What Is Considered As The Best High-speed Internet For Gaming And Streaming.

What Is Considered As The Best High-speed Internet For Gaming And Streaming

High-speed home broadband Internet connection is considered as the best high-speed internet for gaming and streaming when it has a speed of 100 megabytes per second(Mbps) or more than that. And, here is why: These speeds are capable of handling multiple users and all their activities simultaneously.

Listen, with more and more homes becoming smart homes, the shared use of home machines, temperature sensors, printing machines to the washing machine, and all the other myriad of kitchen wares capable of Wifi connection demands faster internet speeds as high as 200mbps, 250mbps, 300mbps, 400mbps, 500mbps, 1000mbps, and 2000mbps. Such faster internet speeds are only possible when you go for cable and fiber optic internet service subscriptions. 

You can see if you have a high-speed connection or low-speed connection by simply comparing it to your dial-up broadband speed. If you find that your connection is faster than the dial-up speed then it is considered high-speed internet.

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What is high-speed internet? 

High-speed internet also is known as broadband internet high speed for your area can influence how much gaming experience you have. And, if you are looking for the best high-speed internet for gaming or to stream online tv like Netflix, you need an internet service that has download speeds that are faster than the average (more than or equal to 25 megabytes per second). 

Luckily, finding a local internet service provider capable of delivering 25 MB per second or more is considered a good internet. 

Now, 25mb per second and above may sound like a huge ask, frankly speaking, high speed internet really should provide as much as 100 MB or more per second. Sadly, most local  broadband providers deceitfully advertise  how much speed they deliver over their fiber to home, reality is that unless you have taken steps to test and confirm your home internet speed, chances are that you are getting less than 9MB per second of internet speed. 

On the other hand, you need the best high speed internet router to handle your broadband transmissions without throttling it in the process.

So, if you are going to stream on demand internet tv programs, you may require a high speed internet connection that allows you to do that along with many other online activities like online gaming, downloading music, playing games online and streaming HD videos without lagging.  

Though most areas are yet to have a fiber to home internet network coverage, high speed internet is still made possible by many satellites and wireless connections that employ new technology to bring fast internet on the last mile wirelessly. This is possible now as more and more  Broadband discoveries continue to facilitate the uses of digital transmission which is very fast compared to analog transmission.


 Therefore, if you have a low speed internet and it does not quite match your download speed you can upgrade using many internet providers such as Xfinity, A& AT and Verizon fios etc.

High speed internet is very fast and operates very fast as compared to dial up services which use analog transmission. Dial-up services are very slow with a speed of up to 768Kbps. The speed of high-speed internet ranges from 7.1 to 50 megabytes per second. The speed may even reach 100mbps and 1000mbps in some high-speed services.

 Some high-speed internet connections include cable connections, fiber optic connection, and DSL connection. Fiber optic is faster than both DSL and cable connections. Cable connection is faster than the DSL connection. When it comes to the prices the Dial-up connection is the cheapest. 

There are many internet service providers that offer high-speed internet locally, nationwide and even worldwide. Some of these include AT&AT, Comcast, Verizon and Xfinity. 

 High-speed internet for gaming 

Fiber optic internet is considered as the best high-speed internet for gaming and streaming since it provides very fast internet speed with high download speeds. Fiber optic also provides great consistency when gaming.  It has speeds of up to 1Gbps. You can choose fibre optic internet from the many service providers that are in your area.

playing games with internet that is very fast can really increase your gaming experience and make your gaming smooth and better. 

3mbps is the minimum internet speed that is used for online gaming.  The minimum speed ranges from 3mbps to 6mbps.  For a good gaming session with no lag problems you should ensure that the speed ranges from 15mbps to 25mbps.

 Most speeds also depend on the device that you are using for gaming. For example, using PS4 the minimum speed is 3mb, but if you want a lag free game you should still go for the 15 to 25mbps speed.


High speed internet for streaming 

With Covid-19 still ravaging our communities across the globe, there has never been a better time to have the fastest internet with high speeds capable to handle video calling along with  watching or streaming videos online. 

As the rise of video calls goes up in every home, families trying to connect via video calls are likely to get annoyed when the video suddenly freezes in the middle of conversations. To avoid all this, you may want to upgrade to a high-speed internet service. 

But what is the best high-speed internet for streaming?  When streaming from other sites like Disney, Hulu, Netflix you will not need very high speeds only about 3 to 6mbps should be okay. But streaming in 4K resolution may require download speed that can even reach 25mbps.

The amount of speed that you will need to stream depends on which sites you are streaming from, for example streaming on Netflix will require download speeds of about 3 to 25mbps, Hulu might require a speed of 3 to 16mbps, streaming music will require download speeds of 2 to 10mbps. Therefore, the best high-speed internet for gaming should range from at least 8 to 25mbps.

Why do you need a high-speed internet? 

The main importance of having high-speed internet when playing games online is to ensure that there is no game lagging. A game lag may give your opponent an upper hand in winning the game. fiber optic internet speed help in giving you the best speed so that you can enjoy your gaming lag-free. This gives you a great gaming experience and allows you to have a chance at beating your opponent. With fiber optic internet service, you don’t have to worry about who else is using the internet in your house, you can still play online games lag-free even when other people are using the internet for streaming and downloading file.

Fast internet also ensures that you have a low ping rate. This is very important in online gaming because a low ping rate means that the response time is good therefore ensuring your game and server do not take long to react to the action that you sent. 

High speed internet will ensure that you watch your movies and stream videos online without worrying about them freezing due to buffering.


 Internet providers for high speed internet for gaming and streaming

If you want the best high-speed internet for gaming and streaming there are many service providers that you can choose from, some maybe available in your area and some may not be available in many areas. Some of these well-known internet providers include:

AT and T fiber

AT&T provides the best fiber system and delivers a very reliable connection that is lag free from gaming. This is also very good for streaming because it has very fast upload and download speeds

Pros and cons 


  • Prices are good for the internet speeds


  • Lack of 1TB data cap on the 1000mbps plan


Xfinity Internet Provider

X finity uses non fibre speed, this is a great option if you cannot find fiber internet close to you.  It delivers very high speed too. 

Pros and cons


  • Reliable and fast download speeds

Has speeds of up to 2000mbps


  • Customer service is difficult


Frontier Fios

Frontier Fios offers high-speed internet with download speeds of up to 1000mbps that is very good for gaming.

Pros and cons


  • Lacks data caps



  • Has few download speed plans


Verizon fios 

Verizon  has high speed internet with download speed that range from 100mbps to 940mbps. This is very good for streaming ang gaming online. 

Pros and cons


  • Very god for gamers because of the gigabit connection
  • Uses fiber connection



  • Not available in many areas


What to consider when you want High speed internet

There are also many things to consider when looking for the best high-speed internet for gaming and streaming.

wired vs wireless connectivity

A wired connection improves your internet connectivity. With wired connection you use a cable like an ethernet cable to connect your pc directly to the router.  This gives you very fast speed because there is a direct connection to your internet. Therefore, it ensures that there is no lag during gameplay and that when you are streaming videos you don’t experience buffering issues.

 If you like to use WIFI you should make sure that there is no obstruction to the line of sight between your PC and the router.  Therefore, your pc should be on a place where you can easily access the internet reliable. In order to increase the bandwidth, you also have to close other programs that are streaming or downloading files using the Wi-Fi.

Download and upload speeds

if you like to play games online and stream then you need to make sure that the internet service providers that you choose provides very fast download speeds. Download speed is essential to gamers and streamers. It is how fast you can get data from the server where as upload speed is how fast the data can be sent to the server. High speeds for gaming and streaming ensure that you play online games or stream online smoothly without any lag issues. 

 Ping rates and Latency

A good ping rate is essential to any gamer. A ping rate means how fast the server responds to a request that you sent whereas the download speed is simply how fast you can get data from the server. You should make sure that your ping rate is less than or equal to 20ms. Ping rate helps to ensure that you don’t have problems with latency.

 Latency is simply the time taken for a response to get back to your computer when gaming it is the time taken by the game to respond to an action made by the gamer. Lagging is the main cause of high latency therefore always ensure that you get internet providers that provide high speeds to reduce lag.


you can download a game in order to play it or play the game online. A game that you stream online will require more bandwidth in order to play smoothly where as a game that you have downloaded can be played offline without worrying about the bandwidth.

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