TCL 32s321 vs TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV- A Comparison Guide With Pictures And Specs.

TCL 32s321 vs TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV

Are you thinking about upgrading from your popular large smart television set and seriously thinking about downsizing for something small-sized and basic? If you are, the TCL 32s321 And TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV are your best TVs for anyone looking for an entry-level smart tv, if not for those with small rooms.

TCL 32s325 Roku Smart led tv

But don’t just take our word for it! These real buyers reviews here on Amazon shade more light to the versatility of the two and how notably different are between TCL 32s321 And TCL 32s325 RoKu Smart LED TV. 

This is why it is always best to do your investigations first in order to make sure that in the end, you are getting precisely what you are paying for.

TCL is one of the leading brands in the market right now when it comes to HD LED TVs. A quick glance at the TCL 32s321 tv and the TCL 32s325 shows you that these are not the average small basic TVs that you should consider for their affordable pricing only. They are versatile in their own right and are ideal for small places too.

As they are compared between an older and newer model you will know their specs, strengths, and weaknesses, you will know everything you need to know about them here, and in the end, you will be able to decide which one is better for you.

Notable Differences Between The TCL 32s321 And TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV.

You will notice that the TCL 32s321 And TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV have a lot of similarities, but the question is which one is the best tv for you?

 Should you upgrade today, there are surely features and benefits you want to make sure the upgrade will offer over the older version.  

Our quick over overview highlights the key differences between TCL 32s321 and TCL 32s325 Roku Smart LED TV so you can shop around with confidence.


TCL 32″ 32s321 comes with a full high definition display so you can enjoy lifelike pictures and deep dark colors, it is also coupled with an advanced refresh rate and its dual-band wifi allows you not to miss a moment of any entertainment.

Pretty much like the earlier TCL models which were released in 2018 by TCL (which is a class 3 tv series ). These two TV models are considered to be one of the best selling 32-inch smart TVs to date. 

Their portability also makes them the best kitchen or bedroom smart tv, while those who are into mobile motor homes and caravan also prefer TCL 32s321 as the best lightweight tv to mount in a motor home.

They are highly rated for being the best smart tvs for small and confined spaces. Plus, TCL 32s325 LED TVs get really great ratings from consumers.

It is a 3-series 4k TCL Roku tv that delivers over 450 thousand of all your favorite content like tv episodes and movies which you can access through a simple intuitive interface, which is a beautiful, sleek modern design.


The TCL 32s305 is a 32-inch class HD ROKU smart TV, which is personalized with Roku home screen; it has got dual-band 802.1 1n WIFI.  

It comes with 3 HDMI inputs analog video input and also a USB port a digital and analog audio output.

It has got a digital television tuner with 720p resolution, 60Hz CMI, HDMI ports :3 (1 ARC ) resolution : 

1366 x768: USB ports 1 while the TCL 32s321 is a class HD ROKU Smart LED that takes all your entertainment favorites and puts them in one place. 

What this allows you is to seamless access to more than 450 thousand movies and tv episodes, cable box, gaming console, and all the other devices all from your simple, intuitive interface.

it has a super-simple remote and dual-band wireless makes it very fast and very easy to access your favorite content in high definition. 

With it, you can connect all your favorite devices with its three HDMI inputs, it has a built-in tv – tuner which makes this the ultimate cord-cutting tv as it also gives you the ability to access free over -the -air HD content.


  • SIZE: 32″
  • SERIES: class 3 
  • MODEL: TCL 32s325 LED TV
  • TYPE: smart tv
  • RELEASE YEAR: 2019
  • WEIGHT: 13.2 pounds


  • SIZE:32″
  • SERIES: class 3
  • MODEL:32s321
  • TYPE: smart tv
  • WEIGHT: 11.9 pounds

Below are the features of both the TVs, these go in-depth of what comes with both the TCL 32s321 tv and the TCL 32s325 LED TV. 

You will see what you can expect from the new model if of course, there are many new features and the old features in the more former model that they did not put in the new model if there are any.


  • The tv features a high definition of 720p resolution
  • It has a simple intuitive interface that is easily understood by anyone
  • you can stream over 400 thousand movies and tv episodes 
  • it has got 3 HDMI 1.4A Inputs (1arc)
  • it comes with dual-band wifi
  • it works with Alexa and Google Assistant 


  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
  • it has got 60Hz refresh rate, which allows it to have fast-moving action scenes to be seen with minimal motion blur.
  • its usb file format compatibility is : video MKV ‘ mp4, movies and music it is aac, mp3,wma ,wav ,aiff, flac ac3
  • its direct-lit LED produces an excellent picture quality
  • it has got a diagonal view of 31.5 inches
  • it offers 720 HD resolution for a crisp picture.120v to 60hz 50w
  • it comes with a smart functionality which offers you access to over 4000 streaming channels featuring more than 450 000 movies and tv episodes via a Roku tv
  • the tv has dimensions of 28.9 X 17,1×3.2 inches ( W X H X D ) without the stand, and with the stand, it has got dimensions of :28.9 x 19.2 x 7.2 inches


Following are the pros and cons , this is what each tv set has got that makes it better than the other one and what you can expect from its downside which are the cons


  • It has got Roku built-in
  •  it has got a simple, easy -to -use the remote control
  •  it comes with quick access buttons for Hulu and Netflix and many other apps and programs
  • it has got great value for your price, meaning you get exactly what you pay for.
  • it has got an intuitive menu layout
  • It is a LED type 
  • it has a wide viewing angle 
  • it has got panel bit depth


  • It takes time to install it and set up so this means in some situations, you might need some help from professionals to set it up.
  • it has go no WISA ready
  • it has no 2k HFR
  • it has no freesync 
  • it has no Imax enhanced
  • it has no advanced HDR by technicolor
  • it has got no dolby vision
  • it has got no HDR10 plus
  • it has got no HDR10
  • It does not come with 3D capability
  • A number of consumers have complained that it has got low resolution.


                                              TCL 32s325 TCL 32s321

  • wifi : yes yes
  • Ethernet input: no no
  • wifi frequency: yes yes(2.4 GHZ,5GHZ                          
  • wifi protocol: yes yes         
  • Bluetooth: no no
  • Chromecast: no no
  • google home: no no
  • virtual assistant: no no
  • works with Alexa: yes no
  • HDMI inputs: 3 3
  • HDMI version: 1.4a 1.4a
  • HDMI audio return channel: yes yes
  • HDMI CEC: no yes
  • RS -232C remote: no no
  • optical audio output: yes yes
  • 3.5mm headphone audio output: no yes
  • RCA audio outputs: no no
  • composite inputs: yes yes
  • component inputs: no no
  •  IF (satellite) inputs: no no
  • Rf (Terrestrial/cable )inputs: 1 1
  • USB 3.0 Ports: no no


Following are the details of the display of each tv set, this is very crucial because you can create a picture of what to expect from each tv set in terms of screen size, its color and design.

                                                                  TCL 32S321 TCL32S305

  • actual diagonal size: 32 inches 31.5 inches
  • color depth: 16.7 million 16.7 million
  • resolution: 768p (1366×768) 768p(1366×768)            
  • viewing angle: none none
  • refresh rate: 60hz 60hz
  • color : none none
  • led type: direct led direct led
  • backlight type: led led
  • panel type : va va
  • display technology : LCD LCD
  • screen design flat screen flat screen

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