JBL e65btnc Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- A Black JBL e65btnc Review With Pictures.

JBL e65btnc Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Are you looking for black JBL e65btnc on-ear Wireless headphones?

After flipping through countless of on-ear Wireless headphones and numerous Bluetooth headphones available on the market today, the JBL e65btnc stood out as the best affordable on-ear wireless headphone. 

The clarity and crispy sound of these headphones are incredibly impeccable and mind-blowingly excellent for multiple uses.  

The JBL e65btnc’s active noise-canceling capability along with waterproof membrane coating makes them ideal for all-weather workouts and outdoor activities. 

 These headphones are easy to pair with other Bluetooth enabled gadgets and easy to clean too. With great care, JBL e65btnc wireless on-ear headphones are undoubtedly safe to use, and likely to stand up to years of use.

What Is JBL e65btnc?

JBL e65btnc are Bluetooth active noise-canceling headphones that are manufactured by JBL Lifestyle. They are sold for at least $119 on amazon. They have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20Khz.

Unlike bookshelf speakers, black JBL e65btnc on-ear headphones are portable wireless listening accessories that have an onboard mic and allow Bluetooth connection. These headphones are compatible with any phone as long as the phone has Bluetooth functionality in it.

They are available in many colors; black, white, blue and grey. The following are the specs and features of the JBL e65btnc on-ear wireless headphones.

Specs and features

  • They have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20Khz
  • Include an onboard Mic
  • Allow Bluetooth connection
  • Active noise cancelling
  • They are wireless headphones
  • The dimensions are 69 x 4 x8 inches
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • 95dB sensitivity
  • 32ohmsimpeadanve
  • 108dB Maximum SPL
  • 3.5mmstereo mini jack (plug)
  • Microphone sensitivity @1kHz
  • Weighs 1 pounds and has a shipping weight of 1.6 pounds

Audio quality

They provide good quality sound, with or without noise cancelling. When noise cancelling is off, the headphones deliver full and rich sound. The bass is also good when ANC is off.

When active noise canceling (ANC) is turned on the sound is not warm and it is not as lively as when ANC is off. 

These headphones are recommended as they provide good quality sound for their price. These headphones have a nice bass and good audio quality. 

Active noise cancellation 

The noise cancelling that these headphones offers is pretty good. They provide active noise cancelling in closed back over ear cups and they block out sound well. 

These headphones also include a 3.5mm cable, this allows the headphones to be used passively especially when the headphones don’t have any power in them.

The noise-canceling that it offers is not that bad. It helps to cut out some background noise.

Though some loud noise, voice, or any loud music can still be heard. These headphones do a good job when it comes to airplane noise canceling.

Battery life

The battery life that these headphones provide is really good. It uses a Polymer Li-ion Battery(610mAh). When using Bluetooth and active noise cancelling the battery stays up to 15 hours of battery life. 

 Turning off either of the too helps to increase the battery life significantly. The headphones do not take up many hours to charge to full. 

It only takes two hours as its charging time. With Bluetooth and active noise canceling on it lasts for 15 hours, the battery life is up to 30 hours of battery life with Bluetooth off and ANC on and it takes up to 24 hours with Bluetooth on and ANC off.

Design and comfort

The headphones have a sturdy design and They are very attractive. The design is also durable and compact These headphones are made of plastic, leather, some metal and mesh fabric.

The earpads of these headphones are thick and fluffy. The headphone has a USB Micro charging port which is located on the left earcup. All the other controls are found on the right cup.

The power button, the play or pause button, the volume up button, as well as the volume down button, are some of the controls that are found on the right earcup.

The headphone jack is also found on the right cup. The right cup also includes some buttons for syncing and toggling noise canceling. 


The JBL e65btnc has a connectivity range of 20Hz to 20Khz.the Bluetooth really works great even far away from the device, but t works better when the device is in the line of sight.


These headphones can be switched on using a spring-loaded switch button. All you have to do is push this button and then the headphones will be switched on. 

The headphone has a USB Micro charging port which is located on the left earcup. All the other controls are found on the right cup.

The power button, the play or pause button, the volume up button, as well as the volume down button, are some of the controls that are found on the right earcup. The headphone jack is also found on the right cup.

Pros and cons


  • It has a very good frequency range hence good bass
  • The sensitivity is good
  • Provides good active noise cancellation


  • Do not provide much comfortability

What to look for when buying speakers or headphones

When buying headphones there are many things that you need to look for and keep in mind.

For example, you need to know the type, the drivers, the sensitivity of the headphones, the impedance, the frequency response of those headphones, the cords and the design and comfort.

You need to look at the specs and the features of those headphones compare it to the specs and the features of other headphones.

This helps you choose what headphones to buy and if it is worth the price you are paying. You also need to look at the main uses of those headphones that you are buying. Another thing that is important to consider is the price range of headphones you are buying.

The type of Headphones

Are you looking for sweat resistant wireless headphones or you just need Bluetooth wireless headphones that are best for gym?

The main key when looking at headphone types is being sure of the main features and benefits. So, to successfully do that, you need to understand the type of headphones that you want to buy based on what you will use for the most.

There are three types of headphones; on-ear wireless headphones, in-ear headphones, and over-ear Bluetooth headphones.

In-ear Wireless Headphones – What Are They?

In-ear headphones, which are commonly known as in-ear monitors (IEMs) are widely used by those who need high quality and clarity of audio listening. 

Though they are available on Amazon for sale to anyone, canalphones as they are also commonly called, are portable small headphones likely to be mistaken for portable ordinary earbuds. 

Except for in-ear headphones that you insert inside of your ear canal, are an excellent audio listening and Wireless bedside tv headphones for those who want to enjoy a quite tv watch time with in-ear headphones. 

In many cases, in-ear monitors (IEM) are sound-check engineer’s preferred choice of monitoring accessory as they are higher-quality which makes them ideal for stage performance like drama or musicians on a live concert as well as audiophiles.

In-ear headphones are headphones that are ideal for daily use. They have great sound quality. But they are not recommended to be used too much because they may end up hurting your ears.

On-ear headphones also known as supra-aural headphones, these are bigger headphones and do not provide much comfortability when used for a long time.

Most of the headphones of this type do not provide proper sound isolation hence most people around you can hear the sound that it is producing as well.

The final type is the over-ear headphones also known as the circum-aural headphones. Unlike the on ears and in-ears, these headphones provide a lot more comfortability.

You can use this type for a long time without having any issues with the comfortability. They also deliver very good sound quality.

They have one major disadvantage that they are not more portable because of their heavyweight since they are a little larger. The JBL e65btnc talked about above are on-ear headphones.

The design and comfort

This is a very important factor to consider wen buying headphones, you need to know the design of those headphones, if the design of headphones is to your liking or not, or if they are comfortable it not.

You wouldn’t want to buy headphones that are not comfortable to your ears. Not every headphone can suit the shape of your ears, so look for headphones that can fit properly and provide you with the comfortability you need.

The impedance of the headphones

Another thing to consider when buying headphones is the impedance of those headphones. The impedance of the headphone is simply the power that is required for headphones to work. Most phones deliver some of the required owner to headphones. Look for headphones with an impedance of at least 16 ohms.

The Drivers in the headphones

Drivers are found inside the headphones; drivers help to generating sound. Therefore, you need to consider the drivers that the headphones you want to buy is using. And if they help generate good sound or not.

Type of wireless technology used

This is a must look for factor in headphones. This is especially important when you want to buy wireless headphones.

You should keep in mind that there are different technologies for wireless headphones, it is important that you are familiar with the technology that the headphone you are buying is using. 

Some headphones use Bluetooth wireless technology and some headphones may use radio frequency.

Sensitivity of the headphones

Sensitivity of the headphones is measures dB’s (decibels). Sensitivity is a very important aspect to look for in headphones especially for people that like to listen to loud music, the sensitivity specifies the loudness of the headphones, any headphones that are below 85dB should not be considered if loud music is your goal, you can check for headphones that have a higher sensitivity of above 85dB.

The frequency response of the headphones

Frequency response is the range of frequency that the headphones are able to produce. This is another important factor to consider when you are looking for headphones and you are wondering if they produce sound with more bass or not. 

The upper limit of the frequency range stands for the bass sound and the upper limit stands for the treble. Most frequency responses are in the range of 20hz to 20kHz, where 20Hz is the lower limit and 20 kHz is the upper limit.


JBL e65btnc headphones are great, they are affordable, they are sold for $199.99 dollars. they are very portable hence good for traveling, they also provide good active noise canceling and are particularly excellent with airplane noise-canceling, they do not take a lot of time to charge (just 2 hours) and provide many hours of battery life (15 to 30 hours) hence making them convenient for travelers.

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