Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones with single dynamic micro driver review

Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones with single dynamic micro driver review

To some people, headphones are just accessories. To most of us, we consider them to be more than that. In fact, I would say that headphones are just as important as our smartphones- at least to music lovers like myself.

Speaking of music lovers, I got an amazing product that I would like to share with you today and that’s the SR112-gr headphones which were made by Shure.

Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones sound way more versatile than what you get from other brands in their price range. Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones handle studio sound monitoring, gaming sound quality, contemporary music with clarity, and thumping bass free from distortion. Still, they also hold their ground with their exceptional sound quality even if you are playing blues, hard rock, metal and need closed-back earphones without sound leakages.

The Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones are far much better than most gaming headphones. The Shure se112-gr sound isolating earphones’ sound signature is more balanced. The sound and you can hear enemy approach and communicate with other gamers using the built-in microphone.


SURE SE112-GR Sound Isolating Earphones

In case you have never heard of it before, Shure is one of the best and leading brands out there that specialize in manufacturing different types of headphones as well as the various sound drivers that go with them.

With the decades of experience that they have under their belt, Shure incorporated has mastered the art of diversifying its products, and the type of diversity I’m talking about here is what Shure did to its headphones It recognized that there are so many headphone users in the market and that those users have a certain purpose for those headphones.

That being said, there are so many types of headphones out there, most of which are designed for a particular purpose.

For people that are music producers or sound engineers, the type of headphones suitable for you would be those that come in a closed back design, mainly because they are less (or not at all) prone to audio leakage- because the last thing you want to have is a messed up song quality caused by headphone leakages.

With its rise in popularity, the brand’s headphones have spread across the country to the rest of the whole world.

As such, this brand has gained a local as well as an international recognition- with the quality of the products that these guys produce, I can honestly say that I was not surprised to hear that Shure incorporated has won a lot of awards, which proves that Shure will be around for many years to come- Surely.

Just as I pointed out in the note above, we are mainly focusing on the Shure SR112-gr headphones models which, if I may add, are on a high demand in the market these days.

We will cover some of the design qualities, the details in terms of the specifications as well as the various sound features. Let’s get into it.

The Shure SE112-gr headphones- Overview

In this section, I simply want to highlight a few characteristics of these headphones. Going at a price of $42.50, the SE112 headphones are known to be one of the most affordable headphones that you can find.

Besides the price, these headphones provide a decent sound quality with well-balanced frequency responses, making them perfect for on-stage use as well as detailed sound mixing.

Also, they fit perfectly into the ear and do not have an open back design, which means that they provide the best sound isolation properties, hence its name, of course. As such, these earphones can be used while travelling as well.


When you take your first glance at these in-ear headphones, you will be amazed by their gorgeous, yet sturdy appearance. Yes! It will be a “love at first sight” moment.

However, they do not just look strong in nature, they also feel durable when you hold them in your hands.

While their design doesn’t feature a single metal, they are built with a very strong plastic (and a rubber) that can last for a very long time. I’m sure you are now beginning to understand why these bad boys are called “tanks”- it’s because they do not easily break.

As such, the fact that these headphones are durable in that way, makes the price of $42.50 sound incredibly low.
Also, in case you didn’t know, the GR in the model name “SE112-GR” actually stands for the color gray, which is the color that these headphones come in.

That being said, gray is the only color that you’ll find, which simply doesn’t give us much choices on the color.

Nevertheless, I’m sure we will see other SE112 colors in the future, but for now, we will work with gray.

Another thing that we should look at is the size of the earphones. These in-ear headphones are not built in your typical ear bud size. They are slightly bigger than the ordinary ear buds.

As such, many people consider them to be a little challenging, especially those audiophiles that are looking for smaller headphones. However, I think the size shouldn’t be a problem, it’s just the right size to hold the single dynamic micro driver that gives them a great sound quality.

Speaking of the micro driver, it is a feature that has made these in-ear headphones extremely popular. In case you are not familiar with what that is, it is basically a driver that is responsible for giving you a more balanced and distinguishable sound.

Generally, when it comes to the size of the driver, we use this simple expression; the bigger the size of the drivers, the more power that will be needed to get them running.

In the SE112-Gr model as we mentioned earlier, you are provided with a single dynamic micro driver that gives you the best sound responses.

Even though they are equipped with these large drivers, the drivers can easily be driven by your smartphones. Pretty cool, right?

Now, let’s talk a little about the cable. The SE112-GR feature a cable that is very durable and are built in a relatively lightweight design. On top of the cable, you have a Y-connector that was designed to join the left and right earphones.

Conversely, most users have stated that the Y connector tends to make things uncomfortable, mainly because it is thick and has a mass to it.

Normally, the dimension of the Y-connector is directly influenced by the size of the cable itself- since it is the Y-connector that is made to hold the cable in place, hence making the cable smaller would also mean a decrease in the size of the connector. In time, I’m sure the thickness of the Y-connector will be addressed.


As I mentioned before, you will get a very well-balanced sound quality from these SE112-GRs, but they lack energy so they offer a slightly weak punch. The quality in these in-ear headphones simply won’t blow you away.

Because they have a slightly weaker punchy feel, you will not really enjoy genres like hip hop or electronic dance music (or other genres that focus on the punches of the kicks) as you would with other headphone models.

To ensure that the sound doesn’t make you tired after listening to music for a long time, they are designed to be laidback instead of being in your face as other headphones do.

But, unlike other headphones that give you a detailed sound performance, the quality from the SE112 combines all the frequencies together. As such, you won’t be able to distinguish one instrument from the other, as you normally would in other headphones (especially expensive models)

The best part about these SE112-GRs has to be the sound isolation properties. These headphones can block out a lot of sounds- a characteristic that enables them to be good for activities like travelling.

Shure was able to achieve this by designing the headphones in a way that they would go deeper into the ear, automatically cancelling any ambient noises.

In terms of the performance of the SE112-GR, I would give them an 8 on the scale of 1 to 10, which is pretty good.

What’s in the box?

The SE112-GR headphones come in one package which, upon opening, you will find the earbuds that are tucked inside their compartments. These are at the very top.

Under the earbuds, you will find a plastic bag which contains an earwax scrapper (which is essential), the various manuals, the warranty information and the pouch that you will use to carry your earbuds in.

On top of that, you are provided with three different sized ear-tips from small, medium to large allowing you to pick based on the size of your ear duct. As such, you do not have to worry if these headphones would fit you.

However, these headphones do not feature a microphone. To most people, this is a deal breaker because if you connect these headphones to your phone and you get a call, you will be using the microphone in your phone- which is rather inconvenient.
On top of that, these headphones do not come with a remote control, unlike most modern headphones.

Usually, the remote allows you to control your smartphone with the buttons, without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

However, the other version that was released after the SE112, which is called the SE112m+, comes with both the microphone and the remote control. You just have to add an extra $10 to the cost. If you are a fan of the remote, I recommend the SE112m+ to you.

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