Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 [NEW VERSION] Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Review With Pictures.


 Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice intrigued our team of reviewers who spend countless hours putting to test many of gaming essentials Pro Gamers are seen to use in their sessions.

The zelote 5500 is a multifunctional and comfortable gaming mouse that comes at an affordable price.

The mouse is plug N play and it does not require any drivers for you to use it. It uses a sensor that works at an average level.

The mouse comes in a card box which is soft and in the box, there is the mouse only, it does not come with a manual or any other things. The mouse has 7 buttons in total and it uses a USB cable connection.

The mouse has a DPI sensitivity of up to 5500 DPI and it can be adjusted. The design of the mouse is ergonomic and suits every grip type. The mouse is made of high-quality materials.

Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Pro Gamer

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  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Tracking systems: Optical.
  • Ergonomically designed, long-term use without fatigue.
  • Built-weight iron, feel comfortable, mobile and stability.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ME, 2000 and Mac OS...or latest.

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Specifications and details of the zelote 5500

  • The mouse is plug n play, does not need any special drivers to connect
  • Dimensions: 130 x 105 x 45 mm
  • Weighs 5.5 oz
  • USB cable has a length of 1.5 mm
  • It has 7 buttons in total
  • It has a maximum DPI of 5500 DPI
  • Uses an optical sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • DPI settings can be adjusted: 1000 DPI, 1600 DPI, 2400 DPI, 3200 DPI and 5500 DP
  • Compatible with Windows 7, windows vista, windows 2000, windows XP MacOS and many more other operating systems
  • It has a switch life of 5 million


The mouse is made using plastic materials. It has a thumb rest which is coated in rubber. This rubber coating ensures that you have a better grip on it. The other parts do not have a rubber coating.

The mouse has a design that can be use by any grip type, that is to say, people with palm grip can use the mouse, those who use fingertip grip and claw grip can also easily use the mouse without facing any problems. the wire is braided and it is black and red in color.

The wire is very durable and has a magnetic ring which reduces interference. The mouse also allows you to change the color of the LED, it has 7 colors and these are blue, red, yellow, green. White, azure and fuchsia. These colors also correspond to the DPI setting that you set.

When you set the DPI to 1000 the color displayed is red, green is displayed when you change to 1600, red when you set 2400, blue when you set 5500. You can also fix one color for all the DPI or choose that they cycle.


The mouse has an ergonomic design. The mouse can be used for very long gaming sessions without your muscles cramping or straining. it is a very comfortable mouse.


The mouse has 7 buttons and these buttons are not programmable. The mouse does not have a lot of options to allow you to customize the mouse. But to add some customization and change the mouse buttons to put other functions, you can download a software that allows you to do that.

The mouse includes a button that you can use to change the colors of the LED. You do this by placing the DPI button.


The mouse has a sensor that performs at an average level. It can track movements on many surfaces even when the sensitivity is low or high.

The only weakness of the sensor is that it kind of jitters when you wake up the mouse from standby mode. This can be very bad when you are gaming and my affect your chance of winning the game.

The mouse has 5 DPI settings that you can choose from. The minimum sensitivity is 1000 CPI and the maximum sensitivity is 5500 CPI. This ensures that you can use the mouse to play various kinds of games such as MOBAS and RTS games.


The mouse performs really well when you are playing games. The sensor is also good and you can adjust the sensitivity level depending on the kind of game that you are playing. The mouse also has a standby mode which it automatically sets it self when the mouse is inactive for some time.

Features of the zelote 5500

This gaming mouse does not require you to have any drivers installed in order for you to use it on your PC. The mouse uses plug n play meaning that once plugged in you can easily start using it which is time saving.

The mouse has a USB cable that is 1.5 mm in size and it is braided and ensures that there is no friction. The cable also ensures that there is no interference due to the magnetic ring that it has.

The mouse uses an optical sensor and the DPI can be adjusted, the lowest DPI is 1000 DPI and the highest is 5500 DPI. The mouse works on multiple operating systems including windows XP, windows 2000, vista and MacOS.

Pros and cons of the Zelote 5500


  • The mouse comes at an affordable price and can be very good to those who are looking for a cheap gaming mouse
  • It has adjustable DPI settings
  • It is very comfortable and ensure that there is no muscle strain or cramping when used for long period


  • The sensor does not work instantly after waking up the mouse from standby mode.
  • Lacks most customization features
  • The buttons are not programmable, it requires you to download and install software in order to program the buttons.
  • The mouse does not allow weight adjusting so if other people don’t find the weight of the mouse to be good they may not have a great gaming experience

Who should get this mouse?

The mouse is suitable for any mouse grip style. It can be used by people who like to grip the mouse using the palm and it can also be used by claw grippers as well as fingertip grippers, it is comfortable for each grip type.

The mouse is well suited for people who are looking for an affordable mouse that has some good features in it. The mouse easily fits almost any mouse budget a person may have due to its affordable price.

The mouse is also a very good choice for people who are looking for a backup mpuse while planning or saving up to buy another mouse.


The mouse is very inexpensive and it is a suitable mouse for those looking for a budget friendly mouse. Although it lacks so many features the mouse offers a decent performance. It has DPI settings that allow you to adjust the level.

The Zelotes is also very comfortable mouse to use and makes sure that your hand is well comfortable even during intense game marathons. The mouse also has features like auto standby mode, plug n play and includes LED colors.

What do we look for in a gaming mouse?

There are so many things that you look at when you are getting a gaming mouse and these things are very important.

For example, we look at the sensors in the mouse, The DPI settings, the comfortability and design. The shape of the mouse, type of technology used and so on.

Dots Per Inch

Dots per inch (DPI) also known as counts per inch (CPI) measures how much the sensor can move on your screen every time you move the mouse.

If your have a higher resolution then it means that your mouse will be more sensitive. Therefore, resolution determines the sensitivity of your mouse.


The comfortability of the mouse is a very important factor to every gamer, because we all want a mouse that we can use for long periods of time without feeling cramped or strain on your muscles.

When it comes to the buttons

You should look at the number of buttons that they mouse has depending on what games you will use the mouse for.

You should also consider if they are reprogrammable or not. How the buttons are position gives a major impact on your gaming experience. You also need to look at how clickable the buttons are and if they are stiff or not.

The shape of the mouse:

When it comes to the shape of the mouse you can choose the right shape by considering the type of grip you feel comfortable with.

The grip style also determines the size you should choose. The type of grip will also determine the kind of weight the mouse you are choosing should have.


When it comes to connectivity, we look at how we can connect the mouse, wired gaming mouse do not easily experience lag as wireless gaming mice do.

Therefore, you really need to consider all the pros and the cons of getting whether a wired mouse or a wireless mouse.

You should also consider what kind of games you play. Do you want to use the mouse for FPS games, MOBAS games or MMO games? This will help you choose a mouse with features that are suitable for those kinds of games.

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