Razer leviathan vs Katana [ Which Is Better, Razer leviathan or Sound Blaster Katana?]

Razer leviathan vs Katana

Razer leviathan and the Sound blasterX Katana are one of the best soundbar speakers you would be proud to own as a Sound system for your entertainment, gaming rig sound, or music listening experience. These groundbreaking speakers have been known for improving your TV, game consoles, and PC audio listening experience. Which one between Razer leviathan and Sound BlasterX Katana is better?

Razer Leviathan is a far superior sound speaker compared to the Sound BlasterX Katana. However, if you are seeking for the best gaming rig sound system setup, the Sound Blasterx katana is an excellent choice as it is made explicitly for gamers, while the razer leviathan is a more versatile choice that can be used for both movies as well as music. 

The razer leviathan and the Katana have a lot of similar customer reviews. However, most people prefer the sound blaster katana for gaming and the razer leviathan for listening to music. 

This is because the sound Blasterx Katana provides compelling audio quality. It also provides lighting and uses five drivers to provide high-quality sounds. 

On the other hand, the razer leviathan also has good sound quality but it stands out because of its heavy bass. It also supports a lot of advanced features like Dolby technology.


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The Razer Leviathan

The razer leviathan uses Bluetooth technology and can support optical audio. The speakers have a heavy bass that can fill up your entire room. It also has a lot of inputs and comes at a good price for the things it has to offer. 


  • 30W total output power
  • 63.5mm full-range drivers
  • Passive subwoofer
  • 3.5mm optical connection
  • 4 ohms impedance

The design 

The leviathan is a soundbar, however, it comes at a size that can be considered as half of a normal soundbar that most people are familiar with. The soundbar is 19.7 inches wide, 3 inches tall and has a depth of 2.8 inches. It has a weight of 4.5 pounds. The soundbar produces a lot of great sounds and the size does not affect the sound that this speaker offers. 

The front of the speaker has grilles, it also has 0.74-inch tweeters. Behind the grille are the two 2.5-inch drivers (full range). On the top of the grille, you will see a power button and on the middle of the soundbar, you will find that there is a razer logo.

The standard controls and the Bluetooth pairing button are located on the top part of the bar. On the same top, you will also notice a preset button, this button is used for switching between modes. You can use it to switch between game mode, music mode as well as movie mode. 

The back of the soundbar has a subwoofer out, optical audio in, DC-in, and an auxiliary jack. However, the subwoofer cable can be loose.   


The razer leviathan has Dolby technology support. This helps in improving the clarity of sounds offered. It also uses virtual surround technology in order to ensure that there is an immersive and room-filling sound around you. 

It uses Bluetooth aptX technology. This technology allows you to connect the razer leviathan to devices wirelessly. It has a single speaker design; this makes the speaker easy to place anywhere without compromising the audio. 

The soundbar also has preset modes and you can choose a preset between gaming mode, music mode and move mode. 

The performance

The razer leviathan is very excellent when it comes to the bass. The subwoofer works very well to ensure that the drivers operate fully so that the bass produced is very rich and heavy. It also ensures that the sound does not distort even when the volume is very high. A razer leviathan is a good option for those gamers that love to have a bass-heavy sound when playing games. It has built-in Bluetooth; this allows easy connection to your devices. The soundbar is also versatile, it can be used for your TV, monitor as well as gaming consoles.

Sound quality 

When it comes to the overall sound quality, the leviathan s very good. it has well-balanced tunes and this does not matter if you are using Bluetooth or optical input, the sound produced is the same. They also support Dolby pro logic III codec, this helps to create surround sound, however, the surround sound offered lacks some detail. You can also change some presets to put the surround sound at a good level. The soundbar can offer sounds to make your movies sound better and bigger. 


  • Provides great sounds with heavy bass
  • Has multiple inputs
  • Comes at a fair price for its size
  • Built-in Bluetooth


  • Not a true 5.1 channel system
  • The subwoofer connector is dicey
  • The surround sound provided is limited
  • Lacks remote control

Sound BlasterX Katana

The katana was specifically designed for gamers. The soundbar has input connections and provides good sound. It is suitable for small-sized rooms because of its small size. The soundbar is also very easy to use.

Design of The Sound Blaster Katana

The katana looks like a soundbar. The katana can come in black and it has an aluminum chassis. It is 2.5 cm tall. Its design also angles it upwards. On the top of the soundbar, you will notice that there are 5 buttons as well as a blasterX logo on top of the bar. The five buttons on the top of the bar can be used to change the volume and make other changes. It also has buttons on each end of the speaker that are illuminated in white. 

The soundbar also has a subwoofer, this subwoofer can sit on the desk or under the desk depending on your setting. On the back of the bar you will notice some connections. You will also see that there is a subwoofer input, an AC power, and a USB port. The USB port can be used to connect the bar to your computer or USB drive. You can also use the USB cable to connect it to a game console. You will also notice a headphone jack, a mic input, aux audio input and an optical port.

Features Of The Sound Blaster Katana

The sound blasterX katana can be customized using a software called the connect suite. The software also allows you to change many settings including equalization settings. The software also has some profiles, this can help you change how you want your movies, games and music to sound. You can also save some profiles using the onboard memory. 

The software also allows you to change the illumination and select the colors that you want to appear in the illumination. The software also allows you to create your own lighting profiles. 

The katana has up to 16 million lights and a ring that includes 49 lights. The software also gives you presets that you can use to change these colors. You can set the lights so that they can pulsate, move around, glow or to strobe. The Katana also comes with a small remote control and this helps to

Sound Quality

The soundbar has good sound quality and provides good sounds when gaming. It has a subwoofer that gives out a really good bass, for instance, when playing games that involve driving a car, the subwoofer will produce all the car sounds clear and the sounds will be solid. The sound bar also has a blue light on the bottom of the bar that help to improve you gaming experience. The soundbar is also wired and therefore it is not very portable. The katana also has 2.5-inch neodymium powered drivers. 


The katana has a very wide sound stage. It is also good for listening to music as well as watching movies. The subwoofer provides good lows for music and the highs are also clearly and detailed. The katana will not have distortion even at a high volume.  

The soundbar can also provide virtual 7.1 surround sound. This ensures that the sound offered is immersive and fills up the room. The soundbar also allows you to connect your headphones using the headphone jack. You can also use the Bluetooth to connect the soundbar to any device as long as it supports Bluetooth connectivity. 

 The pros

  • Good sound quality
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has RGB illumination

The Cons      

  • Subwoofer is wired
  • Does not have an HDMI port
  • It is pricey


  • Size Soundbar: 60 x 600 x 79 mm
  • Size Subwoofer: 333 x 130 x 299 mm
  • Weight soundbar: 1.5kg
  • Weight subwoofer: 4kg
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Water proof: No
  • RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colors

Other Differences between the razer leviathan and katana 

The katana uses 7.1 virtual surround sound in order to create an immersive experience whereas the razer leviathan does not use 7.1 virtual surround sound, this soundbar has 2.1 channels only. 

The katana has a bigger power as compared to the razer leviathan, the katana has an output power of 75 watts while the razer leviathan has a power of 60 watts. 

The razer leviathan comes at a cheaper price as compared to the katana. 


The razer leviathan and Sound blaster X katana are considered good speakers in many ways, they have the own good sides and the bad sides. The katana produces very good sounds, the speaker is specifically made for gamers and provides good performance when gaming, it has a great bass and allows you to customize it using the connect suite software. The speaker also has RGB lighting. The razer leviathan is a speaker that offers a good bass, it is more suitable for both gaming and listening to music. 


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