Which Is Better, Onkyo or Yamaha[Detailed AVR Guide With Pictures]

Which is better, Onkyo or Yamaha

Wondering which AVR brand is better between Onkyo and Yamaha?

Listen, when it comes to picking the ideal AV receiver or home theater, it can be very challenging, especially because there are so many of these appliances in the market nowadays, and all of them are promising good quality and versatility. 

In fact, AV receivers are like the nucleus of an audio set up. But you always have to be careful when selecting these sound systems. A new AV receiver can either make or break an audio set up.  

In this article, we focus on two well-known brands making Audio gadgets longer than we can remember; Onkyo and Yamaha.

So which one between Onkyo and Yamaha AVR brands makes better audio video receivers? 

Onkyo audio-video receivers stand out as the best home theater brand compared to Yamaha audio-video receivers. Onkyo outperforms Yamaha to become the best choice as their home theater sound system setups are much better on sound quality, delivering clear enviable sound on pure audio and DAC. 


However, Onkyo does not do well on room sound ambiance. In fact, Onkyo is the worst on room correction and extra sound features than Yamaha, a better AV receiver on room correction, let alone leveraging different features.

The Onkyo brand makes the best receivers than Yamaha. Still,your choice for the best AVR depends on personal key feature preferences. 

If you are a streamer and want to have a receiver that will always keep up, you should go for Yamaha receivers. On the other hand, if you love accurate sound quality above all else and don’t mind paying a little more for a high-end product that may or may not need repairs from time to time, then Onkyo receivers are for you. 

I will explain more about the differences and the similarities between two of the best AV receivers from Onkyo and Yamaha. Furthermore, we are comparing the best receivers from each of these companies. 

Onkyo vs. Yamaha 

Before we get into it, I should just point out that there are some questions you should keep in mind as you read. These are listed below. 

  • Do you need your AV receiver to be streaming compatible? And if so, 
  • How much do you need your AV receiver to be streaming compatible? 
  • How important is build quality for you? 
  • How important is sound quality to you?

So, why am I giving you these questions? Well, if you have the answers to those questions, you will easily figure out whether you will go with Onkyo or Yamaha, otherwise, this post won’t really seem useful. 

yamaha and onkyo comparison guide

But enough foreplay, let’s get started. 

Onkyo vs. Yamaha: Build Quality and Design

The build quality is the most crucial feature that we are mostly on the lookout for, particularly when buying an expensive gadget, let alone a piece of audio technology. 

It’s not only on how the device looks, but it needs to be able to last you many years without compromising quality in any way. You want a device to deliver the same good quality after 3 years as it did at the time you purchased it.

That said, Onkyo can sometimes be referred to as a hit or miss, especially when it comes to build quality. Why are we saying so? 

There have been quite a number of reports of Onkyo receivers going dead or needing repairs in under a year’s period. 

Some Onkyo receivers have lasted years without repairs. This is where the “hit or miss” can make sense. But, the good factor is that Onkyo products often have a 2 year warranty.

On the other hand, Yamaha has a pleasing track record of receivers that can last for years and more. Their products can really stand the test of time, and they deliver the same quality throughout. And for that reason alone, we know that the Yamaha’s build quality is Grande (Spanish for “great).

On the build quality, the Yamaha wins. 

Onkyo vs. Yamaha: Software and Features

This is another factor that is always under extreme consideration. I mean, who doesn’t want to have an audio device that comes with as extra features? 

In this day and age, every expensive device is expected to have least an interesting software or other additional functions, or it won’t be considered worth it

Sadly, Onkyo receivers don’t really come with any extra features. Onkyo receivers don’t have features that aren’t connected to the audio quality. 

The device that takes the cake on software and extra features is the Yamaha. Also, the brand has so many receivers that offer connectivity to a wide array of other devices as well as online services.

 For example, the Yamaha RX-V679BL has features that allow your receiver to connect with Sirius XM Radio, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, and many other music streaming platforms. It is obvious that additional services will be added in time. 

On top of that, the RX-V679BL and several other products by Yamaha come with AirPlay built-in. This is an advanced feature that allows you to stream content wirelessly to your AV receiver from your computer, phone or other smart devices.

To cut a long story short, if you want to wirelessly connect devices to your receiver or have an AV receiver that can connect to popular streaming services, you have to choose Yamaha. 

On the software and extra features, Yamaha wins. Now for the part that you have been waiting for. 

Onkyo vs. Yamaha: Sound Quality

As a true Audiophile, you want a receiver who can effortlessly deliver superior quality on every note as much as possible, but that’s If you care so much about the quality. But then again, who doesn’t? If this is one category that really matters to you in picking a new AV receiver, then continue reading.

As much as the Yamaha has outranked the Onkyo on build quality and software plus extra features, the Onkyo simply blows the Yamaha out of the water when it comes to being the better high fidelity unit. 

However, when you compare various receivers’ specs by Yamaha and Onkyo, they look very comparable on paper. You wouldn’t tell the difference. 

For instance, if you tried to compare the specs of the Onkyo TX-NR636 and the Yamaha RX-v677, you will honestly think that the only difference is the appearance. 

But, if you take these two devices out of the box, connected them and played your favorite song, it will be an entirely different story from what is on paper. 

Do not get me wrong, though. The Yamaha devices also have splendid quality. Besides the X-v677, another loved Yamaha model is the R-N301 as well. These are countless other Yamaha receivers have a sound signature that is easily recognizable. 

They offer a sound that is a little in between warm and smooth. That said, the sounds can really compliment certain kinds of sounds, such as human voices, acoustic guitars and piano sounds.

Onkyo’s sound signature offers a lot more detail, so their receivers are well-known. For instance, the TX-NR636 and the TX-8140, which are two of the best AV receivers by Onkyo, have what is often called a “clinical” sound. 

Clinical simply means that the sounds are so well-defined that they are distinguishable. Also, their sound quality is a little more neutral and doesn’t favor any side of the audio frequency spectrum. 

In other words, the highs, mids and lows are all made to be equal. You won’t be hearing any frequency louder than the other. 

This means that if you are watching a movie where a lot of different tones or frequencies are occurring, you will enjoy the sound quality produced by the Onkyo. This is also ideal in some type of songs. 

Classical music is good example of the music you would enjoy. These receivers are so good at accurately representing much more of the audio spectrum. 

In addition to that, the highs and trebles seem to be a lot better on Onkyo receivers, although Yamaha receivers are slightly better with the Mids. When all’s said and done, the Onkyo receivers definitely deserve applause for the sound quality.  

On the sound quality, the Onkyo wins. 

That concludes this comparison. But before we leave, here is the final Verdict:

Verdict; Which is better, Onkyo or Yamaha Audio Video Receivers?

After comparing Onkyo to Yamaha receivers, there’s no doubt that Onkyo dazzles by a mile as the best yet with room correction lagging behind; the Yamaha receivers have turned out to be the best for their build quality, making them a lot more reliable than the Onkyo receivers. 

On top of that, they are more useful because they have wireless and streaming features. Also, they have better software. 

On the other hand, Onkyo receivers sound better and they come off a lot cheaper than the Yamaha receivers. 

Which bring us to this question:

Which is better? The Onkyo or the Yamaha?

Onkyo is the best for sound clarity and sound fidelity compared to Yamaha AVRs. Nonetheless, the decision on whether you will go for the Onkyo or the Yamaha depends on the highlighted factors. 

If you want to have an AV receiver that will give you a wide range of choices on streaming platforms and enjoy a receiver with better functioning software with extra features and better build quality, you should go for the Yamaha. 

But if you are the type of person that has much focus on the quality, and you want clinical sound quality above all else, then by all means, go for the Onkyo. Besides the good sound quality, Onkyo receivers are quite cheaper, so they will work for you if you are on a smaller budget. 

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