Monoprice Caliber 8in Fiber In-Wall 3-Way Speakers vs. Polk in-wall speakers

Monoprice has been renowned for manufacturing electronics, especially in-wall speaker models that have been in production for a long time.

Polk Audio, on the other hand, is one of the most popular manufacturers of speakers as well as other types of Audio systems.

And, if you are looking for the best in-wall speakers to upgrade your home audio sound system, Polk in-wall speakers and Monoprice in-wall speakers are worth looking at. But, which in-wall speaker is better between Monoprice vs Polk in-wall speakers?

After comparing Monoprice Caliber 8in Fiber In-Wall 3-Way Speakers vs. Polk in-wall speakers, I found that Polk Audio RC65i 2-way Premium In-Wall 6.5″ Speakers stands out as the best choice for upgrading home entertainment room using Polk’s premium in-wall speakers. The ease of installation and clarity of sound with a thumping bass makes Polk speakers the best choice than the Monoprice fiber in-wall speakers.

In this article, I will further breakdown the features and give you the main difference between Monoprice in-wall speaker model from Polk in-wall speakers, putting our focus on the in-wall type of speakers.

For those that are not familiar with in-wall speakers, they are those speakers that were designed to be mounted into your wall or ceiling, rather than the bookshelf speakers or soundbars which are only designed to be placed on your table or, as the name states, your bookshelf.

There are other speakers that were made to be in your ceiling as well and these are called, yes you guessed it, in-ceiling speakers.

My favorite is the type of speakers that are traditional but also have the design that allows you to install them in your ceiling or your wall. I believe they are a more versatile type of speakers, but that’s a story of another time.

What Models have we picked?

Back to the subject at hand, we are trying to compare two “in-wall” models, one from each of these manufacturers.

As such, i have picked the most trending speakers from each side, to help you decide which of these models would be perfect for your home.

Both of these models have had great reviews and keep increasing in terms of popularity, which makes choosing one model very difficult for many people.

In this article, we have picked the Caliber 8in Fiber In-Wall 3-Way Speakers from Monoprice and from Polk Audio, we have the Polk Audio RC65i 2-way Premium In-Wall 6.5″ Speakers.

We will give you some of their features and answer the question as to what features makes these speakers most loved by many users around the world.

To know more about the similarities and differences between the TSi100 model and the MB42 model, keep scrolling.


The overview section has been designed to highlight some of the features in both of these speakers.

First of all, both of these speakers give you some good sound. They are designed to produce high resolution Audio.

The high resolution Audio means that you get some good resolution audio playback for all just about anything you want to play. Whether you are playing music or movies, you will find these speakers very versatile.

There’s nothing like a quality sound accompanied by a quality video. So, what am I talking about?

If you buy high resolution speakers and connect them to a high resolution TV, like a Hisense, LG or many other TVs (smart TVs work better), you will end up getting realistic sounds and video which will turn your living room into the ultimate chill spot for you and your family.

One other thing that we should highlight is the number of woofers and tweeters that you will get in one box.

When you purchase one box of either the Monoprice model or the Polk Audio model, you will get 2 speakers (they come as a pair), both of which have one woofer as well as one tweeter. We will get into more about these later on. Let’s learn a little more about our models first.

Basic Information

Brand/ManufacturerMonopricePolk Audio
Product LineCaliber SeriesPolk Audio
Packaged Quantity11
Year of Release20102004


SpecificationMonoprice In-wall SpeakerPolk Audio In-wall Speaker
Height14.9 inches2.9 inches
Width11.5 inches8.7 inches
Depth9.7 inches12.1 inches
Weight17.61 pounds8.9 pounds
Enclosure BassReflex BassReflex Bass
Paintable GrilleYesYes
Moisture ResistanceYesYes

Paintable Grille

Both the Monoprice and Polk speakers are loved because of this feature. They are built with a grille that you can paint in any color of your choice- the color that will match the room in which you are to install them.

As such, they will blend perfectly into your room, making them virtually disappear. Since the grille is made of metal, painting it will also make it durable because it won’t rust.

Easy Installation

These speakers are very easy to install- I mean the last thing you want is a pair of speakers that are so complicated, thereby costing you a lot more time and money (in cases where you have to hire someone to install them for you.

The Monoprice comes with an instruction manual as well as a cutout template, which means you will only spend a few minutes installing these speakers.

On the other hand, Polk Audio goes a long way to make things easy for you, by providing you with Perfect Fit templates, a precision flange, and pre-construction brackets. With these accessories, you can achieve secure efficiency.


As of the weight, I’m sure you have noticed that the Monoprice comes a weight of 17.61 pounds, which is almost twice the weight of 8.9 pounds of the Polk Audio speakers- good thing it is the wall that will carry them.


The thing that makes a good in-wall speaker has a lot to do with versatility. When you are in search of an in-wall speaker, you are looking for a speaker that will be able to fit and give you the same great quality regardless of what room you have installed them in.

Both of these speakers are perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, or even under outdoor eaves.

On top of that, they are built with a wide dispersion design, which means that they can be used in very large rooms too.

Sound Quality and Power

In the sound quality and power section, we have so many characteristics that are all used to determine the amount of sound quality that you will get from them. Let’s cover the main features.


In speakers, sensitivity measures the speaker’s ability to convert power to volume. Lower sensitivity speakers require more power from the amplifier to achieve higher volumes.

With this theory, speakers that have a higher sensitivity will require less power from the amplifier. The Monoprice has a sensitivity of 90dB ±2dB (1.0m/2.83V) while the Polk Audio has a higher sensitivity of 89 dB.


In terms of electrical measurement, impedance is one of the keys, measured in ohms. Basically, the number of ohms describes the electrical resistance provided by the speaker to the power signal that is sent by your amplifier.

In this case both the Monoprice and the Polk Audio models have an electrical resistance of 8 ohms. I find this amusing, mainly because there is a huge gap of their production years and they still manage to have similar characteristics

Not self-powered

Both of these speakers do not always work just straight out of the box. Instead, they need to be powered by a receiver as well as an amplifier.

That being said, you will need to have a budget for a receiver and an amplifier in order to use these speakers. As such, many people consider these speakers to be a little expensive but I think they are worth the quality that you will get.

What’s in the Box?

As we mentioned earlier in the basic information section, you will get two speakers in one box of both of these models. Each speaker has one Woofer and one tweeter.


The Polk Audio RC65i comes with a metalized soft dome tweeter that delivers very good highs and mids which will blow your mind.

What I like about the tweeter in the RC65i is that it comes with a swivel mount. Basically, the swivel mount is designed to allow you to turn the twitter to the place that you want the high frequency to reach while ensuring that you have a more spacious sound with some impressive clarity.

The tweeter in the Monoprice model, however, is a Silk Membrane dome type of tweeter that measures at 1 inch in width.

Also known as a titanium tweeter, this tweeter offers a very good projection and has a very good clarity. When you are watching a movie, you can really here the clarity of the dialog as well as the soundtracks. In other words, they have a good flat balance of frequency responses.


On the woofer features, The Monoprice comes with Kevlar fiber cone woofers. These type of woofers are designed to minimize speaker distortion. As such, you will get a clearer, well-defined bass.

This woofer measures at a width of about 4 inches. Also, it is a lightweight woofer which will not add too much weight to your wall.

On the Polk Audio speakers, you have a polymer-composite cone woofer, which is renowned for giving an outstanding performance in terms of Balance. This woofer measures at 6.5 inches in width.

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