HISENSE H9F VS H9 PLUS (Ultimate Comparison Guide For Hisense H9F Smart TV vs H9 Plus).


Hisense H9F and H9 PLUS are smart TV’s that were released by a Chinese company called Highsense infotech (hisense). 


The H9F Hisense is an android smart TV that was released in June 2019, it delivers a good 4k picture at a competitive price. it comes in 55 inch and 65-inch sizes at prices that start from $599 and $899 respectively. 

The H9 PLUS 4k android TVs were released in June 2018, it is available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes.

The H9 PLUS is one of hisense’s top TVs for 2018 and it offers good mixed usage performance and a solid array of features for an affordable price including HDR10, Dolby Vision, wide color gamut and android functionality with integrated Google support assistant.

While this smart tv is a decent performer, it can’t quiet compete with H9F which uses the quantum dot film to boost color reproduction. 

Nonetheless, it delivers great picture quality with excellent peak brightness, deep blacks, excellent color gamut, excellent motion handling as well as speedy response time.

The Hisense H9F and H9 PLUS are great TVs for many uses, and they can be used differently for gaming, movies and TV watching, and HDR.


The H9F is an excellent TV for playing video games. It has an outstanding low input lag for a responsive gaming experience as well as an excellent response time so there is little blur behind fast moving objects.

 It also has excellent contrast, for late-night gaming. The H9 PLUS is also a perfect TV for gaming, though not as good as the H9F. 

It has a sound input lag, that is slightly on the lower side in comparison to the two but the most competitive gamers, and the response time is excellent, so fast-moving objects are crisp and clear. 

Unfortunately, it does not support any of the new gaming technologies like VVR or auto game mode.


H9F is an excellent TV for watching movies or playing games in HDR.it has an exceptional HDR peak brightness and a decent local dimming feature. 

H9 PLUS offers a good HDR movie and game experience, but HDR doesn’t add much. 

The excellent native contrast ratio is perfect for dark room viewing, but the local dimming feature is terrible and can’t produce very bright highlights in HDR. 

Movies and TV watching

H9F is an excellent TV for binge movie watching especially for those with a knack for watching Netflix movies in a dark room.

This smart tv delivers an outstanding contrast ratio and decent local dimming feature which is not present in many modern smart tvs. All things considered, the black uniformity on this tv is only decent, though, and there can be noticeable blooming in some scenes. 

The Hisense H9 PLUS delivers an enjoyable movie viewing experience in a dark room, but unfortunately, the local dimming feature is terrible. 

H9F is an excellent TV for those who are avid movie watchers during the day. Thanks to the great reflection handling and excellent SDR peak brightness so glare shouldn’t be an issue, but the image degrades at some angle so it isn’t great if you like to move around. 

It also has great smart features and a huge selection of streaming apps. Hisense H9 PLUS is also good for watching TV during the day, it has a good reflection handling and good SDR brightness but it isn’t bright enough to overcome glare in a really bright room.

Hisense H9F and Hisense H9 PLUS differ in so many ways in terms of the sizes, ports, prices, the design, performance, audio, interface, smart features and applications used.


hisense h9 65 smart tv

Hisense H9F has the following specs:

  • screen size: 55inches and 65inches
  • Refresh Rate: 120HZ
  • Resolution 3840×2160
  • Smart TV software: android TV
  • HDR : Dolby vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Ports: 4 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Audio: 4.2 channel x60watt
  • Weight: 43.7 pounds [w/o stand]

The biggest improvement is addition to the quantum dots, which improve color of the LCD panel. This technology adds the light boosting properties of the nanocrystals that make up individual “dots” in a quantum dot panel. 

When your smart tv Combines these dots with a wide color gamut panel the display can produce more than a billion colors.


The H9F delivers very accurate color thanks to the use of quantum dots and it generates a lot of peak brightness (1,218nits) for HDR. It has an outstanding contrast very similar to the HF8. 

The one thing you will love about the local dimming feature found on your smart tv is how it boosts the contrast even higher resulting in one of the highest contrast ratios hence it offers incredible image quality. 

The hisense delivers excellent image quality while watching HD and SDR content it delivers deeper black levels than similarly priced models, hence the black levels on this TV are very Impressive. Motion smoothing is also pretty good on this TV.

Better Backlight

Hisense H9F also boasts a full array backlight, it uses local dimming zones. The dimming zones let the brightness ramp up for more impressive brights and scale back for deeper blacks with more granular contrast control for everything in between.

 For example, the 65inchset of the H9F Hisense boasts a full array backlight with 132 local dimming zones.

Smart Features 

The H9F is pushing to become a smart TV, with the inclusion of android TV instead of the Roku interface offered on many budget-friendly sets. 

By using Google’s smart TV platform, the H9F has the full breadth of Google’s huge app selection. 

From free content sources lake Crackle and Pluto TV to paid cable replacements like sling TV and Hulu Live, there are a staggering number of apps available. 

It also has a Google assistant built in letting you use smart voice interaction to find new shows and movies. 

This smart tv also can be used to search for information ranging from weather to latest headlines. Even better, why not control smart home devices with a touch of a button and a simple command phrase!  

You can also use a separate Alexa-enabled-device with the TV, but it is not built-in.


It offers a sufficient array of connections to satisfy most home theater installations. there are four HDMI 2.0a ports to handle 4k sources. 

There is a los a coaxial cable antenna input for cord-cutters, two USB ports, a digital audio output and mini headphone jack. 

For networking, an essential part of any smart TV today, there is an ethernet port. It also has built in Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/c/g) and Bluetooth.


The hisense H9F has a good design overall, it has decent build quality; although its mostly made of plastic, there are a few more metallic components than the H8F. 

Though most homes preffer to use tv wallmounts, this smart tv’s stand has a very unique design many of you will find useful as it supports the TV well. Needless to mention here that the overall design itself is fairly basic and there is no cable management needed. 

Like most smart tvs, the back of the TV is plain, the top half is made of thin metal sheet and the bottom half that houses the electronics is made of plastic.

 Borders are extremely thin 0.35” (0.9cm). it has a max thickness of 2.91” (7.4cm)


Unlike smart TV brands like the LG, Hisense tvs come with two 15-watt channels. It uses dbx-TV to create different audio effects and modes. Depending on your preference, there are 7 predefined settings including modes aimed at music, improving audibility and speech and movie watching.

Pros and Cons


  • Quantum dot color
  • High peak brightness for HDR
  • Very good image for quality price


  • Details not as sharp as of some competition
  • Some backlight bleeding challenging scenes
  • Very mild screen uniformity issues in the corners


The Hisense H9 PLUS has the following specs:

  • Screen size 55 inch and 65inch
  • Resolution 3840×2160
  • Refresh Rate 120Hz
  • HDR Dolby Vision and HRD10
  • Ports 4 HDMI, 1 USB 2.0,1 USB 3.0
  • Audio: 1/8inch stereo
  • Weight: 42 pounds [w/o stand]


This smart tv boosts of over 8 million pixels, no wonder that the Hisense H9 Plus offers a clearer, more defined picture. With exclusive ULED technology that produces the very best image quality, the Hisense H9 Plus is designed to impress.

 The Hisense H9 also comes fully equipped with a wide selection of color gamut, Dolby Vision and HDR10, the Hisense H9 Plus combines the power of a broad color spectrum and super-sharp contrast to produce most life-like images.

Picture quality and backlight

The blacks in the H9 Plus aren’t great and the overall lack of brightness makes the H9plus HDR renderings less striking as compared to those in H9F.


It has a bezel-less design, this makes it look very neat. With a slim profile and razor thin frame, images on the H9 PLUS appear edge to edge keeping you riveted by your favorite movies, sports and games.

Smart features

The hisense H9 Plus uses android TV operating system giving you access to the most apps, content and entertainment.  

Besides, it is instantly compatible with Google home and comes with Google Assistant built into the TV. 

So, it is always ready to answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions via web services.

Ports And Audio

There are 4 HDMI ports (two 30Hz and two 60Hz) ports; one USB2.0 and one USB 3.0; there is also optical audio out;10/100 Ethernet and a 1/8-inch stereo audio output. 

There are also RCA stereo audio, composite, and s-video inputs, as well as coaxial cable or antenna feeds. An onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter is also provided

Hisense H9 plus Pros And Cons


  • 120Hz panel makes for smooth action and pans
  • Dolby vision support
  • Right color with decent saturation and acuity


  • Only 400 nits leave its HDR effect relatively tame
  • Weak blacks and occasional array artifacts

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