Redragon M701 Lavawolf 3500 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse Review With Pictures.

Redragon’s M701 Lavawolf Review exposes how much versatility you can get in such a mid-range all-purpose mouse without compromising your ability to bring it on the gaming battlefield like you are using some of the over-priced e-sport gaming mice.

But What Makes The M701 Lavawolf Stand out?

The outstanding performance of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf stems from well-thought peripheral design and software housed in an ergonomic body of a modern general-purpose mouse. 

The M701 Lavawolf product line belongs to a highly respected Redragon’s mid-range of products. I can equally tell you that if you need an excellent general-purpose mouse along with gaming capabilities, the Redragon M701 Lavawolf is your perfect match.

 When I speak to online e-sport gamers, the one constant theme of discussion is always the center of our conversation. And that is which affordable gaming accessories you are using to gain an advantage over your competitors while also not compromising a certain degree of versatility on the battlefield. 

You see, the majority of pro gaming enthusiasts know this too well that the main strengths of any decent gaming mouse are peripheral that have suitable CPI settings and also provide an option for a few programmable buttons.

Redragon M701 Gaming Mouse Feature Highlight.

  • Fairly priced Wired.
  • Premium Lavawolf brand product at 3500 DPI Optical Sensor.
  • Ergonomic Design Switches with 7 Programmable Buttons.

Gamers will only enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest when they have a mouse with all the right specifications, and also if it fits their playing style. A regular mouse does not have all the features a gaming mouse has and hence the experience will not be fantastic.

In this article we will the Redragon M701 Lavawolf gaming mouse with all the excellent specifications for also comes at a good affordable price. But before we do that, let’s first of all look at the things to consider when purchasing a good gaming mouse.

Factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse

Let’s look at what really gamers should look at before deciding which gaming mouse to buy.

Type of sensor

A good gaming mouse Should have an excellent sensor. However, identifying the best sensor for your gaming experience will depend on your personal preferences.

Wired or wireless

Over the past years, wireless mice we’re said to have slow responsiveness but manufacturers improved and technology enabled wireless mice to perform as good as wired mice. And another thing is that wireless gaming mice are more expensive than wired and people have different tastes. Some prefer wired and some prefer wireless


Another thing to consider is the weight of the mouse because it has an impact on how you enjoy your gaming experience. Gaming mice by Redragon feature adjustable weight that can be added or removed depending on how the gamer prefers it.

Grip style

Gamers use palm grip, down or fringer tip grip style to enjoy games. So when buying a gaming mouse you should come sidet the weight and shape of the mice, they should both suit your style, the one you will be most comfortable with.

lighting and customization

When buying a gaming mouse, make sure you choose the one which you can easily customize according to what you like. Redragon mice allow users to customize their gaming mice via the Redragon software.


The material used to manufacture the mouse is important for it to feel good in your hand when playing your games. Most mice we Know are made of ABA plastic but the finish of every mouse is different. So gamers should look for mice that isn’t too slick and once that can stand swea or greace on the palms

Overall, a good gaming mouse should be strongly built, it should not creak when twisting the mouse and also should not have soft plastic parts.when shaking the mouse, no sound should be heard of the internal parts

Dots per inch (DPI)/Counts per inch (CPI)

DPI has to do with how sensitive a mouse is when you move it, when the DaPI is high, the cursor will move as fast as you move the mouse. However, the ideal DPI has to do with individuals preferences, some favor high DPI and some prefer low.

However with high DPI, the sensor will sometimes be slow do most pros prefer low DPI so that they can be able to control everything when playing the game. Now, let’s look at the Redragon M701 Lavawolf.

Redragon M701 Lavawolf Review

Redragon has been gaining so much popularity in the past years till today because of the high quality but affordable gaming peripherals they manufacture.

This Chinese company was founded in1996 as a manufacturer of electronics and communication for other companies, then later on the company innovatef their American companies and started manufacturing their own line of budget friendly gaming peripherals that offer similar qualities and features to those of big well known expensive peripherals like Razer, Longitech etc.

Now, many people believe that high price equals high quality, so when the gaming peripherals by Redragon were introduced to the market, they were too good to be true. The thing is Redragon going a way to balance good quality and affordable price. And this is why this company has gained so much popularity.

Today there are many competing companies but still Redragon is on top for balancing good quality and affordable price. Redragon M701 is one of the best affordable gaming mice, featuring the best specifications that every gamer longs for.

Basic Features of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

This unique looking gaming mouse has the following features:

  • A 1.8 long braided cord that tolerates 10, 000 flexes and the continuous load of 10 kg
  • Features a set of extra TEFLON feet in the package in order for the user to replace the old ones when they wear off
  • Consist of 3 customizable thump buttons which allows the users to adjust the mouse for their own preferences
  • Features Avago ADNS 9800 sensor
  • The mouse allows users to adjust the resolution from 50 to 16400 DPI with 50 DPI increaments so users are allowed to customize to the level of their preferences
  • The sensor of this mouth provides up to 3.8 Ms of high speed on any surface and takes 1200 sto of the surface per second, allowing users to move the mouse with acceleration of up to 30G
  • The cursor speed of the mouse can be adjusted on any mouse key and 5 DPI levels are supported and each level can customized and set to your needs

Build and Design of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

The aim of the Redragon M701 is to deliver the best gaming experience for it’s users, featuring a total of 7 optimized programmable buttons 2 side buttons, 3500 dpI lasor sensor, 5’memory mode, 1000Hz polling rate, 20g acceleration, durable smooth TEFLON feet pads, 3mm diameter high strength fiber wire and 1.8M high speed USB wire.

This mouse is durable and the design blooks really fantastic. One would not really expect that a cheap mouse like this would provide performance that rival big brands in the industry. The specifications are really awesome and allow users to have the best gaming experience they need.

Sensor of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

This gaming mouse features a decent Avago optical sensor which tracks on most surfaces with great precision. But it cannot tract on a glass table or a polished wooden table without a razor. However, the sensor can be adjusted to a maxi sensitivity of 3, 500 DPI which is awesome for most users.

Beneath each of it’s buttons, this mouse is fitted with Omron micro switches which provides a lot g lifetime of 20 million clicks without flaw.

Layout of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

This gaming mouse consists of 7 fully programmable buttons that can be configured to do many different functions via the Redragon software. These buttons are enough for shooter games or MoBA etc.

Pros of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

  • Consist of 7 fully programmable buttons which are configured via the Redragon software
  • Consist of braided wires and it’s construction is sturdy for maxi durability
  • Consist of Omron micro switches that are tested for up to 20 million clicks
  • The mouse provides maximum comfort and good grip
  • Comes at a cheap price but is Still of high quality, which is an attraction

Cons of the Redragon M701 Lavawolf

  • when compared to other gaming mice available on the market, the Redragon M701 Lavawolf lacks enough features

-The lightning bolt design on the mouse does not appeal to everyone


All Redragon gaming mice have been praised for providing high quality at a cheap price. The Redragon M702 Lavawolf gaming mouse is another good gaming mouse by Redragon and is designed for entry level gamers or people who want to get some work done fast in the office.

The only drawback of this gaming mouse is that it does not have much features when compared to other gaming mice on the market.

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