Which Is Better Ceiling Or Wall Speakers

Which Is Better Ceiling Or Wall Speakers

Ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers have come a long way since they first came to the scene. While they serve the same purpose, enthusiasts today are using ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers to design smart audio listening experience like never before. But, which is better between wall speakers and ceiling speakers? 

In-ceiling speakers are better than wall-mounted speakers though both of these speakers are an excellent choice for your surround sound system setup. 

No doubt that your budget and your living space will influence speaker type choices you make,but i can tell you that after researching and testing, both of these speaker types have their own merits or call them pros and cons to deserve a place in your home. After all,they serve different purposes. 

Aesthetically, ceiling speakers are the best as they can easily be installed and painted over to conceal them from interfering with your interior decor. On the other hand, wall mounted speakers are challenging to keep them hidden and often become a more dominant feature, interfering with your interior decor.

However, if installing a wall-mounted speaker is not of concern to your decor, the in-wall speakers are better than the ceiling speakers. They tend to be slightly larger, very powerful, and they also have the flexibility of being placed in any type of wall when you get wireless in-wall speakers.

But, do not just take my word for it, If you are trying to decide which is better between ceiling and wall mounted speakers, then it is very important to know what exactly makes them different from one another, what kind of benefits each one comes with. 

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On the other hand, you also want to know how they are best used to achieve your surround sound setup. That is why in this article I am going to give you a full overview of the wall speakers as well as the ceiling speakers, I will also list down their advantages and disadvantages and some more reasons why the wall speakers are no better than the ceiling speakers.

 Alittle About Speakers

Over the years we have seen many different types of speakers being made but the widely used speaker is the dynamic speaker. The sound source is mostly amplified or made stronger by connecting the speaker to the audio power amplifier before the signal is sent to the speaker. 

Why Ceiling Speakers Your Best Choice Than Wall Speakers?

Ceiling speakers are an excellent choice that can be placed or installed anywhere on the ceiling of your house effortlessly. 

The majority of ceiling speakers are moisture resistant and are designed to be a permanent solution to your audio, and they will provide you with excellent surround sound,without interfering with your decor aesthetics for a very long time.

Ceiling speakers are circular in shape and are created to sit nested in your home ceiling, keeping them completely out of your sight. 

This also helps them to provide an extra dimension to the sound. 

These speakers are down firing and they can be purchased individually or in a set.

These can be used in one room or in multiple rooms depending on what you really want. Audio creative experts use ceiling speakers and lighting to design smart(sensors) fluid, traveling sound throughout all the rooms in your home, this can be background music at a very big party or a surround sound for immersive tv watching. 

IF you geek about audiophile design as I do, ceiling speakers are amazing for subtle surround sound experience whether you are indoors or outdoor pool area.

A little About Wall Speakers?

You will love wall mount speakers they can be strategically placed on the external or inside of your walls to create your surround sound sphere. 

In the surround sound setup, your wall mounted speakers are meant to serve as your left and right speaker channels. You can also place an additional wall speaker that act as your rear as well as front speakers or as continuous sound throughout the multiple rooms in your home.

In-wall or wall mounted speakers deliver a thumping bass over in-ceiling speakers as wall speakers are much larger than the ceiling speakers.

The majority of quality wall speakers are as large as 8 inches and they are one of the most popular of all the sizes available. They are horizontal firing; this helps the sound to travel well across the room as opposed to the down firing from the ceiling from the ceiling speakers.

Unlike the ceiling speakers whose tweeter is placed in front of the bass driver, the wall speaker’s tweeter is located beside the bass drivers. 

Otherwise all the added thoughts about the black boxes, the amps as well managing the speaker around the insulation linked in the in ceiling speaker section, those they apply here as well.

These speakers are so powerful that they can be used in a hall or a large room, they can also be used to host a large party or a really big gathering as their sound can travel really far with just a few of them installed on the walls. 

They also support a lot of technology that comes with mobile phones nowadays which is really great.

The following are the pros and cons of the ceiling speakers and the wall speakers, some of these are based on some customer reviews. First the ceiling speaker pros and cons.

Ceiling Speakers Pros And Cons


  • The number one reason why ceiling speakers can be good for most people is because they are out of sight, that means people can enjoy surround sound without having to be seeing the speakers.
  • Ceiling speakers are also very good for people who live in small spaces, instead of having everything on the floor in a small room the speakers will be up on the ceiling hidden away.
  • Ceiling speakers are very affordable compared to the wall speakers, they might not be as big or strong as height speakers but they do offer some respectable crisp and clear surround sound.
  • Ceiling speakers are also very attractive; they will not take away from your clean, sophisticated look no matter where you put them in the room. They will fit in with your style anywhere you place them whether it be in the living room area, outdoor area, patio or the outdoor entertainment space.
  • In ceiling speakers also offer multi-dimensional sound. They sort of bring new height to your sound, whether your sound system comes with a sound base, a sound bar or a simple traditional surround system setup that has a receiver, at the end of the day the ceiling speakers will make your sound have a little more height and clarity.


  • Ceiling speakers have got a much narrower sound, that is their major downside, they also have got less technology and also just one of them won’t make much impact so the thing is you have to purchase several of them or a package in order for them to really make the perfect impact on your sound when you are watching TV, listening to music or simply just playing games.

Wall Speakers Pros And Cons


  • Wall speakers provide a very good sound quality, they also have got placement flexibility. This means that the owner may place anywhere they want on the wall unlike the ceiling speakers that are strictly for the ceiling.
  •  These speakers also come with a larger sound stage. These are a really great addition to any home entertainment system.
  • Since these speakers are larger than the ceiling speakers that means they come with extra sound technology features. These are often really powerful and have got much higher quality than the ceiling speakers.
  • These speakers can offer multiple dimensions of surround sound when they are placed in several walls of a room unlike the ceiling speakers that only add a down firing sound dimension.
  • These speakers are very good for any wall; they can be at the back, in front or sides of the room, high or low depending on what the owner really wants. For music buffs these sound systems can provide surround sound throughout the house by being placed properly on the wall.
  • There are other options that are meant for outdoor use which you can use specially for hosting parties or any other gatherings.
  • These speakers work very well in large areas because they can bridge the gap between rooms, which is great for entertaining. You can place these wall speakers in the main living room, in the kitchen, in the dining room as well as in the bedroom for a more large area sound experience for you and your guests.


  • The major downside about these speakers is that they are very expensive
  • Their large size may not be good for everyone as they may take up more space on your walls, you want them to be enough out of the way instead of grabbing all the attention.
  • Wall speakers may be a bit difficult to install, in most cases you may need the help of a profession in order to set them up perfectly.


If you are looking for speakers to improve your day to day entertainment sound in your home such as watching TV, listening to music or simply just playing video games then the ceiling speakers will serve that purpose just fine, they are really attractive speakers as well that will blend in very well with your setup and style.

They offer really good surround sound that is crisp as well as clear however is you want something bigger with even better sound then its best to purchase wall speakers. Wall speakers are much more powerful and their sound is much more clear, more crisp and perfect.

At the end of the day, it is your living space, what you really need as well as your budget that will completely influence which speakers you will purchase for your home, between the wall speakers and the ceiling speakers.

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