clarity and punch for those looking for a good headphone set.

Grado SR125e Sound Quality

Users of the SR125e, particularly those that used the SR80e model, stated that the SR125 came with a lot more detail than that of the SR80e, even though it lacked a certain punch that the SR80e had.

Also, the SR125e comes with a very rich midrange and is so life-like, which is one of the reasons why people prefer this model over the SR80e model. 

Overall, the sound quality of the SR125e was, what I like to say, “On point!” The sound is more balanced, even across a very wide frequency range. I’m sure you will find this model very amusing.

Grado SR80e Sound Quality

The Sr80e model is said to have a sound that is more V-shaped than the SR125e. While the SR125e come with a very strong midrange, the midrange in the SR80e is much further away and less emphasized. 

Instead, the SR80e has ultra-highs and ultra-lows that are more present and forward.  This means that you will be hearing a lot of subs of drum kicks as well as snaps of cymbals, because these are highlighted in the SR80e. 

Conclusion- Sound Properties

When you go to switch from the SR80e to the SR125e, you will feel that the SR125e is a little rolled off, but otherwise the details will blow your mind. While you might hear more punch in the SR80e, you will get a more balanced feel in the Grado SR125e.

With all the reviews and specifications in both of these models, it clearly shows that the SR80e was built for power while the SR125 was built for depth and stability. 

As such, if you are into genres like hip-hop or grudge (basically anything other genre that emphasizes drums or bass, then you should definitely pick the SR80e model. 

Also, if you are into the type of music that is about detail, like jazz or alternative genres, then the SR125e will be your best friend. 

Despite any one of these headphones that you choose, you will not go wrong. While the SR125e comes at a $50 difference from the SR80 which costs about 100 bucks, you will be making an investment that is worth it. 


Just to sum up everything that we talked about here, if you are into bass and high end quality, then go for the SR80e, but otherwise, I wouldn’t mind spending an extra $50 for the details that come with the SR125e model. 

Let’s look at the Advantages and disadvantages in each of these models



  • SR80e, unlike the other model, comes with thicker lows which are accompanied by highs that tend to be crispier.
  • Also, I’m sure that you can agree with me that this model is cheaper. 


  • Despite the great emphasis of highs and lows, the SR80 has less detail and a lesser midrange than that of the SR125e. Also, as we said earlier, it has a 4 conductor cable.



  • Unlike the SR80 that has less detail, the SR125e model comes with richer detail, a stronger midrange and has brings a sound that is more balanced, making it a triple threat.


  • The SR125e model comes with a lesser bass than that of the SR80e, making it the least choice for a hip-hop lover.
  • This model is more expensive. 

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