Sound peats true wireless earbuds vs AirPods

Sound peats true wireless earbuds vs AirPods

Sound peats wireless earbuds and AirPods are not poles apart by comparison especially when you look at their aesthetics. SoundPEAT’s Budget true wireless earbuds are only affordable compared to Apple’s brand earbuds. But, which is better, Soundpeats true wireless earbuds or AirPods?

SoundPeats’ true wireless earbuds stand out as the best compared to the AirPods buds. The quality of Soundpeats is better by far than that of Apple’s Airpods.

On the surface, anyone would assume getting AirPods is equally as good as getting Soundpeats earbuds, however, these audio accessories offer unique features you might want to consider long before you commit to buying either SoundPEATS earbuds or the Airpods.

So, I have been doing some research on both these portable in-ear listening devices to see which is the best wireless earbuds between Soundpeats and Airpods.

SoundPEATS Earbuds

SoundPeats earbuds are a true wireless craftmanship that is manufactured by sound peats.

They are not as popular brand as Airpods, however, their design and technology has allowed them to win raving fanbase since coming to market with their budget range of true wireless ears buds.

The recently launched true wireless earbuds boast of having a built-in mic stereo capability, allowing you to enjoy stereo sound calls and music listening experience.


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What you will like also is how Sounspeats allows you to even use one earbud only when driving, that way, you are able to be mindful of your safety and others on the road, while enjoying listening to audiophiles or music and calls.

And if you think pairing your Soundpeats is complicated, think again! These earbuds are also equipped with auto-pairing too, which allows the earbuds to pair easily to your device.

So, to make sure that your devices are nicely paired, make sure that your devices are discoverable, then access your Bluetooth list to simply select and hit the Bluetooth Identifier off the list to pair the desired device. 

The ear buds also have good battery life, with 15 hours playtime allowing you to enjoy your music for a long time.

They also have a button on each earbud. These ear buds are compatible with any device as long as it has Bluetooth version above 4.0 running on it.

Hence these earbuds are widely compatible with all Bluetooth devices running on the Bluetooth version above 4.0.

The other thing you will love about Soundpeats true wireless earbuds is how affordable they are, literally, this premium and luxurious earbuds can be purchased for as low as $30.

What’s more…they are wireless and with these inside your audio listening accessory arsenal, you can now kiss goodbye to cables for connection.

They are equipped with a charging case and they support stereo mode. The following are the specs and features of the Sound peats wireless earbuds

Features and specs of Sound peats wireless ear buds.

  • Manufactured by sound peats
  • Weighs about 4.9g
  • Has a shipping weight of 99.8 grams
  • Has Dimensions of 11.4 x 11 x 4.8 cm; 36.3 g
  • Comeswith1 USB Charging Cable
  • Comes with a Charging box
  • Comes with User’s Manual

Audio quality

Sound peats wireless earbuds have a chipset in them the Realtek 87663bfr. The chipset is more like the brain of the earbuds.

The presence of this chipset ensures that the earbuds deliver clear, crisp and well-defined sounds. It also delivers a very good bass. 

Bluetooth version 5.0 allows stable connectivity, smooth transmission and good wireless range of up to 33 feet since it is more advanced Bluetooth than version 4.0. 

These sound peats also have very good isolation. This helps to block out back ground noise allowing you to be completely engraved in your music.

They also support mono mode and stereo mode. This allows you to conv8nriently control your music, calls, when driving for safety and voice assistant.

Active noise cancelling

The active noise cancelling of these earbuds is very good.  They block out all background noises well. The sound quality is also very great. For their price these earbuds are really good.

Battery life

The ear buds also have good battery life, with 15 hours playtime allowing you to enjoy your music for a long time. The sound peats wireless earbuds have great charging equipment.

They are equipped with a portable charge case that provides good full charging to your earbuds and allows you to carry it anywhere, and charge your earbuds anywhere and every time you need. They have at least 15hours play time.

Design and comfort

They are very light; they weigh about 4.7g.  They are very portable and can be carried anywhere. They are wireless and do not include any wires.

They are ergonomically designed to give you comfortability in your ear. These sound peats’ wireless earbuds are easy to fix in the earlobe and do not easily skip off. They fit perfectly and are very stable.


These ear buds are compatible with any device as long as it has Bluetooth version above 4.0 running on it.

Hence these earbuds are widely compatible with all Bluetooth devices running on the Bluetooth version above 4.0.  Bluetooth version 5.0 allows a stable connectivity, a smooth transmission and good wireless range of up to 33 feet since it is more advanced Bluetooth than version 4.0.

These are also equipped with auto-pairing too, this allows the are buds to pair easily to your device. this can be simply done by hitting the Bluetooth list. 


They also have a button on each earbud, this button allows you to conveniently control the music, answer calls and also control voice assistant.

They come with a charging case that allows you to charge your earbuds, the charging case has LEDs that show you when the device has finished charging or is still in the charging process.

They are equipped with a built-in mic, this allows to support voice assistant, calls. This can be done with one earbud or both earbuds. It also allows you to make calls in stereo mode where u can hear from both ear buds.

Pros and cons


  • Good battery life
  • Good sound isolation
  • They are very portable and convenient for travelers
  • Produce good bass
  • Provide great comfortability


  • One earbud may stop working faster


AirPods are made by apple. They deliver great sound quality. They are light in weight and they also have great features that provide convenience to users.

Specs and features of AirPods

  • Weigh 4grams each
  • Charging case weighs 38g
  • They are not waterproof
  • Dimensions are 16.5 x 8.0 x40.5
  • No isolation

Audio quality

These AirPods deliver great sound quality with good clarity. Though the bass it delivers is not that great. They do not have isolation therefore it may require you to turn the volume down so people around you don’t hear the music.


Air pods are light in weight, about 4grams per piece. They have a wireless charging case which allows you to charge them anywhere without need for cables.

They have a rear mounted air button. They also provide a very good level of comfort due to the lightweight they have.

They also have a lightning port for charging the AirPods. They also have magnets inside the charging case that hold the lid closed and when the lid is open the magnet also holds the AirPods so that they don’t fall out of the case.


Their connectivity and pairing is very fast, takes less than a minute to connect them to your smartphone.

These AirPods are compatible with any device as long as it has Bluetooth running on it. You can connect these AirPods to both iOS and android devices.

They also allow connection to Siri on ios devices, with Siri you can control the volume on the AirPods.

Battery life

These have a great battery life. They also support wireless charging. They can take up to5 hours on charge. Though the battery life of these AirPods cannot reach that of other earbuds as it is kind of poor.

Pros and cons


  • They are lightweight
  • Have a comfy design
  • Good audio quality


  • Has limited controls
  • There is no presence of ambient listening mode
  • Lacks equalizers

What to look for when buying earbuds

When buying earbuds there are many things that you need to look for and keep in mind.

For example, you need to know the Type, the drivers, the sensitivity of the earbuds, the impedance, the frequency response of those earbuds, the cords and the design and comfort.

You need to look at the specs and the features of those earbuds compare it to the specs and the features of other earbuds. This helps you choose what earbuds to buy and if it is worth the price you are paying.

You also need to look at the main uses of those earbuds that you are buying. Another thing that is important to consider is the price range of the earbuds. You are buying.

The design and comfort

This is a very important factor to consider when buying earbuds, you need to know the design of those earbuds, if the design of earbuds is to your liking or not, or if they are comfortable it not.

You wouldn’t want to buy earbuds that are not comfortable to your ears. Not every headphone can suit the shape of your ears, so look for earbuds that can fit properly and provide you with the comfortability you need.

The impedance of the earbuds

Another thing to consider when buying earbuds is the impedance of those earbuds. The impedance of the headphone is simply the power that is required for earbuds to work. Most phones deliver some of the required owner to earbuds. Look for earbuds with an impedance a good impedance.

Battery life 

You need to see if the earbuds or the Airpods have a long battery life and will match the use that you will use them for.

Type of wireless technology used

This is a must look for factor in earbuds. This is especially important when you want to buy wireless earbuds.

You should keep in mind that there are different technologies for wireless earbuds, it is important that you are familiar with the technology that the headphone you are buying is using. 

Some earbuds use Bluetooth wireless technology and some earbuds may use radiofrequency.

Sensitivity of the earbuds

Sensitivity of the earbuds is measures dB’s (decibels). Sensitivity is a very important aspect to look for in earbuds especially for people that like to listen to loud music, the sensitivity specifies the loudness of the earbuds, if loud music is your goal choose earbuds with higher sensitivity.

The frequency response of the earbuds

Frequency response is the range of frequency that the earbuds are able to produce.

This is another important factor to consider when you are looking for earbuds and you are wondering if they produce sound with more bass or not. 

The upper limit of the frequency range stands for the bass sound and the upper limit stands for the treble. 

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