Who Makes Onn Smart TV?

who make onn smart tv

The Onn smart tv is not your average household brand tv like Hisense, Samsung, and many more android smart tv I can mention here. Rated as the least expensive as the 65-inch Onn TV is selling at as cheap as $400, you won’t be surprised that this budget smart tv, is as obscure as it is the least expensive set of this size.

 But, who makes Onn smart tv? And what ratings does the Onn smart tv score among TVs 60 inches and bigger?

Walmart Brand owns the Onn smart TV, however, the exact manufacturing partner who makes Onn smart tv on behalf of Walmart is not known. Therefore, those who make Onn tv are not clearly known. Though the Onn TV is not highly rated, it is a fairly decent smart tv you can buy on a budget. However, if the fact that Walmart does not say who is manufacturing these TVs bothers you, probably you should look at other smart tv brands available. 

According to most reports, Durabrand makes the Onn TV and Element Electronics is the company that handles the warranty repairs. 

This TV is only sold by Walmart and it is available in most parts of the world including Canada, US as well as the UK. You can also find it in other stores but not frequently. 

The Onn TV has a LED display and they come in many sizes such as 24 inch, 32, 42 and 50 inches. This TV also plays a video in 4K resolution. It can be used for a lot of purposes including watching movies, television shows, and for playing video games. The television can also be connected to the computer. The TV will require you to have a separate device in order to connect it to the Internet. 

Onn TVs come at a price that is very affordable. This is because they are owned by Walmart and hence the price they offer is reasonable as compared to the price that they would have offered for televisions that would have been made by other brands. Onn Tv also has great features The TV has a lot of features to ensure that the TV suits your needs. 

Should you buy Onn TV?

The choice on whether you should get an Onn Tv or not will depend on the preference as well as certain requirements that you are looking for in your Television set. 

If you are looking to get an excellent experience from your TV, then the Onn would not be a great choice for you as they do not offer that great experience. However, if you want simple things like having a TV made of good and latest hardware materials. The Onn might be a considerable option. 

Onn smart TV also allows you to watch Netflix and stream from other services. It also comes at a good price point and hence, if you have a limited budget, this might do.

Although the Onn TV can be used for gamers, it has a lot of limitations as compared to most other TVs that are used for gaming. The Onn does not have a good refresh rate and lacks support for a low latency mode. 

Therefore during gaming, the TV can be a little unresponsive as compared to other games. For Tv shows and movies, the TV is just perfect. The Onn TV also has a great design, the design is durable and ensures that the TV easily fits in your home decor. 

Is Onn a good brand?

The Onn brand has only been around for a few years. However, throughout the years that it has been around, the brand has gained a lot of trust from many consumers. 

According to most reviews, the consumers are happy with the Onn devices. The TVs that are made by the Onn brand are good for almost any kind of home. The TVs are available in different sizes and you can choose one depending on your choice. 

This brand also stands out a lot as one of the most inexpensive brands that are there. This is because the brand provides great value for the price point that they come at. The Onn brand makes a lot of TVs and they come in various sizes. The size you choose depends on your preferences. 

Onn Smart TV advantages

Delivers Crisp Clear images

The Onn smart TV stands out because of its picture quality. At its low price point, the TV gives you amazing picture quality. In this category, it competes with many high brands. The performance in terms of picture quality is excellent and displays HD video without any problems. 

The Onn Smart TV can support UHD video. It also allows you to watch movies in 4K resolution ensuring that the images and videos are detailed. The pictures are great and create an immersive experience that gives you almost real life-like images. The Smart TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz. This refresh rate is good and will fit most of the requirements you need for your TV. The picture motion is seamless. 

Great Screen Size

When it comes to the size, the TV comes at a good size. The TV size is good enough to give your living room a good appearance as well as appeal. They have a 50 inches screen and will not take up a lot of space in your living. 

They also have a slim design and can be easily mounted to a wall if you want to save up space. The wall mount has to be bought separately and does not come with the TV. 

Durable and attractive design

The Onn smart TV has a modern and elegant design. Its design ensures that it can easily fit and look nice with almost every decor. The smart TV also looks very expensive because of its design. It has a frame that is thin and pleasant. 

It will also not attract any attention but will make the room look appealing. On the back of the smart TV, there are ports for connecting to the TV. It comes with an easy to use remote. It also has HDMI ports band many other connections. 

Onn Smart TV Pros

  • Widescreen 
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Inexpensive price
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Capable of playing 4K video

On Smart TV Cons

  • Lacks a USB port

Things to consider before buying Onn TV

When buying a TV. It is very important that you consider some of the most important factors to ensure that you get the best TV to suit all your requirements. 

Display Technology

One of the most important factors that you need to look at is the kind of display technology that the TV you are planning to buy has a great reputation. You need to keep in mind that flat screens are different and make use of different kinds of technology. 

The technology used will differ and also affect the picture quality of the TVs. The prices of the TV also differ and the features they contain are different. 

The LED technology is the most efficient technology nowadays than plasma technology. LED will consume little energy and will give you images that have brighter colors than that provided by the LCD screens. 

Overall, the LCD will give you the best performance. In terms of picture quality. In terms of the price, LED TVs are more expensive than plasma TVs and LCD TVs. 

Quality of the pictures

The resolution of the TV is what tells you the quality of the pictures that the TV will be able to provide. When the TV has a higher resolution, it simply means that there are more details. The source resolution also determines the quality of the pictures. 

Therefore make sure to choose TVs that have a higher resolution so that you can watch videos at a higher quality. The design is also something that you need to take into account. 

Size of the screen

The TVs come in different sizes, therefore you need to know if the size of the TV you are getting will fit on where you plan to place it. This ensures that you buy a screen that is more appropriate depending on the space that you have. You wouldn’t want to buy a screen and have nowhere to place it. Thee are some screens that are as small as 32 inches and others up to 50 inches. 


A very important factor to know about before you purchase a television is the connections that it has. This ensures that you are sure that the TV will let you connect your devices like smartphones, laptops, and many more. 

Make sure that you access the connections before you purchase the TV. A lot of TVs also allow you to connect other devices like consoles and Blu-ray players. Also, look for HDMI connections and USB inputs on the TV. If you plan on connecting your soundbar or sound system to the TV, then make her to look for any audio outputs on the smart TV. 


The Onn review is a TV that is sold by the Walmart brand. The Durabrand is what makes the Onn TV. These TVs have a lot of features that ensure that the TV fits your needs. It has a good performance and comes at a price that is affordable. 

For the features that it provides, the TV comes at a really low price point. It provides picture quality that is amazing and most consumers have not complained about this. 

The Onn brand has earned a lot of trust from its consumers and it is a trusted inexpensive brand. When it comes to purchasing the TVs there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account including the size of the screen, the display technology, connections as well as picture quality. This ensures that the TV you get is of good quality. 


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