Gaming Soundbars Vs. Bookshelf Speakers [Detailed comparison between bookshelf speakers and soundbars]


Gaming sound system set ups have come a long way, from desktop pc sound speaker to wireless gaming headphone setups, there are really countless options one could go for. And Soundbars and bookshelf speaker gaming setups are the rage right now, so if you too are on the market for a soundbar or a bookshelf speaker, chances are that you have been overwhelmed with options. Sadly, with such overwhelming options, its easy to get confused and not know which one is the best gaming sound system to go for. 

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This article explains everything you need to know about soundbars and bookshelf speakers and also the pros and cons of each of these



A soundbar is a speaker that is used to enhance your TVs sound. TV sound quality is not that impressive and not pleasing, therefore a soundbar helps to give your room that immersive sound when watching TV. Where you place the soundbar Is greatly determined by the layout of where your TV is and the amount of space that is available. Most of the time soundbars sit in front of the TV, but if you have your TV mounted to the wall you may choose to mount the soundbar to the wall too. Sometimes soundbars are also placed above the TV. 

You should always place your soundbar on a good place where it is not hidden by objects so that it can easily fill up your room with sound. Make sure that it is able to send the sound even to the sides. 

Most soundbars also have this functionality that is called virtual sound, this ensures to give your room surround sound without the need for buying a lot of speakers. Some sound bars also come with subwoofers that help to enhance the sound quality but adding extra bass. Soundbars also have this functionality called Dolby Atmos that help to produce immersive sound. With soundbars that use wireless Bluetooth technology you can easily connect your TV, phone or laptop without need for wires.

Soundbars come in different types, Active soundbars are soundbars that will connect easily to your TV without the need for an AV receiver. They are also very easy to install and setup. Passive soundbars require you to have an AV receiver for amplification. 

Why you need a soundbar

Most tvs that are manufactured now a days are really thin and do not have much space for stalling sound drivers, therefore the sound quality that produce is not impressive. 

Soundbars also give your room a good sound experience that the one TVs provide. With most soundbars you don’t need to worry about the mess of dealing with a lot of cables. 

Pros and cons of soundbars


  • They are small and do not take up much space
  • easy to setup and install
  • They are affordable


  • They lack flexibility and hence expanding your system may not be easy
  • They do not fill up the room with sound in the way speakers do

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are speakers with a compact design and size. They are suitable for small spaces and medium sized rooms. These speakers are designed to be placed on some kind of furniture like a desk.  Bookshelf speakers are good for stereo as well as for movie watching. These speakers give you a good sound experience. 

Most bookshelf speakers also have an acoustic design and they produce sounds with good bass. There are active bookshelf speakers and passive bookshelf speakers. Passive bookshelf speakers require you to have a separate AV receiver. Active bookshelf speakers do not an av receiver. Passive bookshelf speakers sound better than wireless bookshelf speakers. 

Bookshelf speakers can be used as standalone speakers and in addition to your home theater system. High quality bookshelf speakers can really give you a great sound experience. Some bookshelf speakers are designed for small spaces and give great performance. 

Most bookshelf speakers also offer great bass since they include subwoofers. These speakers need to be positioned at an angle that will greatly fill your room with the sounds. Most of the time bookshelf speakers come in pairs. 

One speaker is used to handle the left channel and the other handles the right channel. Bookshelf speakers are also very good for stereo sounds.  Bookshelf speakers are also usually designed so that they can be an addition to home theatre systems or larger sound systems.  Most bookshelf speakers do not cover a very wide range. 

Pros and cons of speakers


  • Provide better audio quality
  • They do not take up much space
  • Can be a part of a home theatre system
  • They are more flexible and easier to upgrade


  • They are costly as compared to soundbars
  • Setup and installation process are not that easy


Detailed comparison between bookshelf speakers and soundbars

Bookshelf speakers and soundbars are very different, they both have their own advantages and advantages. Soundbars and bookshelf speakers will both give you a good sound experience when watching Tv shows and movies.

Bookshelf speakers are compact and small in size. They are usually designed so they can easily be an addition to a home theatre system or a large sound system while soundbars cannot be added to a larger sound system. 

When it comes to the budget, soundbars are relatively affordable as compared to bookshelf speakers. To get good bookshelf speakers you shouldn’t really have a limited budget, but if you’re looking for something that is good and affordable then you should go for a soundbar. For passive bookshelf speakers you will need to have an AV receiver and this will add additional costs.  

Both soundbars and bookshelf speakers are a great choice for small to medium sized rooms. Soundbars also include more functionalities as compared to most speakers. Most soundbars are designed to lay horizontally in front of your TV, they can also be mounted to the wall depending on how your TV is placed. 

Bookshelf speakers mostly include two drivers a subwoofer and a tweeter where as a soundbar can have more than two channels. 

As compared to soundbars, bookshelf speakers are a good option if you want to have a surround system in your home.  Soundbars do not fill up the room with sound as compared to the way speakers do. This is because some bookshelf speakers may have a larger soundstage as compared to the soundbars. Soundbars have a lot of functionalities as compared to most bookshelf speakers,


How can I choose a good bookshelf speaker?

When buying Bookshelf speakers there are certain things that one has to consider:

Wireless vs wired

This is one of the first things that you need to consider for instance do you want to have wired bookshelf speakers or do you want wireless bookshelf speakers. Wired bookshelf speakers will require wires for them to be connected and will require an amplifier. Wireless bookshelf speakers have built-in amplifiers.

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Sound quality

Most bookshelf speakers include two drivers, a tweeter and a subwoofer, subwoofers handle the bass while tweeters handle high sounds. Therefore, most bookshelf speakers do not offer that great bass because they do not have many drivers. Therefore, bookshelf speakers are a great choice if you do not listen to music with a lot of bass. For higher sound quality and bass, you may get an external subwoofer. 

Size of the speaker

Having a big speaker does not guarantee great sound quality. But having a bigger speaker may give you more volume, if you like listening to music loudly you may consider getting big speakers. A big speaker also has a lot of drivers hence good sound quality. 

The hertz

This is a number specifies how the bass will be, a lower number tells you that the bass of the speaker will be heavy. 


This is the number that shows you the output of the speaker. When the number is high it means that the output will also be high.


How can I choose a good soundbar?

If you really want to buy a soundbar there are certain things that one has to consider in order to get the best soundbar. 


You need to know the kind of inputs that the soundbar has and compare them to the inputs that you have on your TV. This will help you see if your soundbar is compatible with your TV. The inputs that you need to look for include HDMI, ARC stereo and optical input. 


This plays a major role in choosing a soundbar. Wireless soundbars that allow Bluetooth connection do not trouble you with cables unlike soundbars that use wires for connectivity.

Subwoofer included

When getting a soundbar you should consider if it comes with a subwoofer or not. A subwoofer handles low sounds and adds extra bass to the sound. You should also consider the number of channels, the best soundbars are the ones that have at least 3.0 channels. What this means is they have three drivers in it.


Number of speakers

The number of speakers will greatly affect how loud the sound is delivered as well as the sound quality. 

Audio Technology support

You also need to be sure what kind of technologies the soundbar can support, does it have Dolby Atmos support or not? Dolby Atmos makes your sound more immersive. 


We see that bookshelf speakers are a good choice for stereo and they are better for both gaming as well as listening to music than cheap tv soundbars. While most Soundbars are a great option for watching TV shows, the majority of it are pricier. We also see that bookshelf speakers are more flexible than soundbars and they can be used to create a larger soundstage. Both soundbars and bookshelf speakers are suitable for small to medium homes, and how you place them has a great impact on the sound quality. 

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